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  1. Steve

    Happy Birthday Ally!

  2. I dont think we met. but as you were the only other person with a IS200 yours must of been the black one. was looking at it, nice example you have :) I think when we came out from eating, you must have went in!! Your car looked good too. All the best in America :-)
  3. Had a good time today. Good to see everyone old and new. Lots of nice cars as well :-) Roll on the next one :-)
  4. Could you put my name down Ian for the meet please :-)
  5. @Lakeey no worries. Hope you're car is better soon :-)
  6. Me and Finn had a good time. It was good to meet everyone and put faces to names. Roll on the next one :-)
  7. Yeah, getting excited now. I'm at Center Parcs just now, so if the weather is bad on Saturday,I'lI be coming in a dirty car :-(
  8. @Lakeey I'd be up for that. There is a layby about 1 minute after you join the A50 from your junction, if you want to meet there? What time do you fancy? :-)
  9. Looks like I'll be convoying on my own :-( Anyone coming along the A50 from the west?
  10. The websites I'm looking at are saying that there a suitable fit for the car so should be ok Don't always believe what the websites tell you. You need to find out the exact dimensions of the wheel and the offset. Some websites will tell you that an offset of et35 is ok for an is200...........
  11. The standard 5 spokes are a 50 offset, so i am assuming those will be too. I am running 8 inch wide wheels with a 40 offset, and they sit flush with the edge of the arches :-)
  12. I'm bringing my 7 year old son. The last meet i took him to, he went home and said "Mummy, Daddy needs to buy a big exhaust". I'm still working on that one, so that's why I'm bringing him :-)
  13. I'll be doing all the 8s in a couple of months :)