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  1. Anyone help? Is it OK to connect a battery charger, directly to the terminals of that battery in the boot of my 2009 450H? I managed to flatten I believe that battery when leaving the radio & doors open for a couple of hours. After reference to the handbook I junp started the car from another via removal of the engine covers and connection to the indicated terminals. It was a real faf and took a fair time to accomplish! I guess by jump starting the car in this way puts volts to the battery in the boot? Its easer to get at that battery, if needed, hence the question. Thanks for your help. Nigel
  2. I believe the last owner was being honest..... No dash cam fitted so not that. Its not been particularly windy, here on the South Coast. In fact the last alarm occurrence was at 0400 and from memory the air was still. Im wondering if I might identify the cause of the fault by commecting it to a comptor? On an earlier BMW I owned you could identify an occurrence of a fault and not the cause of it. I'm currently switching off the theft alarm as per the handbook so no alarms, at least as yet! Any further ideas would be welcome. Nigel
  3. I reported recently on an issue with the theft/ intruder alarm on my 2009 RX 350h , acquired a month or so ago. I’ve now had 3 “spurious” alarms during the night when the car was parked on the drive. I’ve taken to switching off the theft alarm, remembering to switch it off each time a leave the car as it resets to ON as a matter of routine.I've no experience or evidence of say an animal jumping on the car and suspect there could be something wrong with the alarm itself. Is it possible to determine a component fault if connected to a diagnostic computor? Any other suggestions as to what to test/ investigate? Thanks for your help. Nigel. PS have spoken to the previous owner and he’s never had an issue!
  4. Anyone had a similar experience? The last 2 evenings the alarm has gone off at 0030 & the night before 0400. Lovely! I can’t see any logical reason for the alarm going off, no cats, animals, or thieves, in would appear. I’ve taken to switching the alarm off at the overhead switch where the internal light switches are until the issue can be identified. Anyone help? Thanks, Nigel
  5. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!