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  1. My RX did it too. Essentially a car wants to go straight when the accelerator is pressed even if the steering wheel is turned full lock. On the RX the front tyres had <3mm tread, bought new tyres and it resolved
  2. Well they do it's called the UX300e and order books are open so.....
  3. I think the ES looks brilliant in F-Sport guise. Remember that you can actually add the Takumi pack to the F-Sport in order to get you the best of both worlds. Having said that, for what you are looking for in terms of comfort, the Takumi will probably be the better option
  4. C Currently it is cheaper to run an EV not taking cost of purchase into account. I can imagine as more people jump on the bandwagon, the government will start hiking road tax as well as duty on electricity
  5. Car is running fine. Starts up when left for 3 days so not too concerned at the moment. Will probably get it fixed at next service
  6. Not really laid attention to it. Once the AA guy came and charged the battery I wouldn't say it's any different to be honest. I'll probably get the car priced up for a new battery at the local dealer. See what they say but I'm expecting around £300
  7. Thats a gone battery without even getting a voltmeter out. Mine just did the same thing after 6 years. Its highly unlikely to be an alternator
  8. So, 6+ years later, the first issue arises with the IS300h. Ours is a 63 plate, so one of the early ones Admittedly, one that I diagnosed before the car was even started by the way the door mirrors opened. Yep, you guessed it, duff battery. AA man recharged and car is fine. It was left for 2 weeks as we were on holiday. A relatively simple and cheap fix so Im very pleased to be perfectly honest.
  9. Worth remembering that the design is actually from 2009. The facelift was just that. Lexus do very little to the actual vehicle apart from quick nip and tucks
  10. Mine is still smooth. However, I do remember there was a recall involving the rear hatch and ECU as well as the motor so perhaps it's related.
  11. I think it's in the dials menu not the large screen menus. The sensitivity is much better on max it opens up very well
  12. The screen should go light and dark automatically. That's the factory setting and mine does that from new. The diamond cut wheels will corrode on these. The f sport ones won't as they're painted. You can also change the sensitivity of the "footless" badge trunk opener in the settings somewhere
  13. I think the only touch up close to the OEM finish is phantom grey. However, I've got to the stage where I find it inexcusable to kerb wheels even mounting kerbs. Trick is to just not go anywhere near a kerb parallel to it
  14. It's one of the biggest sellers in the US. It's definitely coming.