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  1. Hes not getting in, so that won't happen. But I mean generally speaking, the fuel tax duty is ridiculous, and we pay VAT too. Fuel tax duty and VAT amount to more than the cost of actual fuel per liter which I always thought of as downright odd.
  2. Just a straight swap. Takes less than 30 seconds after you've done it once or twice
  3. Same thing could be said of animals. How often do we hit those? Unfortunately, could be argued that it is a legal requirement, since if there is a frontal collision involving a pedestrian, it's almost certain you'd be "uninsured"
  4. Probably a bad battery to be honest. I cba going to the dealers for it so just ordered maxell ones which last well, had no issues. Only bought 2 though because they have a short expiry date but we have two Lexus so they get used up in 2 years anyway
  5. possibly, but the fuel costs are ridiculous nowadays anyway The solution I have in my head is, tax on emissions and class of vehicle i.e flat rate of £0 for electric, £100 for everything else. Then add based on the size of the vehicle and its emissions. Of course, it probably wouldn't generate enough residue so the government would never allow it lol
  6. Whether it can be done or not, still think it's a bit dodgy to remove a safety system intended for pedestrians for the sake of an insurance claim
  7. Wait, did you say you can get the IS350? If you're worried about economy, IS300h Otherwise just get the IS350, its a totally different animal
  8. Hi guys, been a while since I posted some news on here but it appears the IS will be coming late 2020/21 Current information is quite sparse but it will remain RWD and on the LNGA platform shared with the Toyota Crown so expect a longer wheelbase and length with width to remain the same. Now the main thing here is, it's going to be roughly between the current IS and outgoing GS in terms of overall length and is designed to fill the void of the GS (generally just means less production cost having one model in the lineup opposed to two) Engines will remain the same i.e 200t (remains to be seen whether UK will get it) and the IS300h. Some sources are saying the 3.5l V6 will get changed to a 2.4l 4 cylinder turbo with improved power and torque i.e. circa 350hp but this isn't confirmed yet. However, Toyota sells the Crown with the 3.5l V6 hybrid as its top of the range model with the multistage transmission from the LC500 already. This could be seen too and would probably be the most logical solution. Some good news for F fans, Lexus will return with the IS-F. Powertrain remains unknown. Some sources say 3.5l TTV6 with 416hp but I remain skeptical. I'd assume they'd want atleast 450hp to even remotely compete in the market. However, having said that, we all know Lexus doesn't play the horsepower top trumps game.
  9. Definitely not normal behaviour. You can actually sit in the rear without putting the belt on, it won't go off unless you buckle up and then take it off mid-journey
  10. Yep, that'll be running into the thousands. Lots of sensors and explosives need replacing. It'll be going through insurance i imagine
  11. Only applies to manufacturer warranty. Doesn't apply to PCP because it's a separate contract and its the finance companies vehicle, not yours so they can state that they want Lexus history or they'll reduce the Final value etc.
  12. The IS is a huge seller in America so unlikely it'll get removed from the lineup. It should stay RWD too
  13. I suspect the new IS will be coming out very soon - i.e. 2020
  14. Yes. Lexus fluctuate their prices fairly often based on what the GBP and import taxes are doing
  15. As above, no air suspension on RX models of that generation unless they are of SE-L spec. RX400h all have standard springs regardless of spec