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  1. Its never going to be a "winner" in terms of sales compared to the Germans TBH though, the market for a big saloon has deteriorated rapidly. I dont see many E-class/5-series/XF in their latest versions at all. See a lot of A6s but I suspect its due to the great rates on them
  2. New Lexus's

    Who said the 200t was designed with performance in mind? It was designed as a pure petrol engine for those who didn't want a hybrid. It was also designed as a base engine for the U.S. If it had any more power, it'd be snapping on the heels of an IS350. The reason it didn't sell was due to one reason - IS300h, simple as that. Private buyers opted for the 300h as well as company car drivers simply due to the numbers on the sheet - i.e. £0-20 road tax, 60+mpg and better residuals
  3. Ive found its the opposite - the Lexus PR pictures are crap. The ES looks great in pictures so will probably relate to looking awesome in reality.
  4. wahayyy its jenny from clublexus - thought she had the batmobile IS but must have changed it for the RC-F
  5. Shouldnt have water in there and as far as I know, they dont suffer from the same issues the 400h did in terms of leaks Is anything else wet? Id clean it up, let dry and then pressure was or hose the car to see if its because of a leak
  6. MPG on IS 300h etc.

    On longer runs you should be getting about 40-50mpg.
  7. Yep the top pic is the one I got sent. There's an F-Sport version too which looks better IMO but I dont know if its being released at the same time - I would presume so Looks great in F-Sport guise. Its certainly a classy looking thing
  8. Sounds like a good plan - keep us posted and be sure to just check it over with a clear mind taking as long as necessary
  9. I doubt it at that price - especially looking at the state of those wheels. Im sure they've done a refurb on the outers but it looks like its done low mileage over its life but also never been washed or cleaned
  10. New owner and Sat Nav

    For point 2 - there is a setting in the nav system called "automatic zoom". You need to switch that off. Page 95 onwards of the PDF https://drivers.lexus.com/t3Portal/document/omnav-s/OM78229U/pdf/OM78229U.pdf In terms of the sat nav - it should go directly to the destination unless you're pressing something to make it put a stop somewhere. I would go through the settings and delete all the memory points and try it again
  11. Ah right I understand - I misread "Cleanser fluid" as "Cleanser Polish" which is another BH product and used the same way as Black Hole The only issue I see with the black hole then really is that its loaded with gloss enhancers and will reduce the durability of the wax to an extent. Id see how long you get - really the UHD wax is supposed to give real world durability of 4 months if not more. So anything less than that and I would be concerned. Also remember that you're only filling in the scratches so they will come back over time and can become quite a vicious cycle
  12. I'd probably go for the white/red one at that price. I can barely fit in the RCF as it is without the sunroof and LSD is enough for me I think
  13. Or you could do it the proper way In other words, fill in, lacquer over and wet sand down to get flush... Then just polish it up
  14. Polish and wax?

    I use BH double speed and it tends to last up to 6 months no problems. Autoglym SRP is a product with polymer based fillers. BH DSW will have no issues adhering to it but is best used on bare paint. As you can imagine the SRP will reduce its durability somewhat to 4 months give or take. There is no real benefit to layering waxes. Slap on 1 coat and it'll see you through 4 months let's say. Slap on another and you'll probably get 6. Classic case of diminishing returns...
  15. Looking good. You cold have left the wax for another day but ideally you would want to wash and dry particularly if left outside otherwise you'd rub dust into it. The problem is that you've now started a cycle of "glazing about" as I like to call it. Essentially it's covering up the swirls and will also reduce wax durability. When it washes off you'll be tempted to do it again. I would probably have chosen a more permanent corrective method instead to atleast give your back some ease. In terms of waxing, 1 coat is fine. There's no benefit to 2 coats apart from ensuring you dont miss bits but overall if you go slow and be careful with 1 coat, you should be fine. There's a lot of folk who believe that 2 coats helps durability. Yes it does but for a 4 month initial coat wax, it'll get you maybe 1 month extra. Not worth it in my book. In terms of how often you need to do the full works - generally wax when the beading drops off. Don't rely on water behaviour of a dirty car though as dirt ruins beads so inspect after washing. Clay only really needs doing once per year. You're simply introducing micro scratches for no real benefit if you're doing it more often. I also don't understand the use of cleanser polish and then poorboys black hole. Both products are essentially designed to do exactly the same thing so seems like an unnecessary step and would further reduce durability of wax.