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  1. Fourth generation RX's are 2015 yes, but the earliest models are 65 plate onwards There have been no changes to the interior or exterior since then.
  2. Ive always been a huge fan of that colour combo - bet it stole the show!
  3. Very nice, been on for a few months from memory.
  4. What kind of commutes are we talking? Motorway should see fairly reasonable MPG - possible up to around 45-48mpg. The short commutes will be killing it, if its something like 4-5 miles, 26-30mpg seems to be the norm
  5. Yes as mentioned standard seats I wouldnt worry about the material if you do opt for these. Its been used in the CT before with no known issues Best thing to do is get a fabric protector like Gtechniq I1 and any spillages will literally just bead up on the surface - wont soak in at all
  6. Yes the wear doesn't surprise me one bit. Ive been told they are fairly quick at wearing unless doing motorway miles exclusively. However, for the trade off in grip, I don't mind. For reference, I changed over the OEM bridgestones on my wifes IS300h at 16k miles. They were down to 2mm rear and 3mm front
  7. Yes they do but not hugely prominent. They won't stop your kerbing the wheels when they're parallel to the kerb. But you can mount kerbs at an angle no problem at all
  8. Been running these for a while. They're still quiet and they really do hold the road well wet or dry. They no longer lose traction when flooring it on a roundabout or anything like that compared to the old Bridgestones. A fantastic tyre - well worth it
  9. Interesting. I understand that new run flats are much better than the ones we used to get a few years ago. But I wonder how nice the vehicle will be to drive if the runflats were replaced with conventional tyres
  10. Well I've owned my 3rd gen RX for 5 years and my 4th gen coming up to 3rd year now. The rear seats in the 3RX drove me nuts over bumps but it seemed to happen on all of them I had even as loaners The 4th gen definitely uses better quality materials and build quality is higher. It has no rattles yet.
  11. I would say it definitely is worth it. I wouldn't want a £40k+ car and looking at the screen thinking I should have gone for the bigger screen. It lifts the whole interior. The other bits are very good too.
  12. TBH Ive found a lot of the creaks and groans come from stuff within the car i.e. things stuffed into the pockets, under the armrest, glovebox, boot etc. Our 2013 IS300h doesn't have any creaks really. My son's 2015 Merc C class has 1 or 2 noticeable on rough tarmac. Our 2016 RX has squeaky rear suspension, but thats been a longstanding thing with the RX since Gen 2, doesn't bother me much really. It occurred in the 3rd gen RX too. The 2016 RX is definitely more solid than the older 2009-15 RXs though
  13. Pretty reasonable MPG. Ive got to the point where I dont even bother about MPG anymore lol as long as its not crazy bad The F-Sport seats Ive found are very stiff when new and they seem to ease in, mine are quite soft now albeit different vehicles.
  14. Yes, the delivery times and dates all depends on which vehicles are in stock in the country, which are on the way on the boat and which need to actually be built from scratch. The more awkward combinations will take the longest to arrive understandably
  15. China has an absolutely huge market for these things. I dont suppose itll be made available anywhere else