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  1. Drivers seat wear

    Over time foam will compress but it dopends on usage. If someone is sitting on the bolster when getting in and out, then it is more likely to compress and not go back into shape
  2. Drivers seat wear

    Yes that wouldn't be normal. I can pretty much assure you that this vehicle was owned by an elderly person who sat on the bolster whilst getting in and then moved across. Needs refoaming. Nothing else would work
  3. Drivers seat wear

    Creases are normal. They occur even if sitting in the seat. Id only class excessive wear as torn, ripped or completely collapsed.
  4. Lexus UX Teased

    The UX has been teased ahead of its release at the Geneva motor show in March. It appears the full width light has made it to production.
  5. NX Tyres

    Would be awesome if we could get decent tyres for the RX The cheapest decent tyre is the Bridgestone dueler H/L 33 at £188! Yoko Advan Sport is cheaper but I dont think I want Yoko's tbh
  6. Drivers seat wear

    Take a picture and post it up to see if its normal or not. Obviously a seat bolster is going to wear as its the part that everyone brushes against when getting in and out constantly. Made worse by wearing studded jackets etc
  7. Spoiler looks good Not too keen on the badges - makes it look like an older Lexus which had those badges.
  8. 2008-2014

    Would have thought regen would make it worse as the rears dont get used as much as conventional brakes Discs and pads may be the same but Im not sure about calipers - they look entirely different
  9. Pressure washer

    Ah mate, thats not true My wife's previous car has a little chip in it. Used the pressure washer, nothing special just a home use karcher and it turned the chip into a 5cm diameter blob
  10. Alcantra Centres Need Cleaning

    On alcantara - any kind of fabric shampoo or carpet shampoo I use Autosmart Brisk for cloth seats - leaves a scent behind as well. An APC would be fine as well tbh Just make sure you do the whole seat and not try a spot clean - follow it up with a steam cleaner and leave to dry
  11. Supagard v Autoglym

    You sure its paint transfer? Velvet black is clearcoated - there shouldn't be any paint transfer unless you've gone through the clearcoat (impossible with SRP) Its more likely to be dirt because SRP has cleansers in it to remove dirt from the pores of the paint. Id suggest Britemax Black max followed by a wax/sealant
  12. First time using iron remover

    Be careful with TFR - not really supposed to be a regular thing. Degrades LSP and is a common cause of sill corrosion. Snow foam - providing its something like BH autofoam should be more than enough tbh On a side note - those wheels weren't even that bad:
  13. GAP insurance is cheaper elsewhere. Worth reading the terms and conditions though because they differ. TBH Ive never bought it. Minor damage insurance is a tough one. Depends on if you think you're going to get your car dinged. It doesn't cover certain dings of certain sizes or depths and there is usually an excess to pay. Some policies have a maximum number of dings and callouts that they will do. Extended warranty isn't worth it on a 2015 NX - you'll get 1 year dealership warranty anyway
  14. Upping their game? Not really. Remember that the NX is actually a 2014 vehicle designed back in 2011 and its just had a facelift The 2021 NX will most likely be all new.