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  1. The figure doesn't surprise me. The labour costs Lexus have are high. I believe the paint is £600 alone for the bumper and the matching on sonic white is a pain in the arse. In other words they won't just be painting the bumper but some of the Bonnet and fenders too
  2. Yep heated lower windscreen to stop wipers sticking
  3. Make sure you have played with the equalizer settings for the sound. I find the premium nav sound system with the 8 speakers is very good, very little difference between it and ML whereas the 6 speaker on cars without premium nav was awful. Also, you can change the contrast/brightness of the screen which helps with the sat nav colours. Theres a small blue button on the home page in one of the corners (cant remember which one
  4. So we opted for the essential care service plan from Lexus after the current one ran out - think it was 1xmajor, 1xminor services, 2x MOT and 2-for-1 roadside cover for £648 inc VAT There was no difference to the service I received from Lexus Bradford. Still got a courtesy car, they stamped the book as normal too. Works out quite well with the £125 for 2 years roadside cover as well so worth keeping in mind.
  5. Yes its still a brilliant car overall although getting long in the tooth now It's being replaced next year and Ive heard many exciting things! fingers crossed
  6. Might be in the passenger side footwell in that case, worth a look
  7. I just get my tyres fitted by Lexus nowadays - haven't had any scratches on any of them. Seem to have a lot more time to do the job and those fancy machines which are fully automated. Cant complain at £10 a tyre +VAT either.
  8. Shouldnt go far wrong with avon ZX7 - quiet, cheap and rated very well for efficiency and wet performance
  9. Yes it happened to me also, I presume when changing over to Lexus Link and allowing service history to be seen whereas in Lexus link it wasnt before
  10. There is a 3 month wait on them. Not many have made it to the UK yet. The managers specials are the demo's or cancelled orders
  11. The leather will rip, its too soft. I put a folded towel or similiar underneath with no issues
  12. That can be repaired quite easily by a trim expert as the leather is still there albeit hanging off. They'll glue behind the bits hanging off and fill in the gaps.
  13. In our 2013 IS, it comes on when you release the parking brake
  14. Either way, insurance companies are also well aware of it. Wouldn't risk it for the sake of a carpet
  15. Shape didn't change but the clips did. Wouldn't advise driving with loose mats, Lexus recalled these vehicles for unintended acceleration simply because of mats getting stuck between the accelerator pedal. Also likely to be a big insurance issue.