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  1. Whilst I do agree have to say tpms does work and in my case potentially saved me from something worse I was planning to go on a long trip over the weekend and if the tpms hadn't gone off it's likely I wouldn't have seen the screw. Could have been potentially nasty with whole family in the car
  2. Seems to be a similiar thing on the IS and my son's Golf, all of which don't have gutters. Doesnt affect the RX though as the roof rails stop it.
  3. You don't need anything massive. I generally use it scrunched up as its quite grabby. Poundstretcher and the likes do it too.
  4. rayaans

    UX in Teesside today

    I think it is going to be offered in 4WD on the 300h but it'll be similiar to the NX/RX rather than being full 4WD at all times.
  5. Turn the unlock in park function on and it's dead easy
  6. They don't have individual readouts. They're just there to let you know tyre pressure is low. I actually had my first puncture in 15 years yesterday and the tpms on my RX came on. I have the individual readouts so knew which one it was and found a large nail in there. Luckily it was repairable and Lexus did it FOC.
  7. I heard it's starting at like £33k. The US prices are 33k dollars. I wouldn't be surprised if next year you end up getting £5-6k discount
  8. Urm your argument is pretty flawed 1) Worse economy? Since when? The ES is tested on the new WLTP system, not the old one that the GS was tested on. 2) It actually has more space than the GS in the back. It is like a limo and some people might want that sort of thing. 3) Also the materials aren't exactly cheap. The reviews are favourable. Lets not forget the GS has some pretty bad materials as well. 4) The Pound has dipped hence the prices....., not to mention inflation Also, if you've driven a new LS, you would know that the thing is deadly quiet, more so than any other LS before it and on par with the competition
  9. You have to hold it down. it should open regardless of the other door being open.
  10. If he wanted a 4RX, why would he get a 17 plate? They came out in 2015. A 65 plate would be the better, and more sensible option.
  11. Its the same engine as the 340i. Will be 340hp, M40i engine. 0-60 in 4.6s. The interior will be BMW based with Toyota badging. Steering wheel is different but rest of it is similiar.
  12. If you get the premier youll get all the kit including cooked seats etc. However you also get air suspension which may be problematic in the future. The Advance spec has been the best value and it comes with most things apart from HUD. 18" wheels can be fitted to all RXs apart from Premier as I suspect it would interfere with the air suspension setup. The ML is marginally better than the standard sound systems. I didn't bother with it in my 4RX because the standard system sounds as good as the 3RX ML
  13. £35150 starting price which is cheaper than the cheapest 520i. 60.1mpg on the new cycle which isn't bad. Pricing is cheaper than most spec for spec
  14. Sounds like it must have had some kind of water ingress like other before you bought it and it hadn't been properly sorted out. The other guy had similiar issues. Crackling noises in the dash, smoke near the pedals etc I would imagine its been in an accident at some point in its life as these issues are almost unheard of in a Lexus and I would certainly question the vehicle's prior history.