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  1. Fixed seats probably on SE. Our F Sport has the folding seats. I don't know if it's Advance and above grades
  2. You can stop the menu popping up by having nav on small screen and switching to something else like audio screen on the bigger screen
  3. rayaans

    Considering a used LC500

    Yep that's right. USB is normal paint. Azure blue is 5 layer. It's called USB 2.0 in the states hence the confusion, and heat blue in other markets. CquartUK is actually a very good underrated product. It's one of those that punches well above its weight in terms of cost so nobody really talks about it. Kamikaze coatings are good too. Don't really know about siramik as had no experience with it. But I mean if the detailer says it's good, it's good right?........right????? Or perhaps the best profit lol
  4. You should just not buy any vehicle 😂. Door seals are known on early models and been modified. I don't think this sunroof issue is known. It certainly not heard of more than once
  5. rayaans

    Considering a used LC500

    Some cars have been sent once for repair and the colour looks off in the lighting. Bumper cost and repair alone is £2-3k roughly at Lexus bodyshops The problem starts when the car comes back from repair. The colour tends not to match very well at all due to the 5 layer process. So sometimes the bumper looks darker or lighter. It's never the same as factory anyway. Anyway by the time it goes back and gets corrected or partially corrected, it comes back looking somewhat different too. Hence the cycle goes until insurance company decide to forget the aggro and write it off. 2 RCs I know of have been written off. I understand the LC is more expensive so this is less likely but hey...
  6. rayaans

    Considering a used LC500

    It's just a dealer add on. Their smart repairs on 5 layer paint will be rubbish. Doesn't mean they can't do it
  7. rayaans

    Orange UX at Goodwood

    I think they use volume under load cover which is a bit stupid because there's always more space above the load cover if you remove it
  8. rayaans

    Orange UX at Goodwood

    Why? Boot is plenty big enough. It's bigger than CTs anyway
  9. Looks great in my opinion https://lexusenthusiast.com/2018/07/13/photos-the-lexus-ux-f-sport-at-goodwood-festival-of-speed/
  10. rayaans

    Erratic Window Behaviour

    Put some silicone lubricant cheap stuff from Halfords for £3. Works the same as Gummi pflege which is the same thing
  11. Must have some condensation in the camera due to the seal failing probably
  12. The door seals is quite common and known issue. I had mine changed after 2 years. The new ones have black tape which is alot stronger I'm yet to hear of any sunroof problems. Mine is fine. Did the memory issue start after airbag sensor replacement? Mine did and they recalibrated it. I'm having the F Sport seat issue which Chris Fletcher had. Been told to keep an eye on it and see if it develops.
  13. The sunroof won't close if there's debris in the runners if that's what they meant? Or if they thought you meant it was leaking due to clogged drainage due to dirt.
  14. Not sure if they would do it automatically if there is no auto lock. I can't imagine that Lexus would be stupid enough not to have it unlock