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  1. You'll probably find if using usb you won't have to turn the volume up as much That's been my experience in all Lexus so far.
  2. I wouldnt worry too much The Pioneer systems are pretty good anyway. My current RX and UX have the pioneer systems and they are perfectly fine. Its better than the C class standard system and better than the Meridian on the XE.
  3. Youll have a pioneer system which is pretty good for a "standard" system The Jaguar XE Meridian system was average at best in my opinion. No better than the C class standard system in my latest car. The Mark Levinson is very good - its more tuned towards audiophiles so not overly bass heavy but the clarity is unrivalled.
  4. Well, I have a sneaky suspicion that the reason our battery kept dying on the IS was due to the radio not completely shutting off. This is why on some vehicles when the battery is changed of that model year it konks the radio out and leaves a black screen Or so that's the theory behind it according to the people across the pond
  5. I did look at the newer XE with the facelifted interior. The problem is that the panels are still made of that horrible plastic which feels really hollow. It could have been a brilliant car but theres too many shortcomings - swapped it for a Merc C200 of the same year and its worlds apart. Still have the two Lexus too and to be honest, whilst the Merc is good, it doesnt give the same feeling of solidity as the Lexus vehicles Ive had
  6. Got rid of it after 6 months Drives so well - sounds amazing. Breaks down every month. Lets just say it cost me in excess of £2k just in multiple repairs which werent covered under warranty and left me stranded after a 12 hour night shift in A&E. The interior quality was poor for what was a £47k car and the paint was peeling off behind the wheels. The panel gaps were OK to be fair but ended up buying a car with my heart and regretted it badly
  7. If its a 2014 model, I would strongly suspect parasitic drain from the radio
  8. Most cars will pull to the left slightly due to the way the road is in the UK As long as the numbers on the printout are fine it should be well aligned unless you've bent something They've obviously tried twice to rectify the issue I don't see how that's poor customer service?
  9. I mean at the end of the day scratches will happen unless you get the whole car covered in ppf. Just leave it for a while and get the smart insurance to repair it every year or so. Or, invest in a polisher and do it yourself
  10. I'm not surprised. Most of these dealer coatings are quite rubbish in reality. It pays to just get a professional detailer to do it with well established coatings
  11. The majority are rubbish. It's worth seeing how they work and also worth finding out who is doing it / which company is involved. There are definitely detailers who work on behalf of dealerships, but they almost certainly won't apply gen3 glasscoat onto a car. The other aspect is. What's a detailer? Nowadays we have driveway valeters calling themselves detailers.
  12. It's not scratch proof. It might protect to an extent but not loads. As in with a fingernail it should protect but with an actual nail I doubt it Yes it needs reapplying after the paint is polished Gen3 glasscoat is OK but it's nowhere near a proper ceramic coating that hardens at 9H. The other issue is application. Dealer valeters will rush it and it won't be properly applied.
  13. Interesting views. I agree. It's worth noting ride quality is quite improved in the premier model due to the adaptive suspension which is only available on F sport grades and above. I think the new NX currently has better ride quality than the RX according to reviews. Will wait until I get a drive. I believe the new RX will be out late next year and this should improve further.
  14. It's normal in most rear wheel drive cars or those with a long wheelbase Usually solved by winter tyres in colder months. It's called crabbing. Basically the tyres skipping along the surface trying to get grip
  15. Sounds normal to me. Likely to do with cold weather and summer tyres.
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