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  1. rayaans

    New tyres fitted

    Yes they are, ours have been on since new so over 5 years and just needed changing now. They still werent down to illegal. They were on 3mm but were starting to skip. Hard as nails Seem ok so far on greasy roads but not had any real rain. They're A rated for wet grip and the reviews are very favourable so I dont imagine they'll be bad. Ive always been impressed with Goodyear tyres in the wet They'll be used all year round.
  2. rayaans

    New tyres fitted

    I suspect they might have been early versions? To clarify these are the F1 Asymmetric 3s. Will see how they wear but even if they last 2-3 years I'll be happy
  3. Well the corrosion occurs on the diamond cut wheels. They don't need any kerb damage to happen. A simple stone chip will set the corrosion off in those. Other 19" RX wheels don't suffer from the issue
  4. rayaans

    New tyres fitted

    Difficult when you haven't driven new cars on new tyres but remember that I have even driven the facelifted IS300h with less than 3k miles on the clock with original bridgestones on and ours is now much quieter than even those! Its nearly as quiet as my RX now 🙂 And it actually rides better 😮
  5. rayaans

    New tyres fitted

    They're deadly quiet compared to the Bridgestones that came off. They used to roar. These barely make a sound and should have been what the IS300h came out of the factory like. The ride is also much better. They soak up the bumps due to the softer sidewalls despite being XL rated
  6. rayaans

    New tyres fitted

    Yep been running for years as well. Alignment they did for £65 too.
  7. 3RX doesn't have sport + mode
  8. rayaans

    Too Flawed to Live With

    Id probably sell the wife and call it a day 🙂
  9. rayaans

    New tyres fitted

    Think the fronts were about £80 and the rears £120 from memory but blackcircles had £25 off if buying 4 tyres.
  10. rayaans

    New tyres fitted

    Fitted by Lexus for £12.50 each including VAT. I paid £376 for the tyres from blackcircles
  11. Had 4 Goodyear eagle F1 fitted to the IS. It was still on original Bridgestones from factory Have to say they've completely transformed the car. Dead quiet, no more road noise associated with tyres and the ride is much improved. Well worth it. Not to mention they stick round the corners like glue as well.
  12. rayaans

    68 Plate SE Plus 3 Month Review

    I would assume TPMS is standard as its illegal not to have them on a car registered after 2014. The standard audio system is tinny because it only has 6 speakers. Most likely a compatibility issue with the iphone 10 as the system is quite dated now.
  13. The nick would probably be repaired yes as its easy to do. The colour itself isn't that problematic to match so thats good. I would assume the rear door will be replaced and the front might be repaired and then the surrounding areas would need the paint blending in to ensure a good match. I would expect a hefty bill though - £3k+ if actually replacing the door
  14. the air suspension mainly affected 2nd gen RX's There really aren't enough 3rd gen RX's with air suspension to be accurate in terms of failure rates but I dont think there are mainly on the 3rd gen. However, the 4RX completely does without air suspension and I wonder if there is a reason for that. The hybrid itself is pretty bulletproof
  15. If you've taken it to a lexus main dealer bodyshop, their standards are usually a lot higher than say a normal insurance body shop. I dont know if you saw the post of when a van scraped my wife's car. It was only the rear bumper and they replaced it - total cost £1780. Lexus don't faf about repairing, they tend to just replace so I presume the rear door will be changed and the front one will have the dents pulled.