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  1. Wouldn't pay anymore than £70 for that damage to be honest. Like I said I had a smart repair done on a 20" wheel around the whole rim for £55. And a 20" diamond cut rim fully refurbished for £125
  2. Very nice! Where are the pictures? Mesa red is one of my favourite Lexus colours to be fair. Its a bit unusual that the memoy pack isnt included on the takumi pack models.
  3. I fancy one. I think Ill wait for the plug in NX and downsize as the RX will undoubtedly be getting larger in the next generation
  4. Not sure it should be touching so get it checked if in warranty, I suspect in the short term a bit of silicone spray should quieten the squeak down
  5. Bit of a delay in getting mine. Initially was supposed to land with dealers on March 1st. Unfortunately its still at the depot and will be available with the dealer next week. They suspect its due to the optional alloy wheels which will be fitted here in the UK. Getting kind of excited to drive it. Ive only driven the hybrid models, not the electric one. Additionally, Ive never seen a Blazing Carnelian UX with the Rich cream interior and the particular wheels we went for so thats going to be interesting!
  6. Most Lexus dealers dont have an onsite body shop so outsource. I know Lexus Stockport/Bolton have their own bodyshop they use but everyone else sends the wheels elsewhere. Ask the dealer first who they use. Also worth checking facebook/instagram for companies and their work. I had a smart repair done on the Jag diamond cut wheels for £55 a wheel all inclusive so £180 to repair that is taking the royal mickey. Additionally, dont believe the alloygator hype. They do have a tendency to fling off and also, they look awful once theyve contacted a kerb as well.
  7. Whilst thats true. Most issues tend to surface within the 3 year manufacturers period or at higher mileage on Lexus. If it was a German car Id recommend a warranty but I think with Lexus Ive taken my chances on all of mine over 17 years and I think Ive paid £500 including fitting for a radio on the IS300h. Initially was quoted £4k but Lexus UK got involved due to mileage and said £500 fitted.
  8. I agree, it is. The only issue I have had in 17 years of ownership out of warranty was on the IS with its head unit. I suspect caused because of me changing the battery without a memory saver lol Its an insurance policy I suppose but obviously they can offer it as it probably makes them a whole chunk of money, even at the price that it is
  9. That's caused by over cleaning with fairy liquid. There's no point cleaning leather every week. Do it every 6 months to 1 year depending on soiling with a good leather cleaner and seal it afterwards to help it stay clean. It doesn't need more frequent cleaning than that
  10. Looks like a fake advert. A car advertised for a relatively low price compared to others and has O feedback from the seller. Is it advertised elsewhere such as autotrader for example?
  11. Which RX450h years are you looking at? I believe the Premier models have semi-aniline leather which needes more care. The other leather is the same but wear shows more on lighter leather. The RX450h dont have any major issues apart from cosmetic ones as theyre used by families
  12. I think a lot of people complain about initial diagnostic fees from main dealerships. But obviously they still have to pay for technician time and equipment that they're using, along with time looking at your vehicle instead of servicing another vehicle etc Having said that, Lexus stockport initially quoted £140 but then waived it after they found the issue was over £4k to fix
  13. I'm not sure with that one. I don't know if they even get that in the US
  14. New platform so no. Will be slightly longer
  15. Itll be an NX450h+ which is a plug in hybrid. Itll be the 302hp version lifted from the RAV4 prime. The NX350h will be the only option at launch I suspect which will either be a 219hp version or 254hp version. Depends on what Lexus deem fit to put inside.
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