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  1. The seats are ventilated not cooled. Ventilated just means it lets through some air from the AC.
  2. rayaans

    Extended warranty

    Don't forget that under extended warranty they charge their full parts and labour price as Lexus UK pay for it. I bet if you were cash paying they'd do it for £300-350
  3. Too much paint will cause them to react like this though
  4. You can usually turn it off going through the menus. If the bumper was painted without masking it's likely that they've got paint on them. If it was removed and then painted, possibly not put back in properly
  5. The GS only became obsolete now. The ISC a while back. Using the IS chassis would have been just as simple as it's already being used on the IS!
  6. The question is what's the benefit? The RC didn't become a convertible and the GS and ISC are obsolete. Would have been easier to just make the IS chassis into a coupe.
  7. And I really don't understand why sometimes. The IS chassis is good for a coupe and can handle 470hp. Don't really get why they decided to make the RC from using the GS and ISC.
  8. Doesn't seem too bad. Better to own up and say the work was ******* than give you it back with it. They usually use a bodyshop that they know well within the group which will be near to one particular dealer hence the car will move around. Why don't you just ask for another vehicle bar the CT
  9. Just looked at the invoice on my phone and it was £23k 😂
  10. rayaans


    That's the standard one. The hybrid has a raised floor and there's no lip
  11. Yep £24k is a rip of. Think our 2 year old IS was less than that at a Lexus dealer with 10k miles 😂
  12. rayaans

    Cvt gear box

    Just drive it like a normal car. Chances are you won't even realise it's a CVT. It's probably one of the most reliable gearboxes and oil doesn't need changing until at least 100k
  13. Yes you can. If you're putting 20" RX ones, you'll have to get lower profile tyres to keep the rolling diameter similar to stock. You'd need something like 235/50r20
  14. Fixed seats probably on SE. Our F Sport has the folding seats. I don't know if it's Advance and above grades
  15. You can stop the menu popping up by having nav on small screen and switching to something else like audio screen on the bigger screen