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  1. It went through two services and MOTs while the noise was there and no comments were made regarding it and I even asked Lexus to look for it on one of the services, but then again I could never make it happen with the car stood still.
  2. My knocking noise has completely gone. It might be coincidence, but I noticed it started to get quieter and quieter around the time I started having problems with my headlight auto height adjusment and now that has completely failed I don't have any knocking noise at all.
  3. Does anybody know where the auto headlamp height adjustment system fuse is, so I can remove it and hopefully get rid of the warning light on the dash? I've looked in the engine bay and the front foot wells, but can't see an obviously named fuse.
  4. I can't fault the engine on my 430 Sport, but the niggles I've got/had with the car plus my lack of interest in the look of the new models has put me off buying the brand again to be honest. At most I would get an old IS200 if I was to get another Lexus. Once Christmas is out of the way I will be looking into changing my car.
  5. I had a chance to look at the height sensors and there was nothing visibly wrong, so I gave them a good clean but the problem still persists. I really wish I knew if it was one or both, so there was a possibility I wouldn't need to spend money on a part I may not need, especially with their price. :( This is going to have to wait until next year to be fixed properly. In the meantime I've disconnected the headlight motors.
  6. That's how I feel about my current 2003 GS 430 Sport compared to my old 1996 GS 300 Sport.
  7. My old 1996 Series I Sport suffered this problem sometimes, but due to the revised alarm Toyota used the only way to arm the alarm was via the key fob. Locking the door with the key would not arm it like earlier GS300s (like the ones that had the alarm button integrated into the car key).
  8. My local dealer had a look at this issue when the car was being serviced last week and they said they couldn't tell if it was one or both sensors at fault, if it was just one they didn't know which one, and that I will probably have to replace them. They are £270 + VAT each before labour. I'm disappointed with a fault of this nature on a six year old car, and a Lexus at that.
  9. I still haven't got to the bottom of this yet and have noticed that the lights do project ahead of the car while the warning light is on, but as soon as the warning light goes off you can see the headlight beams move and point to the floor in front of the car, which is where there then stay until you turn the ignition off and on again. At least I know the headlight level motors are working.
  10. I haven't had the opportunity to check the auto levelling sensors yet, but I have noticed that the warning light is staying on for a lot longer now and the headlights are not projecting very far in front at night, like they are aiming down. I really hope a simple disconnect and clean operation will be sufficient to fix this, because I haven't got the money to replace the sensors at the moment.
  11. I had Falken FK451 and then FK452 tyres on my Series I Sport and will probably go with the FK452 on my GS430 Sport when the time comes to change the tyres.
  12. My 2003 GS430 Sport did the clicky start thing for a while and then stopped doing it before I got round to taking a look at the starter motor.
  13. Seeing that Series I makes me miss my black 1996 Series I Sport. I got £2,000 for it when I traded it in against my 2003 GS430 Sport.
  14. Thanks for the information. If someone could let me know the location of this sensor so I can have a look, then that would be great. (I don't have an owner's manual.)
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