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  1. So I did the tires b4 and after photos of meguires tire dressing (never used it b4) I think made all the difference!?
  2. Is the 2nd gen IS 250 exhaust tail stainless or chrome? I'd like to know what metal polish to use.
  3. My polishing serves as an exercise for me to learn all the imperfections. (Credit is due for the AG wax, it did return results with little effort.) In 3 months I will for example know to clay- bar the front bumper and compound the rear bumper. Those pesky 'detainees' ..I knew what u ment hehe
  4. That did include cycling to get car shampoo haha hosed down, then 2 bucket and mitts method wash, microfiber dry and 30min wait, machine polished and buffed every panel and door sills with AG super resin polish. Waxed with AG extra gloss protection microfiber then machine buffed, then glass cleaner windows n mirrors. Rained alot 2hrs later. photo of results /beeding attached:
  5. The scratches are still there. The good paint looks good and overall better. I hope the finish lasts. I should have used a compound 1st or more abrasive pads. The saving grace is that as you say- the finish lasts well. I worked for yrs as a finisher in the BMW MIni paint shop.
  6. 2x wash is keen!! Is Meguiars polish or wax? I need clay! Whats in the spray bottle? 🙂
  7. Polished n waxed on Sunday 12yo (didnt do the wheels/tires)
  8. After spending nearly 5hrs polishing with autoglym super resin polish on Sunday, I was not impressed with the results and I wish id used something better (possibly abit more expensive.)
  9. Hi My spare key fob and passenger door puddle and door red light are not working. So far tried putting a battery in the key fob. Not sure where to start with the door. Any advice would be muchly appreciated!
  10. Ive been wondering since I brought the car why there was a battery in the ashtray! Cheers 🙂
  11. Hondaman! Can you RIP me a copy of the disc or do you have a link or were there any distinguishing features?
  12. Hey scudney. she has all the equipment except the sonar distance cruise control, sunroof and the cubby hole for sunglasses. As i only paid 3700, it would take approx 5yrs to see those benefits assuming a 2010 of the same spec condition and milage (say 2k more!?) NB. Passed your way twice yesterday 🙂
  13. "SOLD..Hold out yah hand!" I bought it. Full lex service history not a mark on it both inside and out (I mean it's like a 2yo car) Thanks for your guidance gentlemen.
  14. If I like it it will be a 133mile drive home. It has been sorn since January other than a foot pump what should I do before driving it? (It has a new battery)