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  1. So, having bought an IS200 new in 2001 and a 2 year old IS250 SE Auto with MM in 2008 (so now 8 years old) I have decided to trade in for a BMW 640d M Sport Coupe. Here are a few observations from my time with Lexus and re IS250 in particular (nothing new that hasn't been said before on this forum probably but thought would post anyway.) IS250 has been ultra reliable - few squeaks from dash and rear shelf if parked in sunlight but this settles down. Had to replace one rear brake caliper but otherwise only had to replace tyres and brake discs/pads in 6 years (though only done about 21,000 miles in this time.) Car fairly heavy on tyres and brakes but much dependent on driving style. Should mention I also needed all 4 alloys refurbing also due to corrosion (around £100 per wheel). Lexus should really have sorted out this issue which I also experienced with the IS200. Day to day, car could do with a bit more power but feels slower than it actually is as the engine is so smooth. Mark Levinson hi-fi is superb, sat nav a little frustrating as no 7 digit postcode entry and can't use it much whilst moving. Equipment levels very high and nothing has broken or stopped working. Dealer service (Edgware Road & Tunbridge Wells) very good - pricey though. I would have been happy to stay with Lexus but there is nothing in the range that appeals - new IS reviews are lukewarm to my mind, CT200 too small and ugly, RX and GS too big. (Though the 6 series isn't small...) Thought about new NX but maybe that's for the wife in a couple of years. Thought of waiting for the new coupe but it seems to be an M3 competitor and too expensive for what I need. Cooking version (if one is going to be sold) likely to be underpowered. So, thought I would go for a 2012 6 series - awesome low down power and sounds good for a diesel. Reasonable amount of kit as standard and not far off half list price for a 2 year old car with 23k on the clock (though no-one pays list for these - I have heard £17k discounts mentioned.) And road tax £145 pa which is amazing considering the performance - doubtless a "loophole" which will be closed soon.... I would recommend an IS250 to anyone who is considering one - go for the Auto and SE or SEL with multi media and full history and you won't go too far wrong. Best wishes to all on the forum.
  2. Just had my 6 year/60K service carried out by Lexus Tunbridge Wells. Was quoted £569 - bill eventually £817 as needed one new rear brake caliper which was sticking apparently. Spark plugs were around £120 incl VAT and before fitting. Interestingly, when I enquired some months ago about the cost, I was quoted around £665 - I waited a while to get it done as I had only done about 4000 miles in the last year or so and 38k in total. So there seems to be some room for haggling. My car (Auto IS 250SE) is 7 years old this year, probably not worth the money in terms of resale value apart from peace of mind that the job was done properly (as far as I can tell) and at least a full set of Lexus stamps is in the handbook...
  3. How do you turn the voice prompt off - it drives me nuts!
  4. I was just about to post this as a new topic - have the same on my 250SE. Feels like one of the tyres has run over something - are we all sure it's not a fault? Never had it with any other car including an IS200...
  5. You might find that the Lexus dealer won't stamp the service book unless the cambelt has been changed as the car hasn't been serviced to Lexus guidelines (i.e. belt changed at 60k). (Edgware Road told me this as I was in a similar situation to you. Maybe better to get belt changed ifrst then get serviced by Lexus dealer?
  6. Cant Switch Lights Off

    Had this problem on my old IS200 SE - fixed under warranty - apparently it was a fault in the steering column stalk which replaced....
  7. Which Battery?

    I need a new battery for my 2001 IS200. Been to Halfords and bought the one listed as being suitable (HB072) only to find it was too big too fit. Went back and parts guy said I needed a HSB063 instead which looked the right size but is too small (Doesn't go up to level of battery bar for one thing so will move about.) Anyone know what model no battery I should get? I'm not bothered about maximum performance as I will change the car shortly (new IS250 hopefully!) so a regular Halfords one will be fine.
  8. Headlights Staying On

    I had the same problem some time ago which fixed under warranty. When picked the car up I was told that it was a wiring problem in the LH column stalk - they replaced it from another car they had in stock. Apparently took a while to work out what was wrong and involved much studying of wiring diagrams. I'd get someone to check the wiring to the stalk first if I were you.
  9. Headlight Washers

    Fluff 34567 - thanks for advice but along with washer cover, the washer has been snapped off, so nothing comes out of the bumper when washers are operated. I imagine this means bumper removal then along with unit that moves the washer arm - do you agree? (And any idea how much this would be at a dealer?)
  10. Headlight Washers

    Some kind soul has stolen/snapped off my N/S headlamp washer. Looking down into the hole left behind I can see a black assembly with a hole in the middle (where the washer fluid comes out obviously). It looks like the part has been snapped off this black unit so that will probably need to be replaced as well. Does anyone know how much this will cost to replace? Is it a dealer job and will the bumper need to be removed?