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  1. 100% agree! I’ve had a RS4 which wasn’t to bad on the maintenance however my Alpina was nightmare constant ****ty Bosch sensors failing, timing chain issues, abs sensors ahhhh! No more German cars for me! I can’t see me selling the ISF for sometime even then it will be For a GSF etc.
  2. Might be a little more hassle selling private but you will get a decent offer if you hold out, these F cars are in demand. I’d stick it on auto trader eBay and on here. When I last sold my car I also put on a car vertical report. My Alpina sold in 2 days!
  3. Awesome! Looks like a cracker with the OS Giken diff!
  4. Nice one, did they change the manifolds? The tick is usually down to them. I had driverside manifold welded up. No more ticking noise. Alot of ISF out there have the famous tick! Absolute pig of a job to remove manifolds. Did the clean and reseal the valley plate?
  5. I fill with Costco quite often and like you said its around 20p cheaper than anywhere else. The car run very well on it, as it does on tesco 99 stuff. Ive never used E10 on the ISF, car runs great on the super stuff. Pains me to put in rip off Vpower if i get caught out. Since i changed all the fluids and new plugs the economy has improved. I recently did a run down south and I managed 319 miles on the tank and still had a range of 10 miles but we all know i could pushed it further. Im really impressed with the motorway economy.
  6. I've had the B6's fitted early today along with the LCA bushes, amazing difference. On low speeds the B6 are a little better but at medium and high speeds, across B roads much better. Also the front end is proper nailed on, better steering response thanks to the bushes. Im not driving the car for a few days i'll let the suspension settle then a i'll take for a wheel alignment.
  7. id want to keep the oem profile for comfort. 35/30 is really going to loose the comfort part.
  8. Thanks for this, I just don’t want any arch rub when pressing on over B roads in keeping the car oem as possible but 225 on the front is just to narrow and I think with the geo done you can dial in a nice set up. Hopefully someone is running the proposed tyre setup who can confirm 100% before I commit to tyres. My rears have still got life in them but as I’m having wheels freshened up it would be a perfect time to change the tyres:
  9. Hello, Im looking to increase the foot print of the car. After a bit of research im thinking of the running the following: Fronts - 245 40 19 Rears 275 35 19 Will I experience any tyre rub, day to day driving, and also when turning the wheels on full lock? thank you
  10. Im going for Bilstein B6 - o.e.m Shock replacement essentially i hear its 'slightly' more forgiving that the stock shocks, mines a 2008. Also will be doing the rear diff bushes etc, once I decide what diff to get, although im hoping a o.e.m LSD assembly is sourced if not im thinking of a OS Giken LSD.
  11. Thanks for this - just placed an order at the dealer. Im gathering parts for a suspension refresh although was tempted with the poly type but the fact that this bush is firstly new, and better than the ISF it should be sufficient.
  12. Can't download the videos but i've seen them on trusty youtube! 🙂 Sounds awesome 🙂 - im not a fan of after market exhaust but this sounds great! Look forward seeing it in person 🙂
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