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  1. Just to say thanks about the 8 beeps, I assumed it was some random locking problem. I also sometime get the "rear seat issue" message when shutting the car off. There is nothing on the back set at this point. Also still getting the cannot login to profile message. Seems to be linked to starting the car moving off (e.g. out of the garage) and then stopping and restarting. This is the most annoying as it comes up with connect or cancel message every 10 minutes of the journey.
  2. Thanks all. Just to add that all the previous times I've done the trip in other cars it normally starts at around 5 hours (its 244 miles via A303 and we always go "out of hours" - 270 via M4/5) which is reasonable. I was just shocked to see 6.5 hours from the Lexus, I restarted it 3 times and it was adamant. From what I could see all the options are set correctly. I'll try it again and see if it plots a better route/time, else I'll be using my phone through car play. May just be a software glitch as others have suggested. P.S. I noticed that the Nav screen does show the static speed cameras on route. Ours is set to audible alert but I did not hear anything , has anyone else?
  3. Not sure if I have a setting wrong but when I asked the car (2022 450h+) to navigate from Hampshire to Cornwall at 7am on a Sunday it: - refused to use the A303 and was set on using M4/M5 - estimated the time as 6.5 hours Checking on Phone Google maps showed no issues with A303 and we ended up driving that way in around 4 hours. All the while the estimated arrival time slowly came back in (by 2.5 hours). Anybody else had this?
  4. You can adjust each Source by clicking on the Note symbol and then Sources and then for a particular Source set the position, Bass Middle, Treble etc If you click on the gear (settings) symbol you can select Sound and then Levels to set the speed dependent volume on/off
  5. I'd add that coming from an A3 with B&O it does not have the same depth of sound but I'm slowly getting used to it,
  6. I had them fitted (front and rear) to our car by the dealer for peace of mind. I'd add that the dealers currently fit the NextBase 380 GWX and the cost is reasonable. However, it is a pain downloading the footage through the NextBase Cam Viewer app if you use the same phone to connect to CarPlay. Still surprised its not a standard built-in feature given the number of cameras on cars these days. Only think Tesla do this currently?
  7. Thanks Andy. That's what perplexed me when I saw the info displayed when you switch the car off and not being able to find the same information on the move.
  8. Will do. I did download both manuals as PDFs prior to picking it up. Being my first Lexus after almost exclusively Audis over the last 20 years I did my best to acclimatise to the Lexus way of doing things. What would be a standard function in one is not in the other and vice versa (and its 1408 pages in total). I'd argue that the value of the car is irrelevant though 🙂
  9. Having a great time with my new (ex-demo) 450h+ after a number of longer journeys but just realised that it did not come with a printed handbook/wallet. Is this something the dealer forgot or they just do not come with them any more? Also supplementary question, is there any way to get the average fuel consumption for the current trip in the dashboard? Mine only says the Total one (i.e. since new). Many thanks Dave
  10. Trying to find/confirm the paint code of our NX 2022 F Sport in Azure Blue. I see mention of color code (sic) on drivers door jam but nothing visible in mine. Is it it 8X1 ?
  11. Thanks Kenny & Malcom. I always put the A3 in the garage on charge when after use so should not be too much of a problem, though a charging point would be useful (especially if we end up with a full EV as 2nd car). The A3 has a battery half the size of the NX and it normally takes 3-4 hours from empty. I downloaded the manual last night and its quite a tome. Off topic, but I was hoping for Home link for my garage door but did not see it...
  12. Hi All, I'm picking up my (2 month old demonstrator) NX 450H+ tomorrow. What charging kit should I expect to get with the car? My A3 e-tron came with the 13amp 'granny' charger and captive Type 2 ended lead, plus a separate Type 2 to Type 2 cable to plug into charging stations. Thanks
  13. Thanks Alan, that's really useful. I do mostly short local trips with an occasional but regular long drive (which stops me getting a full EV). It would be great to tackle all the local stuff on electric.
  14. Hi Everyone, I was just wondering if anyone has any real life data on the NX 450h+ electric range and total range. I have an Audi A3 etron which depending on temperature will go 12-20 miles on battery (official range is 29) and can travel just over 400 miles. Ideally I'd like a genuine 30+ mile electric range and 500+ miles in total. Thanks Dave
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