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  1. Mine is all original apart from the S/C. I haven't had a de-cat done yet.
  2. Hi guys. Believe it or not, I have exactly.. I mean exactly the same problem. I also have a TTE compressor fitted. It started 4 weeks ago. Firstly when I stopped the engine, it wouldnt start again. it would fire then die, fire then die. Then 2 weeks ago it cut whilst driving twice. the engine just dies and coasts to a stop! Same symptoms, it will fire and die, then it wont fire at all. After a few minutes it fires normally and off we go!! its been at Lexus for ages and they cant find anything wrong with it, but it has died while in their care a few times. No codes comes up when the ECU is tested. I thought it was fuel, maybe pump or something, We dont think it is the piggyback ECU used, but Im open to suggestions! Their at a loss, I'm at a loss!! Help is needed! for sure!!??
  3. Hi Just purchased two TOYO proxes T1-S in size 215/45 ZR 17, cost £86 ish + carriage (£4) from arrived in 3 days and have gone on a treat! should be a reasonable performer too!
  4. Both replies are great, at least its not just me! For a while I was beginning to think my car was a freak...... oh yes, it is, its got a supercharger!!! fantastic!:smilegrin:
  5. Now this is gonna sound strange, and its really directed at those with TTE superchargers. Mines fitted and working perfectly, however, in high gears 3rd 4th etc at low revs, between 2000 and 3000rpm when i hit the accelerator the engine stutters, at exactly 3100rpm the stutter goes and engine flies. Ive tested it in hot conditions, cold conditions, the plugs and coils are fine! Someone suggested that the vacuum created in the inlet manifold under heavy load causes probs, others have said too lean mixture!! Im lost now! Has anyone else had similar experiences with supercharged engine. Any ideas? One lexus chap did say 'we give you six gears, why dont you use them!!"
  6. Ive done it, I've had the Supercharger fitted. Big thanks to Mark and all the guys @TDI. If you have the means, I thoroughly recommend it! Anyway back to my query, I have a lovely CUSCO strut brace, but as Supercharged people know it doesn't fit over the larger air box. Can anyone who has fitted the bar with supercharger help with advice on how to make it fit???
  7. My tyres are stil ripping out on the inside. The tracking is set at positive 0.3degrees (toe in) which normally should scrub the outside. However as common with rear drive cars the fronts when rolling want to toe out. thus when driving fast the tyres begin to toe out more and wear is seen on the inside. Question is this, what toe in setting do people use to avoid this phenomenom occuring!! Will strut brace help?. Lexus garages are next to useless and lexus GB say its trial and error!! not great when the errors cost over £120.00 each tyre!! hope you guys can help!
  8. Fantastic!! so no more being beaten by the BT engineers in their diesel fiesta's!! I dont think I can resist anymore!! I'll let you know if I take the plunge!
  9. I have read somewhere that performance is better than TTE claim, with some people claiming under 7 seconds, and that performance/acceleration through the gears is incredible. Is the car really that quick?? Sorry for all the questions guys!!
  10. I'm soooo close to ordering a supercharger, but need some extra convincing!! I wonded if buying a third party warranty would get round the old Lexus politics regarding fitting of supercharger, has anyone investigated this?? Basically what I would love to hear is.... Is the supercharger worth the money?? and would I ever be able to sell the car again?? Hope you peeps can help!!
  11. My original Bridgestone RE040 tyres lasted only 8000 miles on the front!!! Each one had been ripped out on the inside. The tracking was tested by three independent tyre company's and all was correct. I took up the problem with Lexus dealer. They claimed it was my driving style as it was not a problem with anyone else!! hard driving should only scrub the outside of fronts!!!
  12. Hi people, just joined after reading the site for months! excellent job everyone. I have listened to the sound clip of Supercharged's HKS, sounds great, almost ferrari like pitch!! If the peco is 2/3 db louder but deeper in tone, will it end up sounding like a rather nasty fiesta with a cherry bomb on it??