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  1. I to have a creak on my 4 month old is200se. Thought at first it was from behind stereo but have since identified the leather on the gear gator as the culprit. Not sure how to stop it though. Also the plastic screen cover of the dashes instrumentpanel hasa minorbut annoying creak. :smug:
  2. thanks for the replies peeps. Notorious Revs experience has seriously discouraged me from trying it. Shame lexus don't do diesels- I've heard you can convert those to run on cooking oil !!!
  3. does anybody know of an IS200 being converted to run on gas? Not sure whether it's possible with all petrol cars but my mate had his vectra converted for £350 Petrol station around the corner is now supplying gas. 30.6p per ltr!!! and it's supposed to be more economical and less poluting. Anybody been brave enough ?
  4. Ive noticed a slight rattley/creaking noise from the central console area. It sound like its coming from behind the cd player and seems to happen when the engine is at a certain speed. Only had the car about five weeks. Does any of you think I should take it in to lexus ?:
  5. What wrong with fcuker ? I definitely swapped the uc!
  6. Absolutely gutted! Cleaning car this evening and spotted a dent in the front nearside wing. Definitely a clumsey ****** opening their door next to me. I suspect that they were parked facing the oposite direction and the rear door has hit it. Not serious i.e. not taken the paint off but the car is less than 4weeks old. Worst thing about it is that it is more obvious when the car is gleaming. Any suggestions for getting it repaired? :regan::regan:
  7. The manual says they do but it must be refering to the Sportcross? Absolute bummer!! now I'll have to remove the suitcase that I've just loaded and actually think about the order that I load up the luggage.............
  8. Hi Chris, It's Astral black with Oakham interior. I'm currently forcing my little girl to take off her shoes before getting in !! I think I should have stuck to black inside aswell as out.
  9. Hello all, I'm the proud owner of a 48 Hr old is200se. Already, I'm in love but there is always room for improvement!! So, where can I get a sport mesh grill from, how muc are they(did I hear the word discount?) and has anybody got any pics? Thanks Rob
  10. Masitaly's for sure! My IS 200ie isn't delvivered 'till the day after tomorrow and I'm already considering a set! (not got a clue about the quality though):?: