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  1. Happy Birthday andrewr!

  2. Just thought I'd ask if anyone has manage to top this yet. 9 weeks old, and I have just had an agreement from Lexus to replace all my Alloy wheels. You know this brake dust problem where it eats into the lacquer, well it started happening on my car after 3k miles. Not good. I only took it in to have my mats cleaned, ah, sorry, I mean a couple of issues looked at. So far in 9 weeks, 3.7k miles: 1. Windscreen has to be removed and be resealed to eliminate creaking/cracking noise, they will also put padding round and check dashboard mountings 2. Windscreen wiper blade replaced 3. Boot lid now closeable without sitting on it 4. Brake disks skimmed due to vibration 5. Rebalance of wheels due to vibration 6. Replacement set of alloys 7. Paint job warranty call on stone chips, the front end of my car looks shotblasted. Still waiting on this So far the picture isn't looking too rosy with my 2nd IS. Ah well, at least my car comes back clean (note 2nd mention of clean mats) and the service is second to none. Good job really........ :)
  3. This has probably been done to death, but....... I'm on my second IS and my front pillar (round windscreen) has a stone chip right on the edge and has gone all the way through the paintwork. The car is 9 weeks old, and theres RUST! Funny thing is the exact same thing happened to the last car. RUST though! Hmmmmmmmmmm. Whats the best way to solve this (paint being the obvious solution), any chance lexus will sort this out, clearly its a problem as its happened on both of my cars. I've got one of those stone chip peeps looking at it Monday, are these any good (lexus dealer type). Thanks! Andrew.
  4. The same thing happened to my last IS, they were replaced under warranty without a question. Worked a treat as the old ones were looking a bit worn.
  5. Thanks, hope it starts OK today. That aside, no diesel! The smoke clears after a few seconds, which tends to mean valves to me. Reminds me of a vauxhall I had 7 years ago, same issue.... they replaced the car (eventually). I'll keep ya posted, all I have to do now is arrange for a courtesy car :-(
  6. Guys, thats a mess. What more can I say. They may have just stuck one of those Evo spoilers on the back.
  7. 3 weeks from new..... Started my car today from cold, ratle, rattle.... clouds of blue smoke billowing out of the back. Now, this aint normal for 1300 careful miles on a new car. Not impressed..... Any suggestions, other than I need to get this into Lexus pretty quickly. Plus my dash or windscreen is creaking (loudly, like over the stereo)... anyone know how the windscreens are secured and whether or not it is possible for them to move if not properly secured. I think I have a bad one!
  8. Another couple of Q's: How long does it take to power up and locate satellites. Just wondering what the cold start is like, i.e. drive somewhere, get lost or sat in traffic and need a way round something and you don't have it on because your radar detectors plugged in (nuisance that there is only 1 power outlet in the IS200) What is coverage like ? Any major outages. They usually happen at the most inconvenient time, like for me on Bodmin chasing down a road the size of a footpath miles from nowhere. Excellent that you can get the whole of the UK on the 128MB card as I was concenred that I'd be constantly uploading data to it. Thanks for all the info so far! and also the offer to demonstrate it. I'll see how I get on with a product demo from GPS Warehouse (although there store opening times look a little problematic). Thanks!
  9. Yeah, it was wheel balancing. What are those damn numbers on the insides of the wheels ? Very nice, I'm wondering if my new car has refurbished wheels on, great thought :-)
  10. Great review, gives me a little more info to go on! The night mode sounds good, this was my one big complaint with the standard lexus solution was that you had to select night mode manually, kinda irritating, plus at night the last thing you really need is an illuminated screen staring you in the face. You tend to get some looks from drivers around you. Can you fit the whole of the UK onto the 128MB card ? (comes std. with the deluxe one I think). Or regional only ? Where did you find it for 800, the lowest I can find is 1k from ? Or is that the 32MB model ?
  11. The Garmin gets my vote, but I am having negotiation difficulties with the financial director (aka her indoors). I think I've blown my budget this year. This I read a report somewhere that the iPaq combi is OK, but lacks on the voice prompts plus the sceeen illumination concerns me. I've got one of these already (without the GPS card), so its a low(er) cost solution, just not sure. Does the Garmin fit nicely on the dash in that tray like thing (I have to say that tray ruins the aestetics of the dash) where the factory fit GPS solution goes ? Have you got one of those bean bag type dash fittings, and does it work ? Last Q on this, whats it like with the sun beaming in through the windscreen ? Need to get my hands on one to have a play with it. Its not the sort of thing I can pop in to Dixons and take a look at, and at a thousand pounds if I make the wrong decision I'll kick myself! Thanks for the advice tho'
  12. Absolutely agree on the retained value figures. I just traded mine in (as you may know). 3 yr old 200 SE Navigator, 38k, and according to my figures I retained 56% of the value. You'd struggle to get figures like that on a Beemer, especially a gutless 318 SE (defacto rep mobile). All the other so called prestige marks struggle to get close to 45% over 3 years.
  13. Sorry for the slow response here guys'n gals. I don't know why I changed my car, guess it boils down to this: It was an early production car and had a few niggles, thousands of stone chips and my SatNav was playing up, plus the warranty was about to expire. So I went through the bills I was just about to get, 300 on the 40k service plus MOT, Warranty for 1 year, Tax had 2 wks to run, tyres about 5k left, new windscreen..... over 1ks worth of bills. So, time for a shiny new one. I actually wanted a black sport last time, but the only one I could get my grubby mits on was an SE in Platinum Ice, which actually was a spot on choice, even though I didn't make it. About the SatNav, I wish I'd bough it in all honesty. I've become dependent on it. I actually got lost 10 miles from home the other day as I have this habit of paying no attention to roadsigns as a result of it. This being said, 2500 is a lot for a SatNav. So, I'm going for an aftermarket one, plus I drive 3 cars so I need something I can move between them. The rattly dash is still there, its only when cold and I find it hard to replicate when I need to, i.e. at the dealer. So, I'll wait for October to kick in and then take it down. Actually I found Guildford the most wonderful bunch with dealing with rattles and squeaks. They had my old IS for a total of 2 weeks sorting out my drivers and passenger seats. Still, I do enjoy driving the new one, brakes are much better, exhaust note is a little more throaty and I swear it feels quicker, not that I'm hammering it yet mind you!
  14. ...... 32, and the insurance is still far too expensive!
  15. Wheels all resolved. Apparently it was the "3rd one they'd seen like this recently". hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Enjoyed playing with crayons for an hour with my son in the showroom. Free cup of water and an hour wasted on Saturday. Still mustn't grumble :-)