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  1. HI Lets start this topic so we can collect necessary information over 250 to 350 engine swap. I think it is possible to just take lexus 350l engine from let say RX, ES or GS and put that in to IS250. Just if somebody has any info surrounding this please share it to me. -Pekka
  2. Well here again, i will get my cat to dyno couple weeks, meanwhile i dive my "supercharged" IS200. And here is my experience of tuning that eManage. I BET you that TTE supercharger kit "Piggypag" ecu is only resistor for MAP sensor, wich modify MAP senson input voltage about -15% to from 2.35V to 2.1 V. That because i use Greddy eManage with my own supercharger, and i notice following. No matter what i put that piggupag AAV setting, Lexus own ECU modify Fuel/Air ratio to ner correct. So i make new map, and put my MoTec labda meter & sensor to car and start engine, and suprise, beginning lambda was 1.24 and after 5 second it drop to 1. Same goes all owe acceleration, only couple acceleration and viola labda is almos perfect in acceleration 0.79. So if ANybody makes Turbo or Supercharger installation, it's relly waste of money to purchasee any expensive parts. So simple resistor or potentiometer is enough. You elecrical shop engineer will tell you correct one. Lexus own ecu need singal betveen 0-5V and 1 tmosphere singal is 2.39V. Lexus MAP sensor measures to 1.4 kg/cm2 so it't enough to me to 0.9bar pressure. I know that sensor does'nt tell right pressure to ECU but it will use lambda singal to "learn" correct mixture. I think i got almost 300 hp in engine, and my eManage injection map is simple give all what you cat eat. 100% for whole map. If somebody is intresting that map file for Greddy i will send that to you, so you save lot of tuniing time & money. Next thing i will change my exhaust & headers to better ones because that lexus own is way too "small". I like to get some wich allows really much high RPM power, because i got more that enough low torque currently. I send dyno charts later when i got time. By the way e-manage is really fantastic tool for tunning because it got DATA logging and tunning in "real" time, and it allows to control 2 AUX channels what can be injectors. I will use those for cooling pistons i hard acceleration and between gears i i spray fuel to intake much i can with really big injectors. SO i will get flames in exhaust too. Cool.
  3. Yes. I got e-Manage in my IS200. I just been tuning with wide band lambda my IS200 and i use Greddy e-Manage, and product is beautiful. I have supercharger and only tool i use to tune fuel/air ratio is Greddy eManage. It is really economic way to make supercharger installation to IS200. Yes it only 2D piggypag, but real labda curve correction is so near to optimal .86 as possible. Even fine 3D mapping ecy to get smooth "lambda" all situations is near imbossible because all other things are so much depencing outside humunity, teperature etc. Rason why this happed is that Lexus own ecu is making 3D mapping to you so near optimal that there is not wery big benefits to pay that extra money of MoTec etc.. Even TTE own piggypag ecu is'nt #d mapping. I don't know exact details of that but i Bet it's only fooling that hotwire sensor to give false singal to ECU. That expalins also that engine suttering problem what many TTE kit owners are telling. It cames in app 3100 rpm, i got same problem but i got that in 2600 rpm. But i got much bigger pulley in my waterpump, what use compressor unit. So i bet it something to do with bupass walve & air/fuel ratio. When bypass open, it makes air goes little backward in system, and all that fools lambda sensor, what tells ECU to cut fuel more. Supercharger is really good target also to eManage because supercharger pressure is not changing so much as Turbo. With greddy is really easy to change injectors, because it just change all open timing by given formula. Same goes fuelpump upgrade also. I got app 280 hp im my Lexus currently, and now i am focusing that sutter broblem with extra sub injector etc. Best place to purchase that Greddy eManage is http://mkiv.com/tmp/emanage/ I purchase my own there and price was'nt bad, as you can look. And Mohad is very liable salesguy. P.S In USA Tuning shop area51 are also using eManage with they IS300 supercharger installation. I was planning to purchase TTE original kit but as they don't tell any details like how much they spin that SC unit etc. I make decision to not take anything them.
  4. Like i say, my gasget is STD. I don't know any shop , here in europe. Byt engine block is same that is 1G-GTE engine. Wich is twin turbo model. I am sure in japan is some tuning shop who sell that gasget also. There may be little diffrences in oil/water holes but those are easy to fix.
  5. Oh yes. I got JE pistons and rod inside already. My current compression rate is about 9:1 so detonation is not first bproblem with 99 octane gas. I is also bored 1mm oversized. I think my head gasget is wekest link in that installation. But i like to keep it that way. Its like fuse in that engine. Its much cheaper to keep that in wekes plase, that piston etc... Next i lookin good (used) sequental gearbox to make gear changes faster. Thanks for that ECu info. I only wondering because TTE installation manual doesn't contain any part of that. Mabye there is different part of instructions of that. I am wandering are TTE using UNCHIP to make that mod. There is also possibility to fool ait/temp singal to chane that calibiration of sensor to tell ECU that intake air temp is 25% colder that is really is, that way is also possible to get more fuel engine that normal. I wander how TTE make that.
  6. Hi. You duno chart is really good looking. I am finally getting my own supercharhger installation finnising. I have copied all TTE supercharhger parts but i will use GREDDY eManagement to tune my ait/fuel ratio. I have find installation malual of TTE Kit and there is nothing about piggypag ecu. WHole installation malual does not contain any part of installaing that ecu. I am little wondering that is there in TTE kit piggypag ecu at all. I know that Toyota:s ecu can handle easyly with lambda singal that SC:s changed air flow, but i am not sure. Any way, i will use GREDDY fine and beautiiful box to tune my installation. Like TRD got i also target in beginning to 280 hp, and next step is raise pressure to 1.2 bar. That will give me about 350 hp, with my really big intercooler. Like i before ask from TDI they got some upgrade to TTE standard kit. I try to ask how much they spit that SC with teu upgrade pulley, i change my gear-ratio of sc that im engine RPM 6200 SC spins now 16000 rpm. Thats 1000 ower manufactes highest RPM. But i think that will work fine. Instead like TTE do i will use that electrical cluch wich is in that SC unit, i will use that for 3 different purpose. 1 under 1000 rpm i dont need power 2 avoid cat problems with RPM limiter 3 control fuel economy with my ecu. SC only works if i need power, i got buttom inside. i send my duyno charts soon i will get those.
  7. Hi Exhaust is 6-3-1 type and first pipes are outside diameter is 32 mm. and inside it about + 29 mm. First pipe length before collector is 25,5 cm. Second collector is quiet far, about 70-90 cm. It seem that exhaust is nice work, and main target is to get gas speed really fat to catalysator. It is possible to calculate better low rpm exhaust, but you cat doesnt warm that fast, and possible smoke problems with inspectors.
  8. How much That supercharger spins with you stage 2 pulleys.
  9. Do you know what is gear (pulley) ratio of standard TTE kit. Or what size are those pulleys.
  10. Is somebodu calulated what is pulley ratio ot TTE supercharger kit. (How much supercharger is getting RPM when Engine RPM is 1000) I like to know that how much there is potential in that blower unit. If is possible to give more rpm to that blower. I thing there is possible to get 270 - 280 hp from engine. I am installing currentlu same mercedes 230c compressor that TTE use theme kit, but i get much bigger intercooler, Greddy eManage engine management. And i am planning to put 0.6 bar pressure if blower unit offer that. Also nex thing is cluch & flywheel upgrade. And HKS exhaust pipe. ALso one thing what TTE dont use that kit is that electric cluch in blower unit. I will use that in low rpm & rpm limit.
  11. There is no way to put superchip in Lexus ecu or almost any new toyoya ecu. Reason is thta whole circuit contains own cip inside memory and its almost impossible reprog that without toyota own tools. Any way i like to GReddy e-Management. bacause it cost only 370 USD with harness nad its possible to reverse installation easyly.
  12. Does somebody know good pace to order better clutch for 1G-FE engine. I am installing self maded supersharger kit to my car, and original clutch is way too weak to get 280 hp. My supercharger is gonna be Autorotor screw type (2076) model. I gonna dive 0.8bar pressure. And i change whole exhaust & headers to better one. I will use GReddy e-Management piggypag Ecu to feed my baby.
  13. Well i mabye need whole exhaust system, but if only header gives good response, i don't balme.. ;-). After all i can make other parts later also .
  14. i am looking good piggypag ucu for mu supercharger installation. Planning to use GReddy e-Management or Unchip for job. What is good place to purchase those boxes in australia or New Zealand. I itsel live at Finland but here is not sales for those. So it is not matter to me buy from other side of earth.. Also what is good price for those applications for you opinion. I also hear some problems an stalling engine with unchip. Are those problems solved. My car is IS200 with 1G-FE engine.
  15. does somebody know good header & exhaust for IS200 (1G-FE Engine) I looking for more low torque. I heard that 5Zigen has some but i am not sure. Those Dmm japanise web pages does'nt offer me much.. :-)
  16. I just make a call to company, and they told that they don't make superchip for LExus IS200. But they web page still claims that. There is also one strange thing. I have make investigation to replace that original ECU with MoTec M48 or M800. And i open Lexus original ECU box and suprise suprise, there is not single removable eeprom in mainboard. All cirquits are jointed in mainboard, so there is no way that superchip can be placed there. What was more strange that sales man claims that they don't sell that any more, because of broblems in first installation... what a lie.