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  1. :) My IS200SE has started the "corroding" wheels problem - just over 9k miles! Wrote to dealer who telephoned me today to say bring it in at the 10k service and that they would pobably exchange for reconditioned. I knew this from all the post here, so half expected this reposte. The dealer stated that in his opinion the refurbished wheels looked better than the ones the car gets when new and the laquering is far superior and the corrosion problem should cease. I'll keep the board informed of developments to see whether the famous Lexus customer care lives up to its reputation.
  2. Does anyone else have these "phenomenon"? Driver seat "creaks", typically on bumpy roads and almost not at all on motorway. Secondly, a squeaking noise from the driver door? Its sounds like something to do with the door rubber on the door chassis and the plain metal contact with the door. If I pull the door (whilst driving!!) towards me it stops!! Similarly, if pushing the door away! Really ******* annoying!!!
  3. I use the motorway, about 16 miles and I get in the upper thirties mpg (36/37)!!! Around the town, this drops to high twenties/low thirties! :o Anyone explain the good return on a gallon?
  4. Cheers Rodders! Excellent instructions, v.easy to follow! Oh the car's in the strathcarron blue with the black leather and suede interior!
  5. How do you do the little picture thing on the left hand side and the description on the bottom? Am I being a thickie??
  6. I've got a June 2002 IS200 SE. The manual is dated 2002. 1 press of the "lock" button locks the doors and activates the sensors. The indicator lights flash once! Press the "lock" button again and the dead bolts are activated - the sensors still remain active. So, this means you un-friendly thief can't open the door to steal the car and has to climb through the window, cutting his meat and two veg off (ha, ha, ha). On my IS, the courtesy light comes on for 15 seconds to assist - nice if its dark! Advice from Toymota is not to deadlock with people or live moving things (pets etc) as they (the people!!) cannot cancel the deadlock from inside or open the door. The boot can be opened with the key fob control without deactivating the alarm!
  7. this unique, or, does it get better? I've had my new IS200 SE four weeks and can't get her into reverse gear with one hand!! What do you mean, I hear you say, well, in order to get the stick into the reverse position, I have to use both hands!! Left to raise the bloody thing and right to push her over. Now, I'm not a three stones weakling, but this strikes me as being a little dubious! I thought initially that it was a symptom of being new, but it has not eased at all in four weeks. The wife can't even put it into reverse! Anyone have a similar experience or able to offer any thoughts as to why this is the situation?
  8. I've only had mine since 8 June:tumble: "Brand Spankers" following the guidance of running it in! Desparate to put my foot down - had to watch a Fiat Punto overtake me this morning - but hey, I'm cool about it (at the moment):smug: It would seem that I have a "bog" standard IS200 SE with nothing added! It drives like a dream.