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  1. Happy Birthday Jimmy Ten Toes!

  2. Thanks for you kind words, they are totally different cars, how can you compare them?! I have owned an IS200 sport, GS300 sport and 2 Civic Type-R's. They are like chalk and cheese. The Type-R is fast the Lexus is slow, the lexus is a luxury cruiser, the Type-R is a hot hatch. This thread was an advert for my car which I am trying to sell, not a "whos car is best" thread.
  3. There may be a few Type-R's about but there are less than 300 30th AE about.
  4. Erm I think you'll find they were! I am an active member of 3 Honda forums and I'm 100% sure!! They made 100 black, 100 red and 100 silver. You cannot get them new, they were only made on 03 and a few 52 plates! All were sold at the time, some have been written off, so there are less now. They are very hard to get hold of.
  5. Its been a while since I've been on here, how is everyone? Anyway I have my Civic Type-R for sale if anyones interested or knows someone. Due to an impending house purchase its time to let the beloved go In perfect condition, supplied with 2 new spare Bridgestone RE040 tyres!! Only 100 ever made in red. This car has been cherished, you will not find a better example guaranteed, only ever run on Optimax! 03 Milano Red 12750 miles / no track days! 30th Anniversary Edition 30th AE Recaro seats (lush) Factory tints on rear windows Red JDM mats A/C w/ pollen filters. Red carpets/door inserts Honda 6 CD Changer Alpine component speakers in front/Infinity coax in rear/dynamat throughout (all professionally fitted) Genuine Mugen Grill (plus original) No marks totally mint! Tyres still good, plus 2 new spares!! FHSH Honda warranty until April '06! Loads of photos starting here:- http://type-r.org/forum/modules.php?set_al...=view_album.php £14250 ovno
  6. The warranty goes with the car, not the owner. But I think Colin mentioned that it had run out anyway.
  7. I am just getting ready to sell my car before my new one arrives at the end of March. I have put the private plate on retention and need to get a normal number plate made up so I can swap them over. I have all the documentation from the DVLA, but just need to know where the cheapest place to get this done is? Any ideas? Cheers.
  8. have you got a number or url for dentmasters mate, cheers
  9. Guys and gals, My other half has just had a minor ding in her new Ford KA. There is a slight dent and small scrape to the bare metal on the near side rear wing. Ford want £350 to fix it, which seems a bit steep. Does anybody know a reputable bodyshop that could sort it cheaper in the Herts area? Thanks,
  10. Sold! I'm sure the new owner will be along soon to announce the new arrival :winky:
  11. Hope so! Maybe getting a Mini Cooper! Very different but great to drive!
  12. Cheers Gaz! Top bloke. Been offered good company car deal, can't afford to run two cars unfortunately, its a shame, I'll miss it! I have sent you a few mails, but they are being rejected as if your address is not available. I have sent another this morning. Have you got an alternative address? And it is mint!! :winky:
  13. Could have done with them tonight! Took me 2 hours to do 2 miles, lost control loads of times. Had to abandom car 1/2 mile from home as couldn't get up even the slightest hill. Big car, rear wheel drive, wide tyres don't do well in snow!!