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  1. Happy Birthday spencertarring!

  2. Waheyy!!!! I've cracked it! (With a little help from geoffers!). Right guys, just to let you know, the unti works perfectly! I now have auto closing mirrors. My unit was a bit of a bodge job, but after diagnosing it with help from geoffers, I managed to get it working, wahey!! Geoffers, you da man. Total closure coming next! LOL
  3. Hi Guys, To confirm, the relay works fine. I have checked by putting a 12v accross the bottom pins, and it closes the mirrors. However, my circuit seemed to be permenantly closing the relay, i.e. whenever i turned it on, the windows closed. I checked a few connections, and found one, the link between the two strips on the veroboard just before the R4, and fixed that, now it doesn't seem to close them at all! I have tried triggering the board from a 12v supply like you suggested geoffers, but nothing happens. So to confirm, it's definitely something wrong with my board (which in a way is good news, as I'm getting closer to the problem, slowly but surely!!! ). I'll put another update later on today to let people now if I've done it or not!! LOL. Thanks again guys. p.s. amit, the relay is fine, have you managed to get your working yet?
  4. Thanks for confirming that, it's as I thought, the relay does the same job, just has slightly different wiring pins. That's how I had mine done, so I must have a problem with the timer board i've made . Going to have a go through those points that geoffers kindly put up, see if I can get anywhere!
  5. !!! ArgGg! Looks scary!!! Thanks for that geoffers, I'll have a go at that, see if i can figure out the problem. I did check that the unit was getting power without the ignition, so that is fine. I'll let you know, thanks for getting back to me.
  6. Hi Geoffers, Thanks for your response. It is definitely a DP relay, it has 8 pins and they are just in slightly different places. The code is UQ89W, at least I think that is the one I bought. Anyhow, I had a go at doing this last night, built all the timer, etc. connected it in, but no luck, I think I'm the first person on the post who hasn;t been able to do it! The mirrors still work with the unit connected in, so that's one bonus, but i have got absolutely no idea where to start on finding out what's wrong with it!!! I've checked with a Multimeter that the unit has got power, but I can't tell whether I've wired all the parts right. What is the best way of me sorting this? (I think i'm asking a bit much, but hey, you never know!). Thanks again in advance.
  7. Spoken to a friend, the three pins on the 220k pot are so you can change which way the knob turns to increase/decrease resistance! Getting all clued up now! :D :zee:
  8. Hi People, New to the site, I've had a Lexus IS200 Sport for about 18 months now, top car. I've installed a custom sound system, with V12 amps, and even managed to integrate it with the nightmare built in NAV system. Any help on these I'll be happy to do, just ask. On to the subject, been reading this post for the past few days and I have decided to give the mirror closure a go. Been to maplin, bought all the bits, but I have a few questions, hopefully someone can help me out (geoffers!!!). Firstly, they didn;t know what a DPCO relay was, so I jsut got a DP (somthing else) relay, has the same layout: ___ ___ ----\ /--- ----| |--- -- -{}---- Don;t know if anyone can understand that, but basically something along those lines is what is drawn on it. Is this relay going to work, or do I really need to get a DPCO one? Secondly, the adjustable timer part, I could only get a 220 one, not a 200, is this going to be a problem? It also has three connections on it and only two are shown in geoffers diagram, which one do I plug it into? Thanks very much in advance for you help! Spenny :iraqi-info-minister:
  9. I have a debadged IS200, all except for the front grill logo. My car is Granite Grey, so I don't think gold would look any good. Anyway, does anyone know any tuning tips for IS200's, I know that supercharged dude must know something! Thanks
  10. Hi guys, New to this teamlexus site, but already finding out some good stuff. I have an IS200 with full body kit, lowered, 18inch TOORA alloys, RIMA exhaust, Lexus Nav System, and a fat stereo that I installed myself (took ages lookin at wiring diagrams!). I will post some pictures soon. Anyway, the car i had before i was builing an incar computer, and bought a 6.4inch TFT Colour screen (NTSC & PAL, standard scart signal) with a touchscreen conversion kit for it. I never got round to finishing it and never actually used the screen. Now I already have one in my Lexus, so I don't need it. I am looking to sell it, probably in the region of £250 for the screen and the touchscreen bit (works on windows 95, 98, 2000 and xp). Anyone interested? Thanks