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How to change is220/250 halogen headlight bulbs ( not HID bulbs)


As title

With the bonnet open you will see there are 3 abs cover trims to remove. One across the front and one each side. You will need to pop up the plastic catches that hold the trims in place. When you get to the point of removing the bulb make a note of which way it is pointing and how it comes out and replace the same just makes the task easier to accomplish!!

Drivers side

Remove the air filter top and take out the filter. Push the filter top housing out of the way(up and slighhtly to the right..use a bit of masking tape to secure). Remove the three bolts that hold the filter lower body in place. Also remove the bolt that holds the air intake trim, on top at the front, above the radiator. Lift out the intake pipe and the lower part of the air filter housing. You will now see the two covers with the wire clips. Behind each is the bulb housing. The cover closest to the driving position is the Dipped Beam. The cover closest to the front of the car is the High Beam. Remove the cover you require and take out the bulb. It is quite fiddly and you need slender fingers.

Passenger side

Now the tricky b'stard! Remove the bolt that holds the windscreen washer reservoir tube/cap in place. Put a piece of cloth over the open don't want anything falling in there by mistake. Remove the cover plate from the one you want to change. This is very fiddly due to the proximity of plastic housings that are pretty much in your way. This time you need really slender hands and fingers. Getting the changed bulb back in can be a bit of a pig. Stay calm and eventually it will go, but there will be a bit of finger pain to endure.

Then refit all removed covers/tubes/pipes and bingo job's done!

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