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  1. I got £18k px for my 64 plate IS300H Premier with 30,000 miles against a gen 4 RX Fsport so suspect £17k for a 2013 model is about the best you will do. So based on my px value the car lost ~£20k in 2 years 9 months and £9.5k over the 2 years I owned it. Actually a very dissapointing drop IMHO Webuy any Car offeered £18.5k unseen so that would have reduced so I was happy (not really LOL) to take the £18k px but got some extras thrown in too, bumper protector, boot liner and roof bars. Planning to keep the RX rather longer so not worrying about depreciation now
  2. Test drives.

    Further to my last. I decided that I wanted the IS300H and would buy it in less than a mile of driving it away from the dealer but that was coming straight from the CT200H so the difference was significant IMHO. Knew after about the same distance with the NX that it wasnt for me, drove a gen 4 RX round the block after dropping the NX off and was immediately sold. Bought one a week later but travelled to Birmingham to do the deal as Bradford didnt have any in stock and I am impatient when I decide to change
  3. Test drives.

    Doesnt look as if Bradford have a Premier in stock anyway but when I bought my Premier from them they did give the 24 hour test drive of the car I was interested in and ended up buying. I had previously bough the service plan for my CT200H from them so they did have a relationship with me. Perhaps thats the difference and Rayaans is also a well know customer of theirs. I can thoroughly recommend the IS in Premier trim. The Levinson sound system is simply spectacular at higher volumes. Howver you do need to drive a hybrid E-CVT as it is very different to what you have been used to and will probably seem underpowered until you get used to it, although in sport mode they are very quick from a standing start to about 30-35 mph when they appear to run out of grunt a bit due to higher revving and engine note vs actual speed but that is a bit of an illusion that you soon get used to
  4. Test drives.

    Lexus Bradford loaned me an IS300H fro 24 hours when my CT200 was in for service. I never returned it as I liked it so much. Got a decent px deal from them too. 2 months ago they loaned me an NX300 when the IS300 went in for service. Ufortunately the NX was not a big enough step up from the IS and I didnt get on with the ride quality. Ended up with a gen 4 RX Fsport from Birmingham as Bradford didnt have any RXs in stock at the time I am sure you will get used to the E-CVT its plenty quick enough and very economical, I averaged 42mpg over 2 years with a lot of stop start traffic on each leg of my 16 mile commute. Others on here avearge in the 50`s.
  5. Techstream

    sort of but I think you need to be connected to a vehicle to list all of the available options and nothing really works. Help files are availabel that show features and instrctions for use
  6. I have just downloaded the Toyota Techstream 12.00.127 and it seems to work, at least it launches and all options look to be available. I cant try connected to the car as I dont have a usb OBD2 connector but will buy one shortly. I am not sure if it is OK to include the link to the rar file here but will share it if PM`d
  7. USB Stick wiped

    Except it reformats to full capacity and has been fine for 3 days now, I will wait and see if it magically deletes the content again.
  8. USB Stick wiped

    It is a Lexar and was plugged into my IS300H for 2 years with never a problem and the CT200 for 3 years before that. It could just be that it is now 5 years old but its strange that it was OK in the RX for a month before the first mystery wipe and then a week later it happened again. Fine one day then 6 days later empty and as such not recognized by the sound system
  9. Hi Gen4 RX I have a strange issue, twice over the space of 2 weeks the usb stick has been wiped of all content whilst being left plugged in to the socket. Worked last Monday and was not recognized on Saturday, 2 weekends in a row. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem
  10. re the usb stick, they have to be FAT32 formatted I think so if NTFS they wont read so the media player doesnt recognize its fitted. My RX450H magically erased all content from my stick sometime during a week of only using the radio. Couldnt work out what was going on until I plugged it into a PC. The net result was the display selector behaved just like your NX
  11. RX450H accessory tray

    Pics before fitting for those who wanted them
  12. RX450H accessory tray

    ebay one aliexpress one,searchweb201602_4_10152_10065_10151_10130_10068_10209_10192_10190_5430020_5410020_10307_10301_10137_10303_10060_10155_10154_10333_10334_10056_5370011_10335_10055_10054_10059_10332_100031_10099_5400020_10103_10102_10052_10053_10107_10050_10142_10051_10324_10325_10326_5390020_10084_10083_10080_10082_10081_10110_10111_5420020_10112_10113_10114_10179_10312_10313_10314_10184_10315_10078_10079_10210_10073-10333,searchweb201603_15,ppcSwitch_5&btsid=1db73b87-18c4-4d3d-bf75-f68b1960a669&algo_expid=53bbc296-2f8e-46f9-846d-56dddad3faac-0&algo_pvid=53bbc296-2f8e-46f9-846d-56dddad3faac&transAbTest=ae803_1 Hope that helps. I will post the other pictures requested later
  13. I agree with Rayans, Definitely better in eco as it doesnt hold on to the engine at stops as much as normal or sport. I rarely ever used anything else in my is300h and on a 16 mile commute, motorway and A road but through stop start traffic through Bradford and up and down hills both ways so that evened out the fuel consumption. Averaged 42mpg on the computer over 2 years with minus 4mpg difference in winter. As I am rather a tight Scot/Yorkshire man in winter I turn aircon off until the engine temp has risen to prevent it running constantly at traffic lights and standstill. Gives me around 2 mpg better consumption. My wife says I am an idiot LOL After 1 month in my gen 4 RX for the same journey using eco I have averaged 39 mpg calculated, not car computer, although strangely that is only about 0.8 mpg high which is the closet real vs car consumption I have ever had.
  14. RX450H accessory tray

    OK will do that tomorrow, size is 25.5cm x 16.5cm. I have looked on ebay and aliexpress and cant find one for a gen 3 RX (AL10)
  15. RX450H accessory tray

    A couple of pics of the tray removed from the centre console