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  1. I havent needed to use the nav yet so cant comment on its accuracy or effectiveness. On the IS300H whilst a very old fashioned interface it was one of the most accurate i have used in terms of turns and how far to the next direction change. I was hoping the RX would be at least as good and it does look to be a similar interface. The manual says it will display motorway junction gantries which the IS never did, so maybe I will give it a try next time I do a motorway journey. I dont have the adaptive lights, only the auto high beam which seem to be awkward vs my wifes Honda CRV. One thing that is slightly irritating is that the tailgate wont open from the fob if the unless the car is unlocked first. Again my wifes CRV does this without having to unlock the car first. Maybe this is me being dumb as usual. I agree that the lane departure is annoying most of the time
  2. Perhaps I am being rather dense but I cant seem to get the nav to start just on the map as opposed to the menu screen and I have to press return to get it back to map only. Is it me??
  3. over 24000 miles I returned 46.6mpg average, car reading, which was ~5% higher than actual. Highest I ever saw was 50mpg mostly 50-70mph on motorway from Mirfield West Yorks to Birmingham recently on a hot day when I went to swap the IS300H for an gen 4 RX450H F Sport. My commute is 16 miles A road about 60/40 split but traffic is usually stop start on the A road and often pretty slow on the section of M62 I drive one. The same journey is showing as 39.6mpg on the RX. You need to be aware though that cold weather lowers the mpg so you have to accept a cold/hot weather split in your fuel consumptionsomewhere between 5 and 10% lower for me For me the IS300H was a brillaint car and way ahead of the 1 series BMW (which my son had for a while) and so IMHO a no brainer of a swap. Once you learn to drive the hybrid way I am sure you will exceed the BMW mpg but in any event you will have a mucher nicer car
  4. I dont find the analogue clock difficult to read at all, definitely not as easy as digital though I have to agree. They do look pretty cool IMHO
  5. My IS300H Premier had Yokohamas on it and I am with Rayaans on this. I never thought tehre was excessive road noise. Infact, compared to the CT200 I had before it was quite and much more refined. Having just, last week, changed to a gen4 RX450H F Sport I can alos agree with Rayaans that it is eerily quiet. At 70mph there is not a hint of wind noise and road noise is only noticeable on the rougher surfaces. On smooth tarmac you could be doing 20mph for all the noise you can hear. Now thats what I like in a car :-)
  6. Hi Ja Thanks and yes the new shape, its absolutely brilliant.
  7. I was averaging 44mpg in my IS300h Premier and clocked 50mpg on the way to Birmingham to swap it for an RX450H F Sport. That was the first time in 2 years I had seen 50mpg as my daily commute is through Bradford with stop start traffic and lengthy queues so I was pretty happy with 44mpg. I had an NX for 24 hours and got over 40 mpg so not bad. My new (used) RX450H F Sport got 45mpg back to Yorkshire and my first full tank with 60 miles travelled on a mix of motorway and A roads with little stop start is currently at 39.8mpg which I dont think is bad for such a large car. It remains to be seen what happens when I am back at work next week. Fingers crossed it doesnt fall below 35mpg average
  8. Well they need to try harder then ha ha
  9. Same with me, I hadnt thought anything of it until I just read a review that said it was included. I can hear the engine growl a bit if you accelerate moderately but its not that bad but if it were silent-ish I would prefer that, I like quiet
  10. Thanks for the tip on the B pillar. I will try to work out if it is that but may just take it in to a dealer as and see if they can sort it out. I am going to apply silicone oil to all the rubber door seals as that made a big difference in the IS
  11. is it possible to turn the sound generator off in the F Sport as you could in the IS?
  12. I paid for mine and drove it away on the same day. Test drive, paperwork and payment done and dusted in 2 hours. Only one small niggle. I have a tiny rattle/vibration from somewhere on or around the drivers door but I cant pinpoint it. Apart from that I am well pleased. Rayaans. Thanks for your advice and encouragement, just hope you dont bump in to my wife as she will probably kill you lol
  13. I ended up buying an RX450 F Sport yesterday. Very happy with it, the ride is much smoother than the NX but it is very large :-)
  14. I think I am used to it now. Will just have to keep "driving miss daisy" to ensure I maximise the mpg
  15. Thanks, thats a shame as I liked the Home screen triple tile option. The 12 iinch screen is nice though