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  1. Gen 4 RX FSport has 235/55 R20 tyres, so was asking which smaller wheel and tyre combo would do and maintain the overall diameter
  2. Which to choose

    I had an NX for 24 hours when my IS300H Premier was in for service and whilst the looks andinterior appealed there was not enough of a difference to warrant a change particularly as the ride was in my opinion worse over rough surfaces. I could feel the vibration through the seat. I really wanted to like the car more than I did and very nearly went for a 3 month old Premier as I couldnt really afford the gen 4 RX (not keen on the gen 3 RX) However after a 10 minute drive of the RX I ended up with an RX450H FSport with rose interior. There is a huge difference between the 4RX and NX and I would certainly suggest a gen 3 RX would be the way to go. However you do get used to the car you end up with as I found when going from a gen 2 RX to a CT, so if you do decide on a newer NX I am sure you will enjoy it. I do think you will miss your IS300 though
  3. OK so what smaller wheels and tyre combination would be a substitute for my 235/55 r20 as I cant get my preferred Micheli Crossclimates to fit oem wheels
  4. Lexus Courtesy cars

    I owned a CT200h for 3 years and it was OK, never really loved it though, and the last couple of times I had one as a loaner I couldnt wait to give it back and get back in my gen 4 RX. Not an entirely fair comparison but I am afraid the CT is not up to other Lexus models. My IS300h was significantly more Lexus like and a much nicer driving experience on every level. No offense meant to CT owners
  5. I have an optional extra of "fuel additive" on my Vantage service plan £15 a go, hmmmmmmm, either utter bol*o*ks and blatant snake oil profiteering or perhaps Toyota think its necessary LOL. In my humble opinion it would be free and part of the service if it was genuinely a requirement
  6. 4RX Wiper Blades

    Rayaans. Based on your comments I re measured the OEM blade and it is ~20 3/4" and is almost touching the cowl cover of the screen so I am taking the 21" blade back to Costco to change for the 20". Thanks for the heads up.
  7. Techstream

    I have downloaded it and it virus checked clean an installs and launches fine with 4999 days use. I am just too cheap to buy the appropriate cables as I dont yet need to use the app
  8. Sorry Rayaans I think it is bad advice to sat winter tyres arent worth it. The evidence available strongly suggests otherwise and for safety and peace of mind may be worth it. However on my gen1&2 RX300s summer tyres fared rather well in snow on even steep hills and as I typically drive miss daisy I dont worry too much about low temperature stopping distance improvements (possibly foolish I know) Having said that my gen1 GS300 and CT200H were useless on snow with summer tyres and my wife had to tow me into our estate on a moderate hill with her Honda CRV on summer tyres, which she never tires of reminding me. Never got to try snow with the IS300H but I suspect this would have been equally as bad given the big fat low profile rear tyres. Video clips on Youtube indicate that winter tyres on a FWD or RWD vehicle would do much better than summer ones on a 4WD in snow and stopping distances are massively improved. In fact if I could afford another set of OEM FSport wheels with winter tyres I might consider it Just my two penneth
  9. Techstream

    Google techstream12.00.127. The top result has a link to a downloadable working version of the software
  10. Wind Noise

    My IS300h was silent, no wind noise at all. I did get the "bubbling" noise from water droplets when it rained but could only hear that becasue the car was so quiet
  11. 4RX Wiper Blades

    I got 26" and 21" based on measuring the existing blade length. It remains to be seen how they fare once fitted
  12. 4RX Wiper Blades

    I agree, they make a very annoying squeak at the top of the tavel after being on constantly for a few minutes, they smear too which isnt great. I have bought Michelin hybrid stealth blades from Costco for £13 the pair but not fitted them yet
  13. How less practical is CT vs NX

    Apologies, I did not mean to offend. Was simply stating an opinion based on comparison of the standard system against the Levinson (which is not bass heavy and in a car is spectacular at high volume but only good at normal listening levels) I had in the IS300H Premier and the 12 speaker system in the RX. When you get out of a car with the better system and get straight into one with the standard one it is poor. You do get used to it though as I found in my CT with standard audio when coming from the RX300 with 10 speaker and separate amp I do however fully agree with the comment about proper HiFI set up being incomparable to in car audio being. I have a £5k Quad and PMC setup (which to some would be considered mediocre) if I want real quality listening :-)
  14. Commuting in a CT

    The IS300H is a much better car all round than the CT. I had a CT for 3 years and it did save me a lot on fuel compared to the 20mpg of my RX300 but ride quality is rather firm and road noise is very noticeable. I went from the CT to the IS and on exactly the same commute I got ~44mpg vs ~55mpg but I was more than happy to take the hit as the car was so much better. The CT is a fine car taken on its own or compared to other similar sized compacts but having been given one twice recently whilst the RX was in for some work doing its shortcomings are more apparent
  15. NX Three likes/dislikes

    Thanks for that and I am aware of Alcantara being a man made suede type material but in the US they have Nulux which is artificial leather and I don't believe that is available here. So all Lexus models that state leather upholstery is referring to the real thing...,.I hope :-)