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  1. Thanks Chris. I'm unfortunately not very mechanical so will need to take what you wrote to my mechanic and hope he does it for me. It's ridiculous that we'd need to do this ourselves rather than Lexus when they changed the brakes when not having this done leads to such an annoying and persistent problem. Thanks again, Ken
  2. Hi, Have had an issue with my IS300h 2014 F-Sport owned for 11 months. At low speeds <15mph there is an annoying and reasonably loud squeak/squealing coming from the wheels/brakes. Took it to my local Lexus not long after they purchased and they said pads and discs heavily eroded. The quote to fix was £550 (which the Lexus branch I bought it from paid). The squeak subsided for about 2 weeks and then came back. It's been on and off and in winter I could ignore it but now summer is here again it's annoying having the windows open. I took it for a service 2 weeks ago and asked them to look into it. They came back and said they can't hear a squeak (sometimes it goes away for a few miles) and that they had checked the brakes and they were fitted perfectly so there is nothing they can see to fix. But the annoying squeak still remains 😞. Wondering if others have had the issue and if Lexus are perhaps covering themselves because it's a know issue with their pads and to say that would potentially have me telling them to change them? I'm happy to pay again to change these pads to non Lexus from a standard mechanic (if anybody has any suggestions which brand to change to). I previously posted about this and someone said like behind the caliper or pads needed to be greased. I mentioned that to Lexus and they said they didn't know anything about that so there is nothing they can see to do. As the car is almost out of the 1 year warranty I got when I purchased, I want the problem resolved sooner rather than later by them - unless its as easy as changing to non manufacturer pads in which case I will do that instead? Wondering if it may be something more serious and they are stalling until I am out of warranty to all of a sudden discover the issue (though Lexus doesn't strike me as that kind of company - I could be wrong)? Any advice/previous experiences would be appreciated as its really starting to impact my enjoyment of the car. Thanks Ken
  3. Excellent - thanks Mark. I've ordered them to be fitted on Thursday - £430 all in from Kwik-Fit. I'll call them in advance to verify it has rim protection ahead of time. But yes, totally agree why jeapordise the safety of the family for a few quid? Cheers, Ken
  4. Ah ok - I assumed you had them on already? Ok, will look into it further. Thanks Ken
  5. I've just looked these up and seem to be a good choice - can you confirm if they have the rim protection? I can't seem to find anything conclusive. It would be nice to have a quieter tyre as the reviews suggest this is and lastly is it good for cornering? Thanks! Ken
  6. Hi All, I was hoping to get a recommendation on tyres to use on my 2014 IS300h F-Sport. Took it for service at Lexus over the weekend and one of my tyres is quite worn on the inside. Booked it into Kwik-Fit and used their tool to find the correct size based on make and model (225/40/R18 Bridgestone Turanza T005 good for the front and the back per their tool). Turns out that's wrong (should have checked the wall) for the back they're actually 255/35/R18 and the ones I currently have are Bridgestone Turanza ER-33 with a nice protective lip to protect from curbing - the T005s do not have such an advantage. The ER-33 are on all my wheels currently with a slightly different size on the front. I can order them and they can fit it but it will cost about £100 more than the ones that were previously suggested which isn't too bad (but not great). My issue however is that they seem to be terrible tyres from the ratings - F for efficiency, C for wet and I've seen a few user reviews from different sites saying they are bad in the wet and common for aquaplaning. I've had my car almost a year and never experienced any issues but now thinking is it worth spending so much on what seem to be terrible performing tyres (mainly in the wet) with the only plus point being that they are hard wearing? May favourite tyres of all time are the Good Year Efficient Grip (but they don't seem to be produced in this size). So my question are: 1. Should I stick with the ER-33s as they may be better than suggested in the reviews for people who have IS300h and have used them longer than I have? 2. Or should I change and if so can anybody suggest an actual tyre to go with which has the protective lip over the alloys as well? I need to change the tyres quite quickly and get it booked in before the weekend (MOT) so quick responses would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot, Ken
  7. Hi All, Hoping this is just a quick one - the pinkish coolant in my 2014 IS300h at near the bonnet (I am assuming for the radiator) is getting close to minimum. I asked Lexus (as I have had the car under a year) what I should fill it with and if I should come and buy coolant direct from them to do it. They said it just needs any pink coolant. Is that correct and if so would anybody suggest a brand to use? Just for clarity the colour of the coolant running low is the same as the tank you see kind of in the middle of the engine (also pink). Thanks Ken
  8. Thanks for the replies! Nemesis: your link worked a treat 😊 LordByron: I’ll look into the SD card on eBay - thanks. Also I hear what you’re saying about the lack of snappy overtaking. I came from a turbo diesel bmw and I miss the swiftness 😕
  9. Hi guys, My wife and I have clocked about 2k miles in our 2014 IS300h F Sport and we seem to only be averaging 37-39mpg. I exepected quite a bit more from the car so wondering if I’m doing anything wrong? I read somewhere that accelerating reasonable quickly but not flooring it and then releasing the acellerator, then pressing back down gently so the car goes onto electric is an efficient way driving. I do this whenever I can but figures still stay in the high 30s only. Since we got the car I fill it back up every week and work out the average cost per mile. On Sainsbury’s petrol at around £1.24 per litre I consistently get around 15-16p a mile which I don’t think is not bad but could be much better if I made it into the 40s. Car is mainly used for school runs with some stop start traffic with the wife. At weekend I put it on the A13 to go in and out of London but again once you get there it’s stop start again. Wondeing if anything wrong or this is normal. Before I bought the car I looked at the ‘realmpg’ site where individuals post their mpgs and it calculates an average. On there it was 48+ which was part of the reason I bought it. Any advice would be helpful before I approach dealer. Thanks K
  10. Hi All, Just a quick one and it may be totally normal but just wanted to check as I haven’t had the car long 🙂 Noticed that when I slow down to go over a set of ramps, soon as I go over and accelerate lightly but enough for the engine to come on and not just use electric, the engine revs increase as if I were accelerating harder (even if I’m keeping a relatively consistent speed). When I get to the next ramp and reduce speed and go over the same happens when I get back on the throttle. Is this normal? It’s a bit annoying I just say because I’m not really accelerating. May just be the way yeh CVT works, but just wanted to check as it’s been bugging me. Thanks Ken
  11. Hi All, Can anyone tell me how to log in to connected services? I went to a website I googled for Lexus Europe I believe and it said it no longer available. Wondering if it’s the wrong website and anyone has a link? I’d like to use it to send routes to my car without having to use the system inside and more importantly to get traffic updates. Also, does anyone know how to update the map? Bit embarrassed today when I was putting in a postcode for my wife to take our kids to a birthday party and that particular postcode wasn’t available in the postcode part of the sat nav. She had to use her phone lying on the centre console. Not safe and not great for car we just bought albeit 2014. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Ken