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  1. I Have found my future car its loaded and always wanted one even before this is200 i have at the moment. So is there anything that goes wrong often i should be aware of on this model thanks
  2. Air Con Not Working

    Check the clutch is moving manually with engine switched off feel for easy or tight movement. Then find the sight glass in the system see if you can see any form of liquid there if not quick and easy way use one the we will check your AC places like ats or such like they can connect and check the system. it does not take much for the A/C to stop when gas levels are low and this can happen when the a/c is not used as the compressor seal drys up and gas leaks past this point often also so its always good to run a/c whenever possible even in winter just to keep system in operating condition. let ne know after the above checks
  3. Lexus Is200 Manual

    you can get them as singles they are sold by sealey and laserline as there are 4 sizes for toyota the one you want is the 2nd size up look at sealey or on machine mart website they have the same items in diff makes
  4. Grey/blue Sportcross In Cardiff

    i see 2 sport cross on a regul;ar basis on the most days whichever way i go up north
  5. 2002 Is 300 - Alarm Keeps Going Off

    its within the lights structure as a unit simply drop the light out disconnect the wire you see going to the light unit. Before that do you have a tvss black alarm siren? or do you have a what looks like a horn unit that acts as the sounder as the tvss unit were always palying up a lot try that
  6. Remanufactured Caliper

    Brakes i buy genuine calipers for the is at a very good price from the dealer. The caliper i did not mind the price it was the shoe fitting kit and caliper pin kit that really made me think "HOW MUCH" that took a few days to get over as its a lot for a few pieces but as they say its got to be done
  7. if in doubt get it done thats best option use genuine parts and change tensioner and idler also ask them to check water pump while they are at it and all other drive belts too.
  8. Wont Start

    Just for reference for you its neg terminal off for battery removal first and then pos and pos first when putting battery back on then neg just stops anything shorting out if you were to drop a spanner working live side with neg connected... As for the problem did you mean its turning over and not firing or not turning over????
  9. Lfa Cover Of Topgear

    lfa is on top gear now iam watching it
  10. Airbag Warning Lights

    the question is why would it want to tell you its active you already know that. In all the years i have not seen an airbag light/symbol on unless there is a problem or fault.. Or do you mean the light is a display light not a diagnostic light?
  11. Tow Bar

    Go to your local dealer ask them to quote for a towbar fitting and electrics and they will tell you if its possible or not/
  12. Road Salt

    tar and glue remover works fine on the tar part chrome i use polish restorer eg for silver and plated metals there is a mild compound very fine that works nice
  13. Gearbox Oil And Diff Oil - Advice

    any good quality make castrol i always used for many years for all oils castrol also do a similar auto oil as per mobile 3309 spec i think its starts with a jsw
  14. Is 200 Tyres What Should They Be

    What sizes do others have on their 200??
  15. Is 200 Tyres What Should They Be