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  1. That made good reading so well done I think you've done more than you think you have helped us all by your actions so I say thanks maybe a few pictures would help even more lol. So I'll buy the parts and you come and fit them hahaha well done
  2. Yeah definitely enjoyed that strange thing is that the locating pins holding the gearshift surround in place one was broken and the four bolts holding the radio cd stacker unit weren't there tells me the last owner had previous problems. So in future if in doubt shake it shake it real good
  3. Took the cd player out shook it violently put it back in and would you believe it works loads ejects brilliant
  4. OK so I'll elaborate first one cd was stuck in no 6 slot so managed to remove it now it won't load it asks me to wait then goes to radio mode. I disconnected the battery and still no joy.
  5. My RX 300 cd player won't load cds
  6. But I did do the hold info button and turn lights on three times not a lot of help that was
  7. Was showing error 3 but now nothing
  8. Here's another problem I had a cd stuck and it wouldn't eject anyway just by perseverance so now it won't load . I tried disconnecting the battery and won't load have any of you guys had this problem
  9. Tell us how much it costs please
  10. Thanks very interesting read maybe worth a serious look
  11. Does any of you guys know if the SE shockers would bolt straight on to a SEL of the same year
  12. Haven't looked closely yet but I will and then probably find a none lexus garage that's compitant I've found that my local lexus dealership finds other things to do as well then charges ridiculous price's
  13. I have an advisory on mine so that's my next job
  14. If you purchased it from a dealer take it back could be a number of things. Or take it to lexus ask for a diagnostic report.
  15. Why not fit a front facing camera, because I wouldn't trust the front censors I've got them on the rxus and they go off for no reason so maybe I might invest in a camera