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  1. Power steering fluid and belt check your manual
  2. Can' remember I think so deprmfs on the noise the Gent is getting
  3. Have you checked the fluid level
  4. If you want it to sound like a V engine buy a V8 GS and remove the rear boxes
  5. Or air line to the nozzle in opposite direction
  6. Extended warranty

    Crikey well one thing at lease you ain't got air shocks
  7. Extended warranty

    Take the warranty because if you get a bill for any problems in two years it will be more . Ask lexus how much to replace a gearbox or an auto dimmig mirror for example
  8. Not a problem the ones I got are ok they came from a car with a compressor fail I was going to get round to putting them on eBay cause they are in the way now Les
  9. Mine are off a 04 rx 300 s-el you cannot replace the bag on its own if your mechanically minded it will take you an hour or so to replace the strut. And my way of thinking was if I put a new strut on it would not drive the same and possibly force the opposite one to break
  10. It's an expensive replacement strut they are anything between 5 and 700 each new plus fitting you cannot replace just the fronts with conventional it has to be all I had the same with a rear left I bought a full set air struts second hand fitted one for £100 I have sold the car to get a sc430 mmmmmm oh sorry got carried away and I have three shockers left in my shed to sell if your interested regards les
  11. Why not take it to a lexus dealer and get a diagnostic check on the whole vehicle then you make your own decision where you go next
  12. Parcel shelf

    I basically need to replace a offside side piece the rotates inward as the arm that's attached to the corner cover is snapped off
  13. Parcel shelf

    Behind the head rests that lifts. I need to remove the assembly because it's damaged and if I took it to main dealer I think I would need a bank loan
  14. Parcel shelf

    Can anyone with a sc430 help me out with instructions for removing the parcel shelf/hood cover mechanism