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  1. Ah, thank you again Edwardo, in that case it seems worthwhile to give the BlueDUN month's free trial app a try. If I get any success I'll post it here.
  2. Thank you Eduado, When you say type anything into Google may I assume you mean on one's mobile phone not using the Lexus remote touch? I'm not sure whether to try it because if I have to use the phone for entry I'm inclined to use it for navigation too. I've found a nice little clip that holds the phone just above the instrument cowl, but I don't intend to do data entry while I'm moving! Having said that I remember that it is possible to instruct Google by voice, although I don't seem to be able to do so effectively while driving. I suspect it is background noise (Yes, even in a Lexus hybrid!) - if only I could use the car's voice control to work the phone! I couldn't agree with Ten Ninety more. Have a screen for controlling aspects of the car (although direct control through a switch or a knob would be better) and another screen for all the things a modern smart phone can do - navigation, texts etc. controlled by voice. When I suggest two screens they could be the same physical screen toggling between the two uses or the same screen split to accommodate them both at once
  3. Hmm. My OnePlus3 (Android) phone and 2012 GS450h Premier work fine together and unlike Capase 21 I just get messages shown and, if I want, read out. I don't really understand about the BlueDUN app. How exactly does one request that it looks for shops etc? Buy using the remote touch or voice command? Sounds clever if it in some way communicates the answers to the navigation. I'm pretty certain i can enable shops to be shown on the navigation without a mobile phone connected if I fiddle in the menu settings but it won't just give Tesco.
  4. Well done John. An excellent job and thank you for sharing with us.
  5. Respect John and good luck with fitting.
  6. Thank you for this Farqui and Ambrose John for the original post. What a sneaky idea.
  7. Sorry I'm clearly getting a mite slow. This is obviously a photo of some TPNS sensors in a cast box with one of the sensors fitted into the side of the box but I can't find what it refers to or why the sensor is fitted into the side of the box. I'd welcome a hint Ambrose John.
  8. The Premier also has Sport S and Sport S+ modes like the FSport.
  9. I have a red 2013 GS450h and I list below the reasons not to buy one:- Enjoy the car.
  10. I have a Premier and it does have a lot of toys, most of which I don't use. You may wish to consider Pre-collision braking which comes with adaptive cruise control which I don't have but which could be handy. I don't know if later years have a head up display. The FSport which matches my 2013 onwards model has rear steering which is supposed to be good and variable ratio steering which I fancy but it also has black headlining - great if you're a Goth - and aluminium rather than wood trim inside which appears to dent very easily. It also has 20" wheels which look great but you'll need to be very careful parking near kerbs. I believe also that to provide the "more aggressive frontal aspect" there aren't any fog lights but if I'm wrong I'm sure someone will soon correct me. I like my 450h very much it is very quick but also very smooth. Enjoy your purchase.
  11. I find the sat nav clunky and expensive to update but it uses a nice big screen and a very pleasant and reassuring voice offering me directions. Frankly Google Maps on my Android phone knocks it into a cocked hat on that all I have to do is to say "Navigate me to ..............." and I'm provided with a choice of a few routes and a Start button. Oh why can't Lexus let us mirror our phones on the screen and use the "mouse" to control the phone?
  12. I'd been away for six weeks and returned to find the Lexus wouldn't quite start. 12V battery flat engine wouldn't fire up alarm started sounding weakly with lights flashing. I've been told that I may have damaged the traction battery - some cells would have discharged more than others and then been damaged by the rapid charging once I'd got a jump start. About a week later I jumped into the car and on startup was greeted by the yellow exclamation mark and the message "Shutter grille inoperable". I googled it and found out what the shutter grille does (shuts to restrict airflow through the lower vents at the front of the car - to reduce over cooling and possibly improve aerodynamics) but only one report (of a Prius owner) having a fault - which was diagnosed as being caused by poor routing of wiring in the engine bay through the shutters. I worried about it for a day or so. Did some more fruitless Googling and checked out pricing for the online manual but put off getting out the spanners because of a visit from friends. Next time I got into the car to take these friends for a ride to the North Norfolk Coast (not fretting too much about the grille because it was open rather than closed) to find the warning triangle and the message had disappeared. Is it usual for faults to disappear like this?
  13. Gosh you've had a lot of problems. I'm rather scared having last year invested rather more cash than I would have liked in a GS450h Premier. If I get the sort of problems you have had in the next few years I'll be on my uppers. I've previously preferred rougher cars with a bit of poke but liked what the Lexus seemed to offer. Maybe it was time to buy an old git's car now that I am one. It is smooth, very comfortable and looks splendid. It is nice having the power on tap but it delivers that power so elegantly I don't always appreciate it. No bellowing exhaust no churning engine. Good fuel economy for its performance but mine costs more in depreciation than fuel per mile. I'm not so sure about the gadgets - of course I wanted them when I was looking at the options but I'm not sure 18 way electrical adjustment of the seats is really necessary as with my old cars with a few manual adjustments I get it to suit me and leave it at that. Passengers big and small seem quite comfortable without adjusting the seats despite my trying to impress them with the plethora of controls. Automatically lifting steering wheel and sliding back seat is impressive but not exactly necessary (but maybe in a few years it will help me disembark onto my Zimmer frame). Mark Levinson - lovely and better than my Dansette it is true but is it so much better than my old Pioneer stereo? At my age can I really tell the difference? I actually find it surprisingly quiet even when turned fully up but if I wind up the bass the parcel shelf bounces, the rear view mirror wobbles and I'm sure the sub-woofer coil wouldn't last long. Of course as a gadget fancier i looked at the F-Sport - variable ratio front steering and rear wheel steering too but I hated the black headlining (why can't it be an option for Goths?) and the aluminium trim is clearly much too vulnerable to denting and doubtless a fortune to replace (I'm puzzled by the whole wood/aluminium strips stuck into the dash idea as if in some sort of homage to pre-war burr walnut veneer in the days when one needed a bit of timber to hold the knobs and dials), I couldn't find the front fog lights either but the salesmen told me it had a more aggressive look (who do I need to frighten?). Sorry I don't know anything about the RX so I can't help your choice there. Good luck with whatever you choose and maybe Boddney has a good point. Perhaps I should sell you mine and buy yours - the latter can't have much more to go wrong can it?
  14. I had almost identical damage, but on the passenger side, on my 450h the other day. The bumper suffered the worse damage and had become detached from its locating tabs at one place. It cost me £170 to get it fixed at a local body shop. He managed to polish out the damage on the metal and achieved a really good match where he resprayed the bumper, which I think he managed to do in situ. Thanks for the advice about avoiding Oxford but it appears that Norwich is a no-go area too. I'm beginning to think that video cameras mounted to my house may be worth the investment. At least that would catch perpetrators not owning up while the car is at home. Perhaps I could then wrap the car in a big inflatable tube when I park at the supermarket. I've got to say that my Skoda Octavia is much better protected against damage to the doors at least. Barry
  15. Thanks for that Luigi. I've only scan read it but it certainly does look complex but not, I think, so complicated as to justify the Lexus pricing. I contacted Beat-Sonic. They have a system with lots of wires, plugs and boxes which connects up behind the audio system. It mirror the Android phone on the screen but does not allow control using remote touch. I looked at a You-tube video of it working - it looks a bit clunky and at close on £300 definitely not for me.