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  1. Yes. I'm surprised too. I can only think that she's had one or two previous claims on her company car insurance and wanted to avoid yet another or the company has a massive excess due to its poor claim record and it was cheaper to pay £600 than say a £1k excess. It may well be that the company is till covering the £600 bill
  2. Why not get the current owner to get the logbook and arrange to have any checks done? Too much risk if you don't do this imo
  3. Forgot to say .... Your GS looks great Farqui!!
  4. Had a previous Jaguar XF detailed at Detox in Tamworth. It was a great job and the car looked gorgeous and water just beaded off and subsequent cleaning was so easy. Will be getting my NX done later this year. I had the one day new car detail service and it cost a very reasonable £220. I'm not suggesting this isn't a lot of money, just saying the results were worth it. My 3 year old XF looked as good as when it first came off the production line. I'll post up the link at some point. My NX is a darkish metallic blue and it will suffer from swirls but it's ok atm having been machine polished at dealership before collection. I've also become an anal jet wash, snow foam, two buckets with an expensive wash mitt followed by clean well maintained microfibre drying towels. Does make a difference but I'm hoping the neighbours don't think I'm an arse....
  5. Looks nice. Much better than the standard hybrid look. Well done!
  6. Ah. Ok. It looks even better if you leave the centre belt plugged in. So nice to see the belt trailing down from the roof. Classy. Well done Lexus! had a good look over a brand new RC in the showroom this week. Very nice indeed
  7. Cheers. Spot on, was hoping to hear something like this. The Lexus tech did intimate something like this and nothing to worry about. Thx Rayaans
  8. How is it looking now? Anything fitted yet?
  9. Hi Has anyone suffered from a lumpy / poor running / hesitating petrol engine on their NX300h when started from cold for the first 2-3 miles? I have this problem now but it comes and goes and only appears when outside air temp is low. Seems ok when outside air temp is above about 7-8 degrees. Problem goes away when engine is warm. Another symptom is the car doesn't like a constant speed during the first 2-3 miles when the petrol engine is on and has a slight judder but always ok under acceleration. Had mine checked at a dealership and nothing logged in terms of fault codes and all settings have been checked against another vehicle. Just curious to see if anyone else has experienced similar. I always use BP Ultimate or Shell V-Power so I was thinking about doing a few tankfuls of 95 RON fuel to see if this makes a difference. Probably won't be an issue as the weather warms up mind
  10. During my recent trip to Scotland it felt like the climate control didn't regulate the interior temperature too well. I found I had to keep altering the temperature to either warm or cool the interior. Most other cars I've had I've only ever had to alter the temperature by a max of 1/2 or 1 degree either way and only occasionally but I found I was constantly altering the temp on my NX between about 19 and 23 depending upon outside air temp and amount of sunlight. Anyone else find that they have to alter the temperature more on their NX than other cars they've had? I always stay on Auto with AC on. I think I remember reading somewhere that a Lexus hybrid doesn't always keep the AC compressor on even though the AC is switched on, in the interests of saving fuel, and wonder if this is part of the problem? I get very cold air out of the vents at low temp settings so I know the AC unit is working. It just seems like the inside temperature sensor is not working that great. Any ideas/feedback please?
  11. This is what forums like this are for!
  12. This >£40k list price first year tax is a (government) scam isn't it. It's almost an envy tax
  13. Boars certainly look like solid animals. Wow
  14. I agree. He comes across so well. Even my wife, who almost chooses a car based on its colour, thinks he is brilliant and is quite happy to sit through the workshop elements of a WD episode. She thinks Mike Brewer is a bit smarmy mind. To be honest I still watched the US shows but already I could see the emphasis changing from what was happening in the workshop to what happened outside of the workshop. I guess this will only increase given Edd's video piece.
  15. Yep,free flowing motorways are not the best habitat for Lexus hybrids, agreed. Short journeys should suit a hybrid mind?