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  1. I'll be booking some test drives within the next month and see where I go from there. Just done a weekend away and a 350 mile round trip on the M5. Still as boring as ever in the NX I'm afraid so it will be going at some point. Just need to decide what
  2. Been thinking about an S4 or an S6, MIght well try a GS450h again. They can be had for reasonable money. Tried a few ISF but the ride is harsh and unforgiving. Bit noisy too. I need something that is comfortable most of the time but will give me a bit of fun when the mood takes me. The trouble with fast Audis is that they have zero ride comfort, at least to my backside anway. I don't think an Evoque is the answer, I like the look of them and the name and they leave me feeling slightly underwhelmed whenever I've driven on. Agree re the XE interior but they do drive very nicely. I can see myself back in a previous model XF, very few cars have such a nice blend of comfort, pace and driving feel. I'm doing a pretty long commute each day on national speed limit open A roads and a bit of dualtrack and the NX just leaves me stone cold in terms of enjoying the drive. Shame
  3. What would I have? Well, possibly another XF. With one of these it's possible to have refinement, luxury and comfort with plenty of driving enjoyment. I don't want to go back to a small sports saloon, I've had my fill of IS saloons now. I don't want an out and out sports car with crashy suspension and a harsh noisy ride, I want something comfortable, quiet, refined and nice to own but something that, when the mood takes me, is fun to drive. I'm afraid I get zero fun from driving my NX. Shortlist is:- Jaguar XF 3.0 s/c Portfolio Golf R Estate (I need a bit more space than the hatchback would give me) Range Rover Evoque 2.0i Jaguar XE 3.0 s/c S And, if my heart rules my head, a Jaguar XFR I'd consider an NX200t but I know from owning an IS200t that the engine isn't really that nice. It doesn't rev too well, it's not particularly economical which is a disappointment given it doesn't rev and perform that well. Sounds a bit crap too, at least in the IS. I will try an NX200t when I get chance to though. Has to be an auto though for the ease of everyday driving
  4. I think it's tyres that make an NX noisy. The suspension feels supple enough when underway but still plenty of road noise. Worth trying a different make and choosing a tyre partly based on its noise rating. Shame you can't try and buy tyres!
  5. I wouldn't go with different tyre types on the same axle. It's not illegal as has been said but it does make for a strange driving experience especially in low grip conditions. I wouldn't do it myself
  6. Now that the new ownership honeymoon period is over, I'm finding my NX an extremely boring drive. I had the same with a previous IS300h. Drove my wife's Mini Cooper 1.5t to work the other day and it was so much more fun over the 96 mile round trip and I got 53mpg. Not comparable cars I know. My NX is refined, luxurious and comfortable but fun it ain't. Have to see how it goes over the next few months but I can see me having to change. My wife won't be impressed if I do change. Still want the luxury and comfort but I need my car to be a bit more enjoyable than this. Should probably never have sold my XF and moved back to an IS200t and then an NX. The IS although nice had too harsh a ride and the steering is devoid of any feel of what the front tyres are doing on the road. Hopefully this is just a 4 month itch! 😀
  7. Barely checking my NX fuel economy nowadays. I'm more concerned by a lack of driver enjoyment. It happened to me when I had an IS300h before. I drove my wife's Mini Cooper 1.5t to work the other day, a round trip of 100 miles. So much more fun and I got 53mpg. I know you can't directly compare a manual Mini Cooper with an NX hybrid but I finished the day with a smile on my face and I don't get that with my NX. Refined, luxurious and comfortable sure but almost zero enjoyment now I'm over the honeymoon period of onwnership. Have to see how the next few months go
  8. In wet weather and also after washing the windscreen with the washer jets, I see water passing over the driver's side window and as it gets to the vertical bar in the window just adjacent to the door mirror you can see the water get turned around in a vortex from the top of this vertical band. The wind noise gets louder at this point too and then when the water disappears the wind noise decreases to normal again. I think the area at the top of this vertical band is the main cause of the wind noise
  9. It's all a bit boring for me. Maybe a Lexus is so bland to drive that we over focus on economy and fuel saving tips and I get better economy than you threads?
  10. I am completely bored with the whole economy debates on here. Is this the number one requirement for Lexus drivers? Surely not. Please.....
  11. Get a life guys. Is economy really that important to you when the difference between say 40 and 45mpg for average mileage drivers over their ownership period is a relatively small part of the total ownership costs. Depreciation and other running costs outstrip differences in fuel economy by some margin. I'd be far happier if my Lexus didn't need servicing every 10k miles to be honest
  12. I turned off the efficient ventilation and efficient aircon settings. Believe these restrict the amount of time the aircon compressor operates and the speed of the fan to increase fuel consumption. Interior of my car feels like a normal car with climate control now, seems to maintain the set temperature better. I'm guessing some of this but it certainly feels better
  13. Seen one! There is one at Lexus Cheltenham in the showroom. Very nice indeed, it looked fantastic. My wife liked it too
  14. Still waiting to see my first one on the road
  15. Thanks. Coming on then! Well done