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  1. Wish I had ML sound on mine. Had it in two other Lexus and both were superb with amazing clarity right up to very high volumes.
  2. I Love My Lexus Is 250 But............

    A lot of alloy wheel problems can also be as a result of using acid-based wheel cleaners in the past
  3. New member with first Lexus

    Impressively low mileage for a 2009 car. How does it drive?
  4. 2018 Navigation Issue

    What advantages does MyLexus offer? Also, is this only really related to the Premium Nav? I only have standard nav. Believe I registered for MyLexus just after purchase but the login never worked and I lost interest so I'd be interested to know please. Thanks
  5. £36k cash or £36k total cost to pay or £36k + interest and charges? I'm not prying Tony, I wouldn't expect you to say anything. Sounds like you had a good deal.
  6. Lexus Nx True Mpg

    Nothing wrong with saving £150/month! A part of me has always wanted a pickup. The (poor) economy will put a small dent in that mind. Great for trips to the recycling centre too. All the best, hope you enjoy it. I'd be interested to hear how you get on with it. Cheers
  7. NX Three likes/dislikes

    Three more likes: 1. For the first time I can remember, I don't drive around looking for pot-holes and trying to avoid them. The taller tyre sidewalls on an NX make this much less necessary than before with cars with much lower profile tyres. Nice not to have to worry about this nowadays and I only thought about this the other day. 2. I like the reclining back seats, or to be more specific my children like these! 3. I like the fact that it's still a relatively rare sight on our roads although it has to be said I'm seeing more now than I did 10 months ago when I first got it. Three more dislikes: 1. The mobile phone charging tray is silly. I appreciate it can charge phones but it just gets in the way on every journey because I always drop the keys and my wallet into this area and it's more awkward getting them back out than it should be. 2. The media system having to search the USB stick every time the car is started before tracks become searchable and selectable. I've taken to switching back to Radio just before I switch the car off so that I can select USB media once I've given it chance to sort itself out after starting again. This way I don't have to laboriously search through to find the album I was listening to. 3. 10k miles service intervals. Understand the reasons but they are low. I'll be asking to move to 12.5k intervals at my next service because I do use mine for business use. Not sure exactly what is involved, maybe nothing.
  8. NX Three likes/dislikes

    Agreed. Also just about the only thing that keeps a car on the road or out of the back of the car in front when something unexpected happens too. Always worth paying top dollar for tyres, for lots of reasons.
  9. Lexus Nx True Mpg

    It appears to make no difference whatsoever to mine whether I use 95 RON or 97 (BP Ultimate) or 98 (Shell V-MAX). If anything, I think the engine runs slightly smoother on 95 RON fuel. I only ever use Esso, BP and Shell fuels and never use supermarkets. I've been doing some basic back to back tests with different tankfulls and I can't see any difference. It may be that this engine is not capable of changing its tune to allow for higher rated fuels which are much more resistant to pre-ignition (knocking).
  10. So the only people who can reply to a thread like this are the people who agree that the IS250 is a fast car then? I post that I don't believe it's a fast car and you post that I'm a jack in the box and I'm deliberately winding people up. Thank you. A lot of people on here need to lighten up a bit and debate and challenge and accept that not everyone will agree with their posts. Sometimes posts will be a little bit tongue in cheek too, especially when someone posts that their IS250 is faster than a current model Fiesta ST because they've just raced one on public roads and knew they were really trying. This made me laugh. Very much in fact.
  11. I don't understand why someone posts about how fast an IS250 is and when someone begs to differ, they get flamed and abused. It's just opinions. If this is the way some people react when they read something they disagree with then they have some growing up still to do. I just don't understand the IS250 is a fast car argument. I've said on many occasions they are lovely cars. I've had two - a 2nd generation 2006 SE-L and a 3rd generation F-Sport. They are nice cars, lovely cars with smooth peachy engines that sound great. Great cars to own too. I never ever felt they were fast cars though. Maybe that's because I've owned and driven many faster cars and have something to relate them to. Maybe also because I don't race other people on the road and also perhaps because I don't think that everyone else is always trying to race me so that when I beat them then my car must be faster. Sorry to keep bursting your bubble peeps. I respect your right to post that you think it is a fast car. Just as I hope you would respect my right to disagree. Pop over to PH and tell them how fast your IS250 is, you'll get some good responses over there. The best response to one of my posts above was from someone who said that his IS250 was much faster than my NX300h and yet never had any time had I even remotely suggested that it was or even posted anything to even suggest this. Awesome just awesome.
  12. Which to choose

    I've often wondered about this parking ding thing. I'm a bit funny about where I park my car, always have been, drives my wife nuts at times because we often end up parking further away from where we need to go. I've often wondered whether the thought, and therefore risk, of someone dinging the car is much worse than the frequency of it happening. I wonder whether I'm just being stupid and at the end of the day it's a car and over say 3 years it's bound to pick up a ding or two. Just wish I was less bothered about this sort of thing really, life would be easier and my wife would be happier! I'm certainly thinking pretty seriously about getting an RX450h though.
  13. Keyless Key Fob Signal Blocking

    Some great information in here, thanks. I've just 'switched off' my spare key. Not much point in having it sat in my desk drawer looking for a car all the time. I'll start doing this for the main key as I walk in every night too. Mind you, I doubt that any Lexus beyond a GS-F, LFA or IS-F would ever be the target of thieves who do this sort of thing anyway.
  14. NX450h

    Yes, agreed. Thought about this very thing as I was typing my earlier post. There is plenty of overlap in Audi & BMW SUV ranges, no question. Maybe Lexus will always sell fewer cars and wants to stay that way to maintain some level of exclusivity and quality too? I'd really like to see an NX450h or at least another NX with a bit more performance than an NX300h.
  15. No not at all. I didn't criticise anyone, I just offered an alternative view. Bit tongue in cheek yes but an alternative view. I happen to think that manufacturers are putting too much technology in cars that distract drivers from the act of driving and it will take a number of future reviews and assessment of accident figures over an extended time before this trend is reversed. The problem is that for a significant number of people, infotainment and connectivity are now number 1 in their needs from a car. Manufacturers know this too. Well, maybe not Lexus.