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  1. I just got fed up with drving around dodging potholes and being super sensitive about where I parked it. Over 18 months of ownership I had two bird strikes which amounted to £550 worth of damage - the car is very low at the front. Then a buckled alloy wheel costing £80 to repair - a soaking wet country road and a water filled pothole. Then a cracked windscreen - seems that an unseen chip developed into a crack instantaneously in very hot weather as the windscreen rapidly cooled after startup. Then, and this was the last straw, I drove over a raised manhole cover and caused £800 of damage to the underside. Didn't see the manhole and the front wheels went neatly either side of the cover which then smacked the underside of the car at the lowest point. A smashed in floor support and torn underfloor tray ensued. I loved the car but it had to go. I'll post up some photos of the underside of the car. It was in a new housing development but at least the housebuilder coughed up the money to have the damage repaired. Now back in an NX which is better suited to the roads around where I live. The IS is a very low car.
  2. I changed the front tyres on a previous NX from the OE Yokohamas to Goddyear Efficient Grip tyres and the transformation was scarcely believable. So much quieter and no bump thump through town. Now that I'm on my second NX I look forward to getting rid of the OE Yokohamas. I can well believe what the OP has said, it matches with my experience.
  3. For the first time in a long time I'm planning on keeping my 2019 IS300h Sport for about 6-7 years possibly even longer. I'm planning retirement in 2 1/2 years and I've decided to just make do with what I have. It's been the bext IS I've owned and I wouldn't be tempted by this new one even if it was available in the UK. It does look very nice granted but retirement will be all about constraining my everyday motoring costs to have some money to do other things.
  4. I'd forgotten how refined these cars are when not pushing on. It would definitely appear that Lexus has tweaked the powertrain too - I don't find I have to mash the throttle into the carpet to make decent progress in Normal mode. Very happy so far, 1700 miles on the clock.
  5. Back in here again. Sold my XE and bought a brand new IS300h Sport in Silver. Lovely car, well pleased. My mileage pattern has completely changed as I now only commute 15 miles each way to work via a mix of country roads and congested town centre. Perfect car for me. My 6th Lexus - had a 2006 IS250, a 2014 IS300h Executive, a 2014 IS250, a 2015 IS200T, a 2014 NX300h and now a 2019 IS300h. The new car drives very nicely and is definitely quicker than my previous IS300h, feels like the car actually has some torque this time around. Looking forward to joining in again.
  6. I tried lots of things but never really found a good one. I just resorted to washing the area with a sponge (not a mit, it gets too dirty) and then using a small paint brush when dry to get rid of the dirt. Not a great design though and a real dirt trap.
  7. None of my comments were rude. You used a function on your car in a way that is plainly not safe and not what it is designed for and then claimed it was not working properly. Of course it's a silly thing to do. My job done comments was a bit tongue in cheek I admit but you kept it going and perhaps should have just took it on the chin. RTFM too.
  8. Could it be that you have your home destination set as postcode and not your exact home address? This way the car starts up and the satnav thinks you haven't completed your previous journey to your home and takes you there first? If this doesn't work, perhaps it's worth resetting to factory defaults / deleting all personal data?
  9. A previous IS200t I had always had a poor change from 3rd to 2nd or any other gear to 2nd. Even when using the paddles the change into 2nd from 3rd was poor. Had it checked by the dealership and it was declared all ok. I always felt it was probably the software mapping rather than anything being fundamentally wrong withe the gearbox. Spoilt an otherwise lovely car.
  10. Surely not? If the government of the day changes the road tax regime or bands in a budget then it could well change
  11. Job done if it stops you from doing silly things like this
  12. Nice job there Ed, very nice. Had the same results when I had a car done nearly two years ago.
  13. I think I was saying I was an old fart to be honest. My NX, now gone, was massively improved with different tyres. The OE Yokohamas are particularly poor over short sharp ridges, expansion joints, etc. To me anyway. Plenty find it perfectly acceptable.