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  1. Driving the NX in the snow

    Then when the weather warms up he'll take you down his favourite road and show you a clean pair of heels
  2. Trackers

    Yep, read this too. It doesn't necessarily stop a theft but it does increase chances of getting it back.
  3. Just sold my NX

    472 now....
  4. Just sold my NX

    Petrol, 240 BHP. 2 1/2 years. A 15 plate and about 8 months newer than my NX. It's brought a smile to my face every time I've driven it and I've even been out for a drive just for the pleasure of driving it rather than actually needing to go somewhere. I'll post up a review at some point. I'll likely do a comparison against an IS200t I owned a while ago because both are compact sports saloons with 2 litre turbo-charged petrol engines developing the same power. No sense in comparing to my NX because they are just completely different cars.
  5. Nice Car, but maybe flawed

    What it really needs is twin carbs
  6. Harsh suspension IS300h

    Just different opinions by two different people really. No right or wrong. In fact we're both right based on our own experiences which of course are different hence why we have the different opinions. Age probably comes into it too.
  7. Smug or What

    This is how the current tax system works already. The more you earn the more tax you pay. If you earn over £45,500 you pay 40% tax on everything over that £45k (actually 41% because of the additional 1% NI). Over £150,000 a year and you pay a higher rate of tax still.
  8. Groaning suspension

    Yep. Or perhaps a design defect that only happens under a certain set of circumstances? I had a Renault 19 16V company car many years ago and Renault had to re-design the upper mounts for the front struts. Some cars suffered from it others didn't. Not great for a Lexus though and I'd be concerned the noise would come back, Hopefully it won't though
  9. Anyone had a puncture?

    Back in 2013 we had a family holiday to France. Two cars, 8 people in total. We left my house to get down to a Ferry crossing into France and got 1 1/2 miles up the road and my brother-in-law had a puncture. Luckily he had a spare which we fitted and then got to a garage and he got two new tyres fitted because the punctured tyre was not repairable. Delayed us by about an hour in total and we still made the ferry in time albeit we had to give dinner beforehand a swerve. Had he just had gunk and a compressor we'd have probably missed the ferry no question because the gunk wouldn't have sealed the tyre and it happened at 5pm so we'd be waiting for a call-out. I've had two punctures on the way to a work appointment both of which were with 100 miles to go. Had a third on the way home late at night. All with spare tyres fortunately. You've been lucky, I've been unlucky and I don't like having a car without a spare tyre because of my experiences.
  10. Just sold my NX

    Think I'll stop at 466. Enjoy your cars everyone. Bye for now
  11. Just sold my NX

  12. Just sold my NX

  13. Just sold my NX

    Was trying to get up to 500 posts...
  14. Just sold my NX

    Probably my last day's posting on this forum too. Until I buy another Lexus I suppose. Might use some retirement cash to house an ISF inside my garage to use for summer blasts! I might pop in from time to time to see what's happening but until then adios / good bye / auf wiedersehen / au revoir / etc