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  1. Looking forward to getting mine done however due to the very low mileage I’m doing nowadays and the fact I still have 3mm tread depth I will defer this for a while. Just hope I don’t get stuck anywhere!
  2. 50mph for me. As soon as I exceed 50 the petrol engine switches on. As others have said, the slightest increase of pressure on the accelerator at speeds between about 30 and 50 will do the same. Have to treat the accelerator like it has eggs underneath it!
  3. Yep agreed. My own IS200T also had poor economy. Doesn’t surprise me.
  4. It’s actually better than 99.9. The reading can’t go any higher. I’d say this is easily 135.6 mpg
  5. Rattles, creaking trim and things not working the way they are supposed to. These are what caught my eye.
  6. I guess we’ll have to see how this goes as we likely won’t know for a few years. For me a Lexus hardly ever goes wrong and so I was just surprised at the number of faults owners of the three newest models are reporting.
  7. Decide what you think is a fair price and make an offer at that price. Be reasonable and calm but make it clear that’s what you’re prepared to pay. See what they say. They won’t have people falling over themselves to buy cars at the moment.
  8. I’m more bothered by the reports of rattles and creaking trim on the UX. there seem to be quite a few of these. Also by the faults with the ES. Quite surprised by some of the issues reported in the LC section too, including the dreaded can’t open the fuel filler flap on the forecourt fault. Have Lexus cut back on the amount of development miles they do with their new models perhaps? Are they rushing cars to market? Are they prioritising tech above quality?
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