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  1. paulrnx

    Damage to side panel

    Good result, great news
  2. paulrnx

    Cleaning door trim on rear doors

    I tried lots of things but never really found a good one. I just resorted to washing the area with a sponge (not a mit, it gets too dirty) and then using a small paint brush when dry to get rid of the dirt. Not a great design though and a real dirt trap.
  3. paulrnx

    Cruise Control issue

    None of my comments were rude. You used a function on your car in a way that is plainly not safe and not what it is designed for and then claimed it was not working properly. Of course it's a silly thing to do. My job done comments was a bit tongue in cheek I admit but you kept it going and perhaps should have just took it on the chin. RTFM too.
  4. paulrnx

    New owner and Sat Nav

    Could it be that you have your home destination set as postcode and not your exact home address? This way the car starts up and the satnav thinks you haven't completed your previous journey to your home and takes you there first? If this doesn't work, perhaps it's worth resetting to factory defaults / deleting all personal data?
  5. paulrnx

    Is200T owners?

    A previous IS200t I had always had a poor change from 3rd to 2nd or any other gear to 2nd. Even when using the paddles the change into 2nd from 3rd was poor. Had it checked by the dealership and it was declared all ok. I always felt it was probably the software mapping rather than anything being fundamentally wrong withe the gearbox. Spoilt an otherwise lovely car.
  6. paulrnx

    expensive mot

    Beautiful looking car that Mark
  7. paulrnx

    Road Tax

    Surely not? If the government of the day changes the road tax regime or bands in a budget then it could well change
  8. paulrnx

    Cruise Control issue

    Job done if it stops you from doing silly things like this
  9. paulrnx


    Nice job there Ed, very nice. Had the same results when I had a car done nearly two years ago.
  10. paulrnx

    Harsh suspension IS300h

    I think I was saying I was an old fart to be honest. My NX, now gone, was massively improved with different tyres. The OE Yokohamas are particularly poor over short sharp ridges, expansion joints, etc. To me anyway. Plenty find it perfectly acceptable.
  11. paulrnx


    Just keep your car in a bullet proof steel cage and never move it outside of that steel box. That should remove all the risk for you. Or stop worrying about what might happen to your car and just enjoy it of course. The risks of an NX being stolen are way way lower than say a top end BMW or Merc or supercar. I wouldn't have thought the risk warrants the expense and peace of mind in the first place because the risk is so low in the first place. How may cars have you personally had stolen?
  12. paulrnx

    Sat nav night mode

  13. paulrnx

    Cruise Control issue

    Try driving the car round bends rather than relying on something that isn't designed to do what you're expecting it to. Unbelievable. Am I the only person on here who thinks that relying on radar guided cruise control to maintain a gap going round a sharp bend and declaring it to be a fault is complete and utter nuts?
  14. paulrnx

    So noisy

    Yep. Tyres make a big difference. Agreed. Road noise definitely reduced when I replaced the OE Yokohamas with Goodyear Efficient Grip tyres. Difference was quite marked. MY experience is that an F-Sport is always noisier than a non F-Sport too. At least to my own ears