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Good afternoon,

Anyone know of a supplier of Stainless Steel Wheel Arch extensions for a 1999 GS300 SE?



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    • By ultimatequinoxe
      So to my amazement my late 2000 (T3?) GS300 passed the MOT with its very aged and knackered exhaust. Two advisories, webbing of a seat belt and "oil leak pinion rear diff". So two questions if I may for your thoughts, experience and knowledge :) 
      1. Theres no Diff whine, and though wet, I'm not getting any drips. And to be honest I've not had a leaky diff on any car before. Is this common? Tough to fix? Indicative of anything major (other than the diff running dry of course)? (cars just coming up to 150k miles)
      2. Exhausts. How much difference to the sound do the "resonators" and maybe third cat make internally? I don't want to lose back pressure anyway, but I see/read that people who have fitted stainless steel systems without the "resonators" on the middle/Y-pipe are getting a lot of drone inside. What needs to stay in some fashion to keep the internal noise level as close to stock as possible?
      I ask because I still want to replace the system from the front to the back (not the manifold and 2 front cats though, they're okay). Standard systems used are £300+, third party new totals around £400 or so. Stainless steeel fitted new, cheapest quote so far is £390 (I've had loads of quotes). However, thats almost certainly without the resonators/mufflers on the Y pipe.
      Last option and most likely one is some shiney tail pipes from the USA (those plus shipping works out cheaper than UK fitted ones). All I want is a healthy system in the middle (third cat/front pipe and middle Y-piece) and shiney non-OTT tail pipes that just give a little more external tune for the lovely 2JZ. Seeing as standard rear boxes are pushing on £200 a piece new, I can get a pair of stainless steel ones for about £280, or for £340'ish I can get a Manzo cat back (Y-piece and rear boxes) however the Y-piece has no "resonators" and tempting as it looks, I fear a terrible noise inside and possibly a drop in back pressure I'd rather not have.
      Sorry for the waffle, but the whole picture might save some guess work for you :)
      (Images of a standard system and a Manzo cat back for reference about what I am waffling on about)

    • By ultimatequinoxe
      Hi all!
       Having had my latest GS300 for a couple of months now, the MOT is due and I know the current exhaust is an issue (see pics).
      I have been desperately hunting for a stainless steel system in preference to an OEM seeing that the two used ones on eBay are a mighty £350! And MIJ have quoted me £445 for new S/S with life time warranty (as an FYI).
      So the questions are:
      1. If I plug that hole in the back box, and make sure that and the awful paste all over the joint isn't leaking either (thats how I bought the car, not my handy work I'll add) might I stand a chance I wonder, as technically the fail is excessive corrosion. But I fear all that putty is an obvious giveaway of excessive corrosion even if its not leaking.
      2. Another MOT requirement seems to be the correct number of baffles/mufflers, so should one slap a S/S cat back on would it be an issue. Or should I maybe say has anyone taken there car (any car) in for an MOT with a S/S cat back and had any issues other than possible noise or emissions?
      Many thanks! I am getting a little frustrated that in the last two months I've not found a single second hand S/S system and I'm not really wanting to throw to much on the car just yet until I've had it a while longer.

    • By Ibbo
      I require a replacement ABS Brake Booster Module for my 1998 GS300.
      the original part number for the module was 47210-30160 but this was superseded by 47050-30160
      Can anyone recommend where I can purchase a refurbished module?
      Many Thanks
    • By Ibbo
      I require a replacement ABS Brake Booster Module for my 1998 GS300.
      the original part number for the module was 47210-30160 but this was superseded by 47050-30160
      Can anyone recommend where I can purchase a refurbished module?
      Many Thanks
    • By Normski
      So I've had the GS since May. A Messa Red GS300 SE-L (facelift) with the wood pack. Bought it with massive anticipation and was genuinely looking forward to many years of ownership. As with all of my cars I started the process of a maintenance schedule repairing/replacing things that I always like to sort on cars in my ownership. Even splashed out on a Lex Warranty and Service Plan to give me that added peace of mind. It continues to perform duties impeccably with the only fly in the ointment being the requirement to change the exhaust in the next few months (had already talked to Tony Banks in Leeds in readiness).
      But to no avail. I'm just not feeling any love for it. I think it's got to go. Total madness you may think but it's really bothering me but I just can't put my finger on WHY. Never been this way before on any of the cars i've bought. I LOVE the Lexus brand/dealers/etc. and yet with this one something for me is missing.
      Anyone else been in a similar position??
      So the hunt for a new car has started and the rather annoying process of selling a car privately also enters the scene.