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I've been trying to find this on a wiring diagram but haven't had any luck, I need to work out which wires do what that go into the drivers door window control switch? I also need to work out a way have the rear windows work off the drivers switches when the rear switches aren't connected. I'm assuming there is some sort of circuit that needs to be completed by the individual door controls to work.???        

basically I'm stripping the car to take it racing and do events etc so I need to get rid of the door trims but still want to be able to control the windows so ill put some different switches in the centre consol.


any help would be great.

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You will probably find that the windows are can bus (or similar) controlled, it maybe easier to rewire the whole thing, most windows work on two wires and you swap earth and 12v to put them up or down so it's pretty easy to do...:thumbsup:

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