Connected services - auto wifi with OnePlus 3/android

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Some notes as a new owner of an IS300H.

Connected Services (premium navigation) - make sure you check the box to remember your user id and password, typing this in EVERY time is really annoying!

On the OnePlus 3, to enable internet tethering via Bluetooth (e.g. for traffic info, Google search) you need to select "Settings, More, Tethering & portable hotspot", and then turn Bluetooth tethering on. However, to get Bluetooth tethering to actually work in the car, you first need to make phone call via Bluetooth - this then enables the internet to work (a known problem apparently, and not just for OnePlus devices). To connect your phone automatically to the car Bluetooth without having to even unlock it, use "Bluetooth Auto Connect" from the Play store - makes life easy. See screenshot of the Bluetooth Auto Connect settings, you shouldn't need to change anything else.

To avoid connecting to the internet via Bluetooth, turn Bluetooth tethering off on the phone (this still allows phone calls, SMS, audio streaming etc), and create a wifi hotspot instead. Then turn wifi on in the car and connect. This allows the car internet access without any hassles - but make sure you are charging your phone as the wifi hotspot will drain the battery. Charging via the 12v 'cigarette' socket is much better/faster that using the USB sockets.

For my phone, I have used the Tasker app to automatically start a wifi hotspot when (a) the phone connects to the car and (b) it is charging. I don't have to unlock the phone, it just works. When the car is switched off or the phone is unplugged, the wifi hotspot automatically switches off. Another Tasker task switched normal wifi off when I leave home and back on again when I get back. This makes my life so much easier - internet connection in the car, wifi back on at home, all automatic. Having said that, using Tasker is not very intuitive, but it is very powerful. See screenshots to give you a start on what I've done.

Audio streaming - with your phone plugged into the charger, you can access "Ok Google" even with the phone stored in the centre storage space. To stream music over Bluetooth, just say "Ok google, play Dire Straits", or "Ok google, play Pink Floyd on Spotify" etc. I also have a very small sized 32GB USB storage device plugged in to the USB socket - it takes a minute or so for the car to load in all the albums/songs when you switch the car on, but then you can use the car voice control to play music, e.g. "Play artist Coldplay" - this is useful if you have a lot of mp3 files (I have 18GB). Link to the USB stick:

Anyway, hope this helps other people new to Lexus. Love the car by the way, so smooth compared to my previous Shogun!







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Thanks Mark.

Great tutorial. I also have the One Plus 3 (brilliant phone!) but I have had limited success with the Bluetooth tethering. Interesting to note the need to make a call via Bluetooth first.

I have had more success with a wifi hotspot and will explore the Tasker app to make it automatic.

Thanks for posting this.

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I see what you mean about Tasker! 

Not exactly a straightforward task(!)

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Managed to work out the intricacies of Tasker, with the help of my brother who has it installed on his One Plus One.

I now have a profile installed that will turn on the phone hotspot when it connects to the Lexus Bluetooth and likewise turn it off on disconnection.

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The latest OnePlus 3 OS update (7.1.1 released in March) fixes the Bluetooth internet connection, so no need for WiFi hot spot or Tasker any more 😁

Just make sure Bluetooth internet tethering is turned on in the phone settings, and you may need to delete the phone from the car and add it again.

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    • By Ian J. Parsley
      Under the new "MyLexus" connected services system (which replaces the "portal"), you are required to "verify" your vehicle. 
      To do this you need the vehicle registration date and the first part of a code, format LLLnnL (e.g. ABC45F). 
      These are in your logbook, but you have a problem if you lease because the logbook remains with the lease company (whether it be Lexus FS or anyone else). 
      However, I found purely by accident yesterday that the code is in fact displayed on the inside of the passenger door (opposite where the tyre pressures are displayed on the other side). 
      You should also have the vehicle registration date on your initial lease documentation, or your dealer will have it. 
      Thought I would post this as it means those leasing with Premium Nav do not, in fact, have to chase the logbook. 
    • By Ian J. Parsley
      I thought it may be useful for all Forum members with or contemplating Premium Nav to outline my experiences with it over the past month - as I seem to have encountered most of the problems but also some of the solutions. 
      Fundamentally, Premium Nav adds an Internet capacity to your satnav. This enables it to pick up traffic conditions (and offer alternative routes), note parking options in cities, allow online searches (which will provide phone numbers as well as navigations options) and send journeys from your phone/tablet/computer to your car in advance.
      (It adds a few more things too, like an advanced reverse camera and DVD player, but they're not relevant here. For the record, it also adds the capacity to save a journey to a USB and transfer this to the car that way.)
      The first thing is you need to register with MyLexus. Previously there was a Lexus Portal, but this has been replaced. However, the fact is there has been significant confusion over this. 
      NOTE 1:
      Your sign-in name (an email address with MyLexus) is *not* your User ID. Your User ID by default will be the first part of your email address, but you are wise to change this as it may clash with others (or just cause confusion with past portal registrations). You change it my going to "My Details" and "Edit" and it is at the bottom. 
      Once you have registered you need to register your Multimedia device. This is a 16-digit number (to be typed in without hyphens, even though they appear on the screen). I found it easier to do this online than in the car, though both are options. 
      You also need to verify the vehicle. For this you need a six-figure number from your logbook (like ABC12D) - this is a chore when you lease because you need to get a scan from Lexus Financial Services or the lease company; and even more of a chore when they lose the logbook...
      NOTE 2:
      If you cannot get this number, ask your dealer for the one they use for demonstrators. That seems to work. 
      Now the key is to connect to the Internet. This can be tough, at least with an iPhone. 
      NOTE 3:
      You need to have tethering on on the phone (apple calls this "Personal Hotspot"; other companies use slightly different names).
      In theory you can connect for tethering via Bluetooth or WiFi. 
      For some reason I cannot do the former with my NX (worked fine on my IS). 
      The latter is a bizarre hit and miss and seems to require not only that the Personal Hotspot be on, but that the specific page be open. Weird. 
      NOTE 4:
      This is where I get a little lost...
      Via Setup > Navigation there is a Connected Services menu which allows "Delete Username and Password" or "Change Username and Password". If you try the latter, you need your *User ID* (not the email address) and password. It may be worth keeping these short!
      You then click "Save" and that should simply save it - but if you are unlucky, it will go to connecting and a lovely error message. This means your tethering has broken down, your password is wrong, you've forgotten your User ID, MyLexus does not feel like working, or you've the wrong colour socks on today...
      If you get through this, try your luck with an Online Search on "Navigation > Destination". Here, you will go to "Connecting" but hopefully not for long. If you do, the above paragraph applies. If you don't, you're in business. 
      NOTE 5:
      My success rate in currently about one in four...
    • By DEfusion
      I'm unable to setup connected services via Bluetooth in my 2013 Lexus IS300h (with premium navigation), I found that the software was old (VC03101G) so have just updated to the latest that the portal gave me to download (VD12102C)
      After that I unpaired my phone and deleted the username from the navigation connected services section.
      Then I went into Bluetooth and connected services, it asks me for my portal username and password and then gives me this error every time: "Connection not possible (ID=195)"
      I checked my device (iPhone 6 with IOS 10.2) and Bluetooth compatibility on their website and it says that connected services should work. Also when I go into Bluetooth details in the car it shows everything in supported profiles - including DUN & PAN as white.
      If I turn my personal hotspot on my phone and try to setup connected services over WIFI then it sets it up fine.
      As a side note I did watch a tutorial video on how to setup connected services and they were asked for the country and phone carrier details when setting it up on the car (before the username and password are input). I have never been asked to enter these, I'm wondering if I should be or whether it still has settings from the previous owner - though I couldn't find anywhere to reset them.

      I tried contactiing Lexus via the customer portal with the above info but still haven't had a reply 6 days later.
    • By Lexus4Me?
      At last
      The Lexus Portal reports an update for the navigation on my GS450h Premier Gen4 (2012)! It now gives 02-16-50 as the latest version for my EMVN (11HDD) model navigation. I still have the original 2012 version (12-02-00 (2011-11-0) installed but the up to date version when I bought the car was 2015-05-1 which indicates they seem to have changed the version naming format. Establishing what the latest update is seems difficult and inclines me to wonder if the information one receives is always accurate. The garage where I bought the car claimed that they could supply me a updated data from early 2016 but the Lexus Portal has remained with the 2015-05-01 until very recently. I contacted Lexus tech staff through the Portal but they just referred me back to the garage. One wonders if the tech staff don't know who does.
      I'm tempted to get this latest update since I have a deal with the garage to get it at half price because of a misunderstanding when I bought the car but £80 is still quite a chunk of cash for a piece of software which will soon be out of date on fairly clunky bit of kit (although the GS screen is great and I like the voice guidance). Google Maps on my mobile seems brilliant - I can even tell it verbally to provide the route to somewhere and it does it quite well. I also understand that Sygic is good for Android at about £17.50 - £29 depending if one wants only European maps or World coverage and either the standard system or the one with Traffic information (The maps can be downloaded and don't need an internet connection - I think the latter is only needed for Traffic).
      So how can I get my mobile screen displayed on the car's screen and controlled by the car's remote touch/steering wheel? Viastech provided a system for the Gen 3 GS and I've picked up rumours about BeatSonic, MirrorLink and Grom but don't know anything about them. Has anyone experience or advice on how to do this and how well it works? I like the Lexus screen and I don't really want to have to clamp the phone to the car and have charging wires draping all over my lovey interior.