Ls 430 Suspension High At The Back Very Low On The Front

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hi every body, great site,seems very help full,in need of help, my 03 ls 430 has suspension problems,very high on back very low on front,what id like to know, is how to release air presure from from suspension,as it is that high at back, the front hits the ground when i go up my steep drive ,cant find it now but i remember reading a post about shorting something out, and it lowered the suspension,and if you take the fuse out it cant pump back up to fail safe mode,if i cant get it up the drive i cant get it to the garage lol, iv tryed, allsorts to fix it,but no further on, thankyou for any help,not very savy with technical gargon, so please answere in laymans turms thank you

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