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So being a bank hol weekend and me being a glutton for punishment, I decided to finally replace Automatic Transmission Fluid and the leaky oil cooler pipes (part number: 32907-48030) bolted under the front bumper of Mr Lex.

One thing to note is to ensure you order the new part 32907-48031 and not just a replacement for the original - it is not clear where or how you would know a part has been revised by Toyota/Lexus but for extensive research beforehand!

The replacement part is identical but for 2 rubber grommets and 2 metal (zinc?) collets (see Pic below) cost is around £50-60 (expensive for what it is!).

For just a straight automatic transmission fluid change, please see the excellent guide on our US pals LOC site: - WARNING: The picture of the hoses on the post is annotated incorrectly and is the hose on the far right of the cooler pipe, everything else was good. Using the above method, I managed to retrieve 7.2 litres of old fluid (some in the cooler radiator looked like molasses syrup and was almost as thick!)

Before fitting the new part, I wanted to avoid the corrosion from starting and thought I'd use up some of a can of black Lidl "Hammerite-style" spray as the replacement is made from identical metal as the original and is by far the worst corroded part on my 12yr old, 108k miles RX300.






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Good job Chris.

In theory your Toyota/Lexus dealer would be informed of the new part when they enter the part code into the EPC system, and typically if the part is a direct replacement the old part wouldn't even be available any more.

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Hi Colin,

Unfortunately not in this case, I found a while ago the TSB issued (only in the US?) about a transmission "thump" that owners had reported hearing at approx 30mph during up or downshifts of the tranny, I had already began researching and ordering parts for the various things I have on my RX never-ending to-do list (so it seems!) and noted with interest the part they specified for the fix was different to the one I was going to order. In fact to confuse matters further, there's also a 3rd part number if you live somewhere hot and had the "tow pack" fitted - it doesn't even register on UK Lexus computers it appears!

I first tried calling Poole Lexus Parts counter and was told the guy was off sick and no one else could take my enquiry and that the chap would get someone to call me back in less than 2hrs... That was three weeks ago!!! I just called Lexus Birmingham as have always had good service from them (and my local Toyota Parts guys weren't much help in this instance due to the additional info I wanted explaining the variations in the part numbers).

At first Lexus Brum were going to order a straight replacement of 32907-48030 until I enquired about 32907-48031 (they were virtually the same price and same lead/delivery times). The nice lady looked the newer part number up and said it was applicable and would fit my RX but nothing "flagged" on her system that this was available or should be quoted over 32907-48030....

I just personally preferred this newer part with the rubber grommets to help isolate it further from chassis/transmission fluid "surges" and what the heck, my old one was shot and needed replacing before it stranded me or the missus somewhere.

If just changing this one part, you could do the whole job in 20mins, with a 10mm socket, pair of pliers, a bucket and a couple of gentle hose clamps (to cut down on mess) - was quoted £300 from dealer for this!



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Whilst thinking about the above, I also found reference to a revised air strut for the RX, from memory the original part is 48090-48030 (rear near side strut) and the revised part I stumbled across was 48090-48031... No idea what the difference is?

Is this "adding 1 to a part ending with Zero" a common thing with Toyota/Lexus?

Ta (as always, for your helpful advice),


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You need to be a bit careful comparing the US and Euro RXs. Obviously on the series II there is the engine difference as the RX300 was never available in the US, they had the RX330, but there are sometimes transmissions difference too.

For example on the series I, all Euro models had a separate transmission cooler fitted under the OS headlight. This was never fitted as standard on the US models, although it possibly was with the optional towing pack. The reason was extra cooling was needed with the higher average driving speeds in Europe.

Your new part, according to some of the online EPCs, show the newer part code being fitted from 2004 onwards but one reference seems to imply it can be retrofitted to the 2003 models.

It is a similar thing with that strut part code. The newer one is for 2006 models onwards, I cannot find anything that explicitly states it can be retro fitted to older vehicles.

Increments by 1 or by 10 are common with Toyota part codes. Not entirely sure what the difference is - slight modification, different supplier etc. Sometimes modifications are improvements to performance/reliability and others are just driving down supply chain costs.

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Interesting to know, thanks Colin.

The suspension strut is of mucho interest to me at the moment, would love to know the difference other than buying both and benching them. (In case there is a reliability tweak).

I suspect your supplier explanation may be more likely in this case seeing as my research on the original manufacturer (Tokico) LED to a dead end....

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