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  1. ColinBarber

    Lexus UX prices

    AWD an option for all grades. Quite a complex options list, not in keeping with the Lexus of old.
  2. ColinBarber

    Lexus UX prices

    here's the press release:
  3. ColinBarber

    New Tyres for NX300h F Sport

    Speed rating I understand but load index is a bit extreme, especially if you are going higher that should be allowed.
  4. Do you seats have an auto mode for climate? There should be a setting to adjust how long they stay on for.
  5. If it isn't a documented workshop procedure then a dealer will not be able to do it and Lexus in the UK are just a marketing department. If the factory cluster isn't switchable then I fear Lexus will not be able to help you. Let's hope I'm wrong.
  6. I was commenting on the behaviour you stated after the repair:
  7. ColinBarber

    IS300h navigation

    Fitting Nav to a non-nav vehicle will cost thousands unless you can find parts from a written off vehicle.
  8. If the petrol engine isn't shutting down correctly then there is an initialisation procedure that needs to be performed after the 12v battery is disconnected. A search on these forums should find the solution.
  9. Does your vehicle have a reversing camera? Does that still display on the screen?
  10. On the series I, and possibly series II, the US models didn't have the separate cooler in the wing so maybe the extra piping is used as a poor mans cooler for vehicles that don't have a real one.
  11. The European RXs already have an separate oil cooler at the front of the wheel arch, and the normal cooler inside bottom of the radiator.
  12. NX is quite a bit smaller than the F-Pace. The Jag is wider and a longer wheelbase than even the RX, the RX just has a large overhang on the rear making it slighter longer overall.
  13. Hybrid gives better mpg for everything other than high speed motorway driving where it is about equal with the RX300/350. Both petrol and hybrid can be covered to lpg, although more common on the petrol models.
  14. ColinBarber

    Just bought an IS2OO Sportcross - non starter.

    Aligned correctly?
  15. ColinBarber


    Make sure you don't have disk mode / disk use feature enabled on the iPod.
  16. That's a good point. The OEM one is rated at 38 Ah @ 5 hour.
  17. ColinBarber

    ISF brake pads

    Yes that was for the RC F and GS F, not sure about the IS F though.
  18. They do check the fuel cap in the MOT. That in itself won't cause an error, but if it wasn't tightened back up correctly then that can cause an error.
  19. Personally I'd go for the 450h because I'd want the extra power, and better economy. But if those aren't a priority then the 300 sounds like a well looked after example and probably cheaper/more reliable long term for the reasons in this thread.
  20. ColinBarber

    ISF brake pads

    Indeed. Bembo use multiple different compounds. Just because it says Brembo, it doesn't mean it will feel like the OEM ones. Similar to tyres - Pilot Sport are different to Pilot Super Sport but are both Michelin.
  21. ColinBarber

    Just bought an IS2OO Sportcross - non starter.

    Cambelt must be in one piece if you got a compression 🙂 I assume the belt is correctly aligned? Belts can wear badly on the IS200 and it can jump a couple of teeth if it gets too thin before it eventually snaps.
  22. Imports from RockAuto are around £20 + shipping. Some kits also come with the hub, which obviously cost more.