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  1. ColinBarber

    OB2 port and software

    who sell via Amazon, and is currently unavailable.
  2. ColinBarber

    any ideas on how to fix my clutch

    I'd check for correct push rod play, in case it is too tight and applying pressure all the time. When hot also bleed the system, if fluid comes out with force when you first undo the bleed nipple on the slave cylinder then there is clearly pressure in the system when there shouldn't be, which could be the lack of free play and also air in the system. m_cl_0002.pdf
  3. ColinBarber

    Noise coming from glove box

    Excellent 🙂 FYI, cooper grease shouldn't really be used on moving parts as it is abrasive as will cause wear.
  4. Is it only a premium nav feature? The Exec only has standard nav.
  5. ColinBarber

    100k Service

    According to the European schedule there isn't anything that is needed at 100k other than the standard 20k service, but I believe Lexus UK change the engine and inverter coolant at that interval.
  6. ColinBarber

    Noise coming from glove box

    Try cleaning the cabin filter, and run the fan on full speed with the filter removed for a second or two just in case there are leaves stuck in there.
  7. ColinBarber

    OB2 port and software

    The official Carista adapter gives you 1 month's access to the full application, which may be all you need if you want to set customisations. Doesn't seem to be available on Amazon at the moment though.
  8. ColinBarber

    Brakes - Advise me please

    Pads are normally 12mm new, and ideally should be replaced when down to 2mm. At 5mm you still have quite a bit of life. The dealer is probably mentioning it because they don't think they will last 10k miles before they see you again but you don't have to get them done straight away. I'd also question if the discs need replacing. They should last two or three sets of pads so maybe the dealer is trying it on.
  9. ColinBarber

    Red Coolant question

    It should be fine. It is Ethylene glycol based which is important, but whether it protects as well in unknown.
  10. Seems most of those changes (engine tweaks, final drive ratio, suspension) will come to the standard RC F too. The RC F TE gets weight saving, aero, and interior trim changes over the standard model.
  11. ColinBarber

    Ok, I’m in love with the ES

    In some ways I prefer the interior compared to the ES. Doesn't have the stupid stuck on Nav screen, nor the horns at the top of the instrument cluster.
  12. All grades now have LED lights. The F Sport and Premier get triple LED headlights with automatic high beam.
  13. ColinBarber

    1998 ls400 crank sensor resistance

    not that it is the best way to test it - a scope looking at the waveform would determine if it is functioning correctly.
  14. ColinBarber

    NX Hybrid engine.

    Based on the new economy measurement system (WLTP), the NX is rated at 35 to 40 combined mpg - depending on the grade. These figures seem to be accurate to what owners achieve. A diesel will have better economy at higher speed (e.g. motorway) and the hybrid the opposite.
  15. ColinBarber

    Ok, I’m in love with the ES

    The new engine and hybrid system provide a signifiant improvement in mpg. The WLTP combined figures are 53 to 59 mpg (grade dependant). New WLTP figures for the NX are 35.5 to 40 mpg, and for the IS are 44 to 50. Based on those figures I have confidence that the ES figures can be seen as something to expect in the real world. The systems are all next generation. Toyota make a point in their press releases that collision avoidance, road sign recognition, ACC etc are all improved. Your experience seems to confirm this.
  16. ColinBarber

    No Alternator or Starter Motor

    Vehicle has to be in 'Ready' for it to charge the 12v aux battery. It will go flat if the vehicle is left for a long period, and that period is typically shorter than for a normal car as that 12v battery has a smaller capacity. Two to three weeks isn't an issue if the battery itself is in good condition.
  17. ColinBarber

    Ok, I’m in love with the ES

    Maybe take a look at the new Camry once it becomes available. It doesn't solve the size issue but the seats fold and is expected to be slightly cheaper than its Lexus sister so you should be able to get under £40k. Tech spec will probably be better than the Lexus, just with less quality materials but on a par with Mazda. Infotainment system is still the issue, will have to wait and see what the new Toyota system is like, obviously very similar to Lexus with some differences between the two.
  18. Ignore me, I've checked and the GS uses a fixed calliper design with pistons on either side of the disc - unlike a floating design that uses slide pins on the majority of Lexus vehicles.
  19. ColinBarber

    Wheel fitment

    Not the car, but the 3S-GTE engine is great - had the same unit in a 1994 MR2 Turbo.
  20. ColinBarber

    IS to RC.. Hello

    Very nice, congrats. 🙂
  21. It also has the benefit of stopping the seals sticking so you can open your doors in freezing weather. Just don't use too much and avoid rubbing against the seals with your clothes.
  22. ColinBarber

    8 speaker audio

    Premium does not equal ML.
  23. ColinBarber

    Ok, I’m in love with the ES

    I wouldn't be surprised to see it added on a yearly update or major facelift in the future. I doubt they would, or even technically could, retrospectively add it to existing vehicles with a software update but that is a possibility.