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  1. Darkened rear glass.

    I think it is more to do with parents not wanting people to see their young children inside than a VIP thing. The XC60 is nice (when they are working) but it's no RX450h. To me it seems an extreme position to take in compromising a vehicle choice over some darken glass but it's certainly your decision. Good luck on your search.
  2. The UX with use the TNGA platform so will be a sister vehicle to the C-HR rather than based on it. It should handle better than the NX which shares a chassis with the RAV4.
  3. is200 advice

    no sorry, just via a Lexus dealer. Eurocarparts do a set for £121, when you apply the current FEB70 discount code, which includes the valve seals etc. but it isn't genuine it's Blueprint.
  4. is200 advice

    You should use SK20, or IK20 if you want higher performance. SK16s are standard for the IS300. Using a hotter plug than standard can cause pre-ignition which could lead to engine damage. SK16s were either used by mistake (most likely) or they had fouling issues and tried to overcome the issue using a hotter plug rather than resolve the underlying issue.
  5. new rx450 quicker ??

    They are serious money, however 2 year old ones are now below £40k.
  6. I don't get this at all. The indicators not having a mechanical return means it is the only car I've driven, expect for my current GS, where I don't have to fight with the indicators at roundabouts. I'm disappointed to see that Toyota/Lexus haven't fitted these to all their models. With regards to the battery too small, the vehicle isn't a pull-in hybrid. It isn't designed to be run in EV only except for very short distances and the battery capacity has indeed been sized to offer the best compromise between space, weight and fuel saving. The actual amount of energy recovered from the brakes is very small.
  7. They are rare, only selling around 600 per year, but a big improvement in every area compared to the previous generation so worth waiting to find one you want.
  8. What's the smallest wheel that will fit on the rear? If you have a front wheel puncture couldn't you fit the spare to the rear and use the rear on the front? They way you don't need to carry such a large spare? On the GS F the TVD electronics sit in the spare wheel well - that represents a bit of the problem. Is the RC F the same?
  9. Outstanding Recall

    Really not sure what went on here. As it wasn't a safety issue they didn't need to write but they certainly did for some. Mine was registered in July 13 for what its worth.
  10. Darkened rear glass.

    Rear privacy glass is standard across the range on the series III RX450h. If you find one without then it could be an import or the glass has been changed for some reason. As the UK law only allows a maximum of 25% tint to the windscreen you could have a common look to all glass however that would just be light cosmetic tinting, it wouldn't offer privacy which is the feature that Lexus are offering.
  11. I wouldn't say this is normal. I owned a 400h for 5 years and never had this issue and it is no worse than a RX450h or IS300h. If you watch the power meter it will go down when you brake - this is the regenerative braking system doing the work. If you apply more pressure the needle will go no further and the extra braking is performed by the mechanical braking. You need to determine if you are experiencing the problem with just the regen braking, when mechanical braking is also being used, or at the transition point. One explanation is you have sticking callipers, which is common on the RX, and the mechanical brakes are grabbing when they start to apply.
  12. 02 sensor prices

    If you have a fuel tank pressure issue due to a cap fault then you will get a P044x error code, not one relating to oxygen sensors or cat converters.
  13. Outstanding Recall

    Yes quite possibly. I've never heard of anybody actually needing work done, perhaps they lowered the priority when they realised the number affected was lower than expected? I thought mine might need it as it was one of the early built vehicles, but it was fine when the dealer checked.
  14. new rx450 quicker ??

    You must have calculated it wrong, the computer is always 2 or 3 mpg over
  15. Picked it up yesterday

    Very nice John.
  16. Outstanding Recall

    They were, I received one as did multiple people on LOC. But possibly only to owners that had a higher chance of having the issue?
  17. 50 mph with a light throttle, the engine is probably only spinning at 2,000 rpm. Put your foot down, the power meter should climb, and the engine will rev around 4,000 rpm. At that point you should be able to hear the engine and tell if the drone is related to the engine or not.
  18. Total system output is 223 hp, the petrol engine can deliver 181 hp. This is fully disclosed by Lexus GB in the specifications of the vehicle.
  19. I had no issue with the heated seats on my F Sport, which had the upgraded heated/cooled seats. They heated up very quickly and leaving on the highest setting for too long would get uncomfortably hot. I found the suspension was a little too harsh. Never had an issue with the boot, it never opens when released other than popping off the catch.
  20. 02 sensor prices

    It is rare for downstream sensors to fail, unless they are heated one and the heater burns out. Unlike the upstream sensors they aren't subject to such high heat and even if they get a bit slow to react it doesn't really matter because the ECU doesn't look for fast changes. Often fault codes for downstream sensors (excluding the heater circuit) are cause by upstream sensors, fuel/air intake issues, or air leaks in the exhaust.
  21. I don't think so, not the UK models. 1998-1999 GS models certainly weren't.
  22. RX300 Losing ATF but where to?

    It should always be checked with the engine running though, otherwise you get an inaccurate reading, whether you use the cold or hot markers (if it has both).
  23. You should only use water based cleaners for aniline and semi-aniline leather - the pigment protective top coat is thin and easily damaged. I'll use the Himolla cleaner that came with my sofas on my GS seats - that is solvent free and designed to not damage the leather.
  24. IS300h car batery

    I've heard stories of many European cars with blown ECU and electronics when jump starting / connecting batteries but never Toyota vehicles - just some blown main fuses reported here and on TOC.
  25. Egine Management Lght

    I believe they are marked on the diagram on the inside of the fusebox cover. I suspect both of these are within the engine bay fuse box rather than the cabin. Taking these two out won't cause an issue. Disconnecting the battery may mean you have to reinitialise the sunroof/windows etc which is why popping the fuses is easier.