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  1. Welcome 🙂 I don't think it is specifically worth going for a facelift IS, just get one within your budget. For the NX I'd recommend a facelift model, there were more noticeable improvements.
  2. I imagine the tyres are made in-region so unlikely they will be producing that size for the European market. You may have to consider a set of (smaller) winter wheels/tyres.
  3. On the facelift models bottom section is different: The part is called the COVER, REAR BUMPER, LOWER - diffuser is a bit of a stretch 😉. All the mounting are probably the same so I expect you could fit a facelift bumper to a pre-facelift vehicle.
  4. If you have side indicators (repeaters) on the wing mirrors rather than the front wings then you have a facelift model.
  5. CT has a 201.6 V battery pack, the UX uses a 216 V one. The electric motor operates at 650 VAC on both the CT and UX, and both can produce 80 bhp. The biggest difference is the newer hybrid systems assist the petrol engine more that previous generations, rather than just switching to EV mode. The UX does however have the ability to switch into EV at speeds greater than 70 mph, something the CT cannot (max around 50 mph). The UX is a full hybrid. Those mild hybrid 48 V efforts are not much more than start/stop vehicles. The UX doesn't quite have the economy of the CT, it has a bigger more powerful ICE and it is a less aerodynamic/larger vehicle, but it is much more refined.
  6. The 10 speaker system comes with vehicles that have the premium navigation option (remote touch controller and not the rotary controller). The Premier always comes with the 13-speaker ML system. For the facelift models (2014-18) the seats are either cloth or leather, depending on the grade. Tahara (the Lexus UK name for NuLuxe) wasn't an option (it was on certain pre-facelift grades, and also 2019 regrading).
  7. No. The speedo uses the ABS wheel sensors to calculate speed so the only thing that alters the speedo accuracy is the tyre circumference.
  8. Apparently it is on the GS - I'd suspect all models are the same:
  9. Yes it would, provided there was no outside influence that caused the transmission to fail.
  10. Definitely worth checking tyre pressures. For Europe, TPMS will trigger once pressures drop to 20% below the initialisation pressure, so certainly enough to feel a difference if only one side is low even without a warning light coming on.
  11. Once you undo them they should just pull out if they aren't completely stuck - use some locking pliers on the end to rotate and pull them at the same time. You can then clean/replace the pins easily, cleaning out the calliper carrier holes are more tricky if it is corroded.
  12. Cambridge will make them for the North American market. Kyushu will built all European vehicles, both LHD and RHD.
  13. Azure blue is 8X1. USB is 8U1. Always go by the paint code as names are different in different countries which causes confusion. In the US people often refer to 8X1 as Ultrasonic Blue V2.0. Look on your VIN plate if unsure. It's very difficult/impossible for a touch up to 100% match a 5 layer sonic paint 😞
  14. Battery/alternator fault? Cannot see E10 being anything to do with this - it has a long term effect on the fuel system, no something that would cause a problem within a few days - certainly other things need to be ruled out before you starting thinking about the fuel system.
  15. I don't see it being a problem. Hybrids work well at low speeds when the electric motor can assist more than at motorway speeds, and whilst you won't get near the manufacturer's mpg figures if you are going up and down hills all the time you will benefit from the engine being able to cut out when coming down them, along with energy recovery from the regen. braking.
  16. I'd imagine so but remember the rating is the noise they make at the kerbside 1m away - and clever engineering can divert sound into cabin and away from the outside to improve the rating. Bottom line is don't use the rating as a strong decision criteria when selecting a tyre.
  17. The bottom one is the Check Engine Light (CEL) / Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL). The engine warning light on the dashboard. Either it is on, indicating a fault - or it has been tampered with/bulb blown so it doesn't light up. When you first turn on the ignition it should come on, then go out once the engine starts if there are no errors.
  18. Noisy Bridgestone runflat tyres 🙉
  19. Purchase a 2020 model without it 😉
  20. Seems strange that a filter would make that much difference - did you leave the polythene bag around it LOL. Any other changes at the time and could also account for the mpg difference? Started to use E10 rather than E5 fuel 😉 Personally I'd stick with the Denso filter, they aren't that expensive and don't need to be changed that often. Many of the cheaper replacements don't seal well in addition to questionable filtration properties.
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