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  1. ColinBarber

    EU-JAPAN deal and Lexus prices

    I've not seen the details but it seems the 10% tariff on cars will be 'gradually' reduced - not sure over what timescale but don't expect a big reduction in list price - more likely prices will remain constant over a number of years rather than rising with inflation.
  2. ColinBarber


    That's disappointing because the Lexus press release states the battery is under the seat, could the one on show have had a spare wheel which is the reason for the raised floor? "A new nickel metal-hydride (NiMH) battery is used with a revised construction and more compact cooling system that allows for smaller dimensions overall. This allows the battery to be located below the rear seat, minimising intrusion in the load space and supporting the UX's low centre of gravity."
  3. ColinBarber

    Cvt gear box

    It is meant to be lifetime but probably worth changing every 100k miles. I've not heard of IS300h transmission issues on these forums - the IS300h has been around for 5 years now so if there are long term issues we will probably start to hear about them around this time.
  4. ColinBarber

    Coils and Plugs

    You can probably do it but it won't make any difference. The stock setup is fine, if you want the ultimate plug performance the use Denso IK20 plugs but it won't really make much difference on the IS200 engine other than placebo.
  5. Only the SE doesn't, all other grades do. Lexus currently doesn't sell a new model without folding seats as the SE has been discontinued.
  6. ColinBarber

    Castrol Edge 5w-30 fully synthetic

    Which ones? Ones in the US where oil changes intervals are normally 6k at the most anyway. Europe has had change intervals of 10k to 20k for years now with no issues with engine wear, in fact engines are far more reliable now than 20+ years ago when intervals were 6k. Mobil 1 when it first launched stated you could increase your intervals to 20k miles with no issues but as it went against service schedules they had to stop saying it.
  7. Replace the battery. You shouldn't really expect more that 6 years life out of it. Lexus improved this issue with the series III by using one that can handle being deeper discharged.
  8. hmm, they are about the same size, the IS has foldable rear seats and the GS has been discontinued so not great advise
  9. The DVD player under the seat can get damaged by being kicked etc and also the cables may become dislodged so worth taking a look. I think there is a secondary input on these systems, look for a cable inside the rear pocket of the drivers seat. If you can connect something to that and switch input it should confirm that the actual screens are working and the fault is with the player.
  10. ColinBarber

    Orange UX at Goodwood

    I'm not a fan either, makes the finishing look cheap. Unfortunately all the current Lexus SUVs are the same.
  11. No it doesn't mention it because there is nothing to do - no adjustment is needed.
  12. I believe all of the series IV GSs have Xenon and/or LED lights with a flat beam and hence you don't need to do anything. If you press and hold the DISP button on the steering wheel a menu will appear and Units is one of the options where you can select miles or km.
  13. ColinBarber

    New LS Owner

    Welcome Josh 🙂
  14. ColinBarber

    Newbie owner

    Welcome James 🙂
  15. ColinBarber

    Castrol Edge 5w-30 fully synthetic

    It's fine, although the 4l size is annoying as it isn't enough so you have to purchase two, or an additional expensive 1l.
  16. I think it is still stainless but there are different grades, some of which will corrode well before 20 years.
  17. If it is 10% cheaper than the GS in the UK then it will be under the IS pricing, starting around £32.5k.
  18. It is as it came out of the factory - nothing to worry about.
  19. ColinBarber

    Loan CT200h while RX450h in Dealership

    This isn't unique to the CT, all the current Lexus vehicles have the same system, and the same shortcomings. 😞 The 120 was probably due to a 120 km/h sign on the back of a lorry.
  20. ColinBarber

    Considering a used LC500

    Probably a lot more than that, I'd imagine if you traded-in a £72k LC the dealer would only offer £65k at most, probably only £62k.
  21. ColinBarber

    Imminent New Lexus owner

    Check with your Toyota dealer. Some will and some won't, the ones that have a Lexus franchise within the group normally won't.
  22. I little better maybe but most shock manufacturers state 100k miles is the maximum life for their products, at which point performance definitely suffers.
  23. ColinBarber

    Structural Blue I believe

    Some people used to complaint about blue dashboards
  24. ColinBarber

    Considering a used LC500

    There are quite a few red LCs as that was the colour all of the press material was created in and most of the demonstrators/press vehicles came in. I imagine Lexus dealers will try and keep prices high but expect a lot of depreciation. Sport and Sport+ packs all have 21" wheels, but even the standard 20" models all have runflat tyres - however owners here have mentioned the ride isn't too bad. The GT S is nice but does have a reputation for poor reliability.
  25. ColinBarber

    Loan CT200h while RX450h in Dealership

    Once you get over 50 mpg, it takes a lot of engineering to make a significant difference. The biggest issue with the CT is that it is using a 2009 power plant and drivetrain which should have been retired two years ago when a much better alternative became available. Unfortunately the Auris, which is the development platform for the CT, hasn't been update either until this year.