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How to reset economy screen

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Just through it out to you knowledgable Lexus 450h people, please see the attached photo and please give me a clue as how to reset .

cheers.. Sorry it has appeared upside down , but hope you can see that I am not getting best mpg information and the date is showing some time last September .


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    • By abtx
      Hi, I'm looking to buy a GS430 2005. What's your city/motorway MPG? I'm light footed most of the time with occasional tendency to speed a bit. Nothing extravagant tho. What's the best and worst you get around city and long cruise?
    • By WetMyBeak
      Travelled from Warrington to Llandudno today and averaged 43.8 mpg. A trouble free run,  mostly travelling at 70 mph on the A55. A proper cruising machine, shame the majority of my daily driving is urban.

    • By Gearoidmuar
      My last car was a Honda Accord Diesel which was very economical, but displayed 10% less consumption than you could demonstrate from full to full at the diesel pump.

      My IS300h which I love is similar. I tested it full to full and it said 54.8mpg, actual mpg was 51.6. I'll do it again and I'll get it's the same.

      Have any of you done this?
    • By Mark c
      Hi Guys first time posting on the forum but wanted to share my experience. I have a 07 Is220d for almost a year now with 120k. I drive about 400 mile per week motorway driving. 
      When I got the car it wasn't great so got it remapped. I then got it carbon cleaned through the air box and put some fuel cleaner in it to and still not great. Low revs poor. Couldn't get 40mpg no matter what I done. Monday night I decided to pull of the egr valve and it was totally blocked. The fuel cleaner and 1 hour carbon clean was useless. I soaked the egr valve in brake cleaner and also the steel pipe. Used a tooth brush to get as much carbon off the manifold. Put it all back together and I'm not getting 50 mpg at 75mph. Takes any gear at low revs. Different car. It took me about 2 hours and it's only 6 nuts.
      Hope this helps some of yous.
    • By jb77ie
      Hi Folks,
      I'll  be arranging an extended test drive soon on a NX300h with a view to a purchase.
      I've already looked at some of the rivals, evoque too dodgy , GLC would mean having to deal with Mercedes dealers and so on.
      I've read the mpg stories with great interest and it doesn't bother me greatly. However I do have a 24 mile commute into and from  work every day. My route is mostly winding country roads with some serious climbs up into the hills and obviously descents. I have an avensis tourer with cvt auto so I know how that auto works on the route.
      Does anyone have experience of running an NX over a similar kind of route.? Honest John review says the car is not one for the A roads, is that true in your experience?
      Thanks in advance