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O2 oxygen sensor altezza. Auto - Manual locations


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Hi lexus people! 

I had a manual altezza rs200z which i crushed. It wasn't worth fixing so i bought a spectra blue tiptronic with zero crashes or even paint panels in its history + has the trd body kit. :D 

Then swap everything from the manual altezza to the tiptronic (engine, wiring loom, ecu, heaters, exhaust, diff, heater... ). Installed trd flywheel and clutch, hks exhaust headers :twisted: . Replaced all fluids with fully synthetic motul oils, replaced timing belt, crankshaft puley, tensioners, water pump(all genuine toyota items). :wink: 

Only thing left is the oxygen sensor! :| 

Auto - tiptronic had two oxygen sensors. Manual only has one in different position 

How should i connect it? 
Anyone who did a auto to manual conversion? 

I found the locations in the  diagrams.. But i dont know what i have to do...

Thank you!

2016-09-28 20.58.58.jpg

o2 sensors.png

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Hi Demetris and welcome to the LOC, we are a friendly bunch and some of us even know how to pull them to bits and put them back together again, with of course the one bolt and washer left over.


Regards Mike.

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