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Hello All,

Just got e-mail from BCS regarding special discounts they are currently running. Now you can get up-to 30% with advance payment and April 9th refurbishment (start) date.

Sadly I don't have my calipers back from BCS so cannot yet evaluate the quality, but it was popular topic for some time and I guess that is good opportunity to get your calipers done as well. I will post before and after pictures when I get my calipers back.

You can find more info on their website as well.. it is not sort of secret deal, but you need to pay this week to take advantage of it.


Good afternoon! 
My name is Richard and I'm the owner of BCS Automotive (previously Brake Caliper Specialists). 
I have some exciting news for the team and our customers. The best bit for you is that we're giving away 30% Off Our Prices (find out WHY below). If you take advantage of this, you won't be able to send your calipers until April 9th. 
This is because we are CLOSED due to moving premises for the whole week preceding this date, so we don't want to overload the current workshop.   
If you would like to take advantage of the incredible 30% Off, you MUST pay in advance (this week). The earlier the better, as if we get too many customers on this deal, we will have to end it early to maintain great quality.   
All the best from me and the rest of the team. If you have any queries at all, please just reply to this email... 
Kind regards,  

Few thing just to decipher their marketing language:

First thing you need to take in consideration is that discount is for work only and don't not include VAT, shipping or additional parts, so effective discount is closer to 20-25%, still knocks-down £100 on set of calipers.

Second thing, is that you get discount because you pay in advance and only get job done later, which I guess helps them to ensure consistent workload. I did mine during the similar discount  - I believe it was 50%-off "Black Friday" sale in December for refurbishment after 15th of Jan. You can send you calipers earlier, but they will only do them after that date, equally you can send your calipers later. I only sent my calipers out this month. After they start refurbishment it is 2-3 weeks before you get them back - so spare set of calipers is not a bad idea. They do have express service for extra price, but still going to take a week after the 9th of April to get them back.

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