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Hi, I managed to get a Techstream working on a virtualbox and make it read codes from my GS430 which I bought couple months ago. I've got a few codes in the 'history' section, which I think I can ignore, but I also have a few marked as 'current'.

I googled them, but I'm not sure how urgent they are, so I'd need help understanding.

First one is C1241 - Low or High Power Supply Voltage; I understand this might mean my Battery will need replaced soon?

C1289 - VGRS Control System Malfunction; this one sounds serious, I'd like to learn more about this one too.

And a couple ones to do with the reason I got TS hooked up in the first place:

C2123 - Cannot Receive a Data from the Transmitter ID3 (Main) - huge help if someone can help me identify which wheel is ID3 (not sure if there is a pattern used or are these to be noted only when sensors are replaced?).

And last but not least: C1277 - Initialization Un-Completing; which I guess is to do with the C2123 not sending the data needed to initialize.

I'd like to know more, especially about the first two codes, and hopefully ID3 can be identified too.

Thanks Lexus owners!

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