Power/Off button position for 12 volt battery replacement

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A request for 'pointers' as to where to start looking.  It seems these were available some years ago but I have drawn a blank for a new one. My car is 2010 3rd. Gen 450h so I am rather surprised that all stock seems exhausted both in UK and Europe and even Australia!      Some years ago I drove a Toyota and bought  a new rubber boot liner very easily from Toyota Spares. It was an excellent quality accessory which fitted so tightly around the boot contours that almost no dust and dried mud could squeeze down the crack -  there was no crack as the tenaciously tight fitting rubber lip saw to that. The car was 7 years old when I bought the liner so it is a little surprising that my 8 year old 450h is way too old for a new liner.

I am now on my second liner which is again, a poor fit in the boot and allows dried mud and leaves to litter the black carpet below;  I play golf hence my need for a closely fitting and semi rigid liner. I am reluctant to try yet another aftermarket Ebay offering as both of my liners have been selected on their cost base thinking that a real quality product would arrive. Sadly no.

So I am looking to find an original used liner, in good condition from perhaps a crashed 450h. I have logged my name and interest with two or three used Lexus spares outlets on the internet but no luck. Does anyone have any ideas on how to proceed or have good experiences with second hand /  used Lexus spares and from which outlet please.


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