Lexus IS300H stereo not working

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Hi Everybody,

This is my first lexus forum, I am in abit of a dilema here guys. I have a lexus IS300H 2013 with 142000 miles on the clock. The car is perfectly fine touch wood. This morning i turned the car on and the Nav screen which displays all the options and radio info got stuck on the start up screen which is the lexus logo and not going any further. 

I have deep pressed the volume knob to restart the stereo and it does restart and the lexus logo comes up again on the nav screen but doesnt go any further again. 

I have inspected all the fuse boxes inside the car and in the engine bay and they are all fine. I have already taken the stereo out unplugged everything and plugged it back but still nothing. 

I know for sure its the stereo which is not working because sometimes the stereo randomly restarted today and then display am radio and then restart again and stuck on the start up screen which is the lexus logo screen. 

So i called up lexus and asked if they have sent any over the air updates and I got told no nothing like that. 

I have also inspected all the cables plugged into the stereo with a tester and i can see power coming into the stereo. 

The stereo buttons do lit up when the headlights are on. The volume knob does work to depress and restart it. Nothing else works at all. On the cluster board, i can see where music can also be changed from, is blanked out. 

Lexus have told me £192 diagnosis fee + charges for whatever needed further. Surely will be going over £1000 plus. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated guys, thanks alot in advance. Please see images attached of the stereo. Thanks 




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