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ES Owners Meet?


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Whilst the number of ES owners would be considered small compared to some of the long standing Lexus model owners at least 3 forum members have discussed a possible meet if not this year then maybe early next year.   It may be more practical for a Spring Time meet just to allow the winter to pass and for the weather to break.    Only three  I hear you say  but from little acorns.........

As with all enthusiastic owners  of cars the venue is normally based on geographical access and facilities.   Myself and two other Forum Members are based in Yorkshire, a truly huge county and although not advocating Yorkshire necessarily,  the travelling issue for members has to be a consideration for everyone, hence suggesting somewhere that has the necessary amenities, refreshments, toilets, parking and anything else that makes a trip worthwhile.   The most obvious type of location would be a country house, open to the public, where parking is usually available.   The best locations often have access to large areas of grounds where vehicles congregate rather than parked up in car park areas.   Harewood House near Harrogate would be a good example of this whereby you park on the grassed areas in front of the main house.      

It's hard to gauge if a meeting for like minded ES owners, or any Lexus owner for that matter,  will be received as a good idea, hence throwing this open to members of the forum.   For sure myself and the two other ES owners will meet going forward  but maybe members reading this might have some ideas.   Having owned other makes of cars over the years I was never disappointed at the turn out  of long established clubs  in terms of support  and the general level of interest, indeed most attendees made a day of it splitting their time between the cars and the actual venue's amenities.  

Anyway this is just a toe in the water.




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I do plenty of things with Porsche Club GB already - given the low numbers of ES owners maybe its worth piggybacking onto a larger car event that’s already taking place?

I’m only “up the road” anyway so will keep an eye out. 

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I believe that May is their “Sports Cars in the Park” event. It’s a bit of a free-for-all from an organisational (or lack of) point of view so PCGB haven’t supported it the last couple of years. 

Unfortunately - like Specialist Cars of Malton’s Big Breakfast Meet these things tend to become a bit of a Chavalanche!

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