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Engine not starting after Drifts ( 2 time )


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I have a Lexus IS 2200cc from year 2006.

I have never had major problems with it. But a few days ago it happened to me a strange thing for the second time.


1st time: drifting for about 20 minutes in a big roundabout with short breaks and never turned off the car during these breaks. I was running on low gas, and while drifting I felt lost of power until the car turned of by it self, I thought it was no fuel so I went buy fuel by foot, but even after that the engine wouldn't start, so I pushed the car by foot and it started manually. Ok never felt anything strange because I thought it was no fuel.


2time: running on half deposit, and it happened the same thing after 2 minute constant drifting, started manually also.


Is this the particles filter? because I think it is also losing power when in low RPM.


Please send feedback,



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Hi Miguel,

If I'm understanding your post correctly, you have been drifting a 13 year old example of an IS220d ( not the most reliable Lexus ever produced) on a roundabout on (public?) roads.

I think one of three things might  have happened:

1. The sideways g force has pushed a load of debris in the tank toward the pick up and partially blocked the fuel feed.


2. The engine, known to be troublesome on this model, has objected to being ragged and failed.


3. The car has decided to save your life and that of others and gone in to limp mode to stop you carrying on with what is a stupid and dangerous practice.

If you like to drift I suggest you find a suitable car and carry it out off road away from other road users. The boys in blue ,if they see you will not be sympathetic. You should pray that nobody has sent dash cam footage of your antics to them.

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