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  1. Hi all, I've now left the fold, my GS F has been traded for an RX. Reasons? Well, increasingly of late I've found that I can't drive the car in the way its meant to be driven. The traffic in my area of West London means that I just dribble from one queue to another. I looked at the trip computer and found that my average speed since I got the car was just 22mph and the local council is now imposing a blanket 20mph limit. No doubt other councils will want to jump on this bandwagon... It seems ridiculous to have the pain of the car tax and the fuel consumption if you can't have the fun. No regrets, it was an awesome car and with my previous ISF I've had 7 years in total of F ownership, but things have changed and will continue to change, so a hybrid is better suited to the sort of driving that I now do. Lexus have had the GSF for a week now so it's out there somewhere although no adverts are visible. If anybody on this forum is looking at it (LN16EGZ) pm me and I will try to answer any questions. I'll still be reading this forum . Enjoy your cars as much as you can while you still can.
  2. Good news that Brembo are starting to list them, but it seems strange that they only list rear pads. Front pads are available from EBC in various grades (according to their internet shop) but no prices are shown for rears. I've actually trawled the internet for possible alternatives to being ripped off by Lexus (I'm retired and have the time) and there are a number of sellers offering pads which are allegedly compatible with GSF/RCF but some of these are only £25-£50, so are most likely fakes. There are apparently a lot of counterfeit brake parts around, even in the motor racing fraternity (!!) I think the problem is going to be persuading the likes of ECP to stock the Brembo stuff. When you consider that there are only about 300 RCF's and GSF's in the UK then their likely customer base is very small and it might not be viable to keep a stock of the parts just in case 1 or 2 of us come knocking. Perhaps if enough of us asked them they might think it worthwhile. If anybody has anything to add please share.
  3. Finest 1, you are quite right owning, an F car or similar makes no sense at all in today's world but they are among the last of the naturally aspirated V8's and the decision to buy one is usually made with heart not head. However ,the running costs of an ISF are not as bad as you think. I had an IS 250 and changed to an ISF intending to keep for a couple of years until I got fed up with the running costs. I ended up keeping it for 4.5 years. OK the car tax is expensive and more fuel will be used, but insurance was surprisingly cheap if you shop around. An 09 car could still be warrantied with Lexus for £795 for 2 years, exactly the same as for an IS250 and the prices do seem to be bottoming out as people realise that they are more affordable and reliable than the German equivalents. Tyres and brakes are more expensive than an IS250 but not that much more , ditto servicing. You need to drive one to "get it". My current GSF was purchased with heart not head ( and a little man maths related to a 30% discount on an 8 month old car with 300 miles on it) and I regularly ask myself why I am running a car like this where you cannot even use a fraction of the power and the local council wants to impose a blanket 20mph limit. But, it is a rare car, I have never seen another one on the road ,and every time I drive it, it makes me smile. The noise and the pull when you can open it up is worth every penny of the extra running costs. Might be your last chance to drive a dinosaur, the powers that be will have us all driving eco friendly electric pods before much longer, if they even allow us to drive. By the way an Aston will cost far, far more to run, and will spend more time in the workshop.
  4. Late to the party again... I think the issue is purely image and because Lexus only aim to sell a couple of hundred of each F model, they don't care. Let's face it, boasting to your mates down the pub that you have a V8 Lexus, is not going to produce the same envy as saying you have an M3/M5/C63/RS4/5/6 etc (delete as appropriate) Lexus have no competition history and the Alan Partridge thing from way back doesn't help level the playing field. It is perhaps a sad reflection, that courtesy of various marketing departments and the media, we as a nation have become totally label obsessed, so excellent engineering and reliability doesn't cut it amongst people looking to buy a new car. The cars come into their own later on in their life when costs of ownership start to play a bigger part in the decision and buyers realise that owning a used German supersaloon is going to be a very expensive experience. Of course someone has to buy a new one for it to become a used buy later on. Just my opinion.
  5. Hi For what it's worth I had similar problems with my cheap Moto E2 . When I first got the GSF the phone paired right away no problem. Then about 18 months later the car and the phone didn't want to talk to one another. After a lot of fiddling with settings I came to the conclusion that turning bluetooth on and off on the phone was causing the problem. Sometimes the phone said BT was on but it wasn't being seen by the car. Check that the phone can BT photos etc to your computer. If you can get it to send a photo it should be able to talk to the car. Then leave BT on permanently. I did this and the phone has paired with the car OK since. If it won't send a photo you need to fiddle with the BT settings on the phone. In my experience the Lexus BT set up is pretty robust, and the phone is more likely to be the problem.
  6. Thanks Big Rat. Looks like its sorted now, we have 2 possible sources of pads apart from Lexus. All we need to do now is source some reasonably priced rotors. I like to think ahead,you see!
  7. Hi Big Rat, The point I was making was that Brembo do not actually list front pads for the RCF/GSF in their online catalogue so where is your contact getting them from? Brembo apparently have factories all over the world including China, but China does a reputation for counterfeit products. Is your contact sure he's getting Brembo as opposed to a Chinese rip off. Link to Brembo catalogue page for pads: https://www.bremboparts.com/europe/en/catalogue/pad/P_83_164 Don't think there's much of an issue with the ISF brake parts, they seem to be plentiful but aftermarket non Lexus brake parts for our cars seem to be thin on the ground.
  8. Great news for those of us who are reluctant to pay £300+ for 4 pieces of MS plate with some friction material glued on, BUT are these really genuine Brembo parts? I only ask because the Brembo online catalogue only lists rear pads for the RCF/GSF and notes these as being "under development". If this doesn't pan out I see EBC are now offering fronts for the RCF/GSF in varying grades for £76 - £110 according to grade with prices for rears on request, As far as Lexus fitting non- Lexus pads goes, my local dealer at Twickenham flatly refused. Anybody else had the same experience? Perhaps we should have a league table of cooperative dealers.............. Graham
  9. Opinion seems to be divided about whether it is worth pursuing Lexus. I'll throw this in to the mix: Screen shot attached from www.oemlexusparts.com (US site ) which suggests that a spare wheel is available (item 7) for the RC-F although why 2 parts are shown at wildly different prices is a mystery. Shipping costs are likely to be high and there is no guarantee this info is correct.I would think that the GS-F item would be the same although the site lists nothing for the GSF. The fact that this is being offered indicates to me that a spare wheel does exist in planet Lexus. We just need Lexus UK to acknowledge its existence and ship a few over from Japan for us. As JonP said the lack of spare wheel might be a type approval issue but my cynical mind thinks the lack of spare wheel on UK cars might be something to do with : a) not having anywhere to put it now as the space is full of electronics b) additional cost and weight. c) revenue for Lexus dealers in periodically replacing the gunk as it probably has an expiry date. d) revenue for Lexus dealers in replacing tyre pressure sensors after the gunk has gummed them up when it is used. Note also on the US site the costs for pads and discs. Has anybody managed to source pads for an RCF at a reasonable price? Graham
  10. And of course, no UK cars have had a spare wheel allocated. Utter BS. Which is why we collectively need to make a noise, to get them to change their stance. There is absolutely no technical reason why a spare wheel should not be available, so those owners who want one can purchase one.Other comments are invited.
  11. Resurrecting this topic, I've seen a lot of correspondence about making other wheels fit with spacers etc, but why can Lexus not provide one? I asked soon after buying the car and was told there isn't one listed, but I'm sure they are available in other countries, those that require a spare to be carried. What I'm suggesting now is that all the RCF's and GSF's have to go in for the fuel pump recall soon, so when we're in the dealers,ask the question again. They will of course say no. We can then all (those that feel strongly enough) take the issue to Lexus Customer Services. If we all start making a noise they will have to start taking notice. As it happens I have their MD's email address so if we get nowhere with Customer Services it can be escalated. I know the spare won't fit in the GSF wheel well because it's full of TVD electronics but the boot is big enough that if you wanted to carry a spare in a bag the other luggage would still fit. What does everybody think? Graham
  12. This is my old car and it hasn't been lowered. I had the alignment checked about half way through my ownership and they did it OK. I suspect the technician was so over awed by it he got confused...... I can't believe Lexus would go to the trouble of putting different springs etc on it as they seem mostly uninterested in F cars. I should go somewhere else. 08ISF
  13. Just a thought, these engines are VVTi (variable cam timing). As I understand it there is some sort of actuator on each camshaft which varies the cam timing according to driving conditions. Has the possibility of this being worn out or broken been discounted? It might explain the " bag of bolts" noise. Bearing in mind how robust these engines are, to my mind, the actuator or a sensor fault is more likely than stretched timing chains/loose tensioners. If it is the actuator it won't be cheap because no doubt it is lovingly hand made from a very rare alloy, but it can't be £6K. As far as the quote is concerned IMO Lexus are taking the p***. I would take it to another Lexus dealer or an indy. Anybody in the North London/Herts area able to recommend one? Let us all know how this pans out.
  14. My old IS F did this to me a couple of times. Once after leaving it for a week and once when trying to lock the car after driving it. On both occasions I changed the fob battery to no effect and then about 5 minutes later it started working again. I can only put it down to either failing batteries and the fob taking time to sort itself out after getting a new battery , or some kind of interference. I did see a report somewhere on the internet of IS owners having this issue and the cause being a complete mystery. Good idea to keep a spare battery in your wallet. As stevet said , if the battery's dead just hold the fob against the starter button and press the button to start the car.
  15. I'm for this. The F models have more in common with one another due to their tech spec than they have with the IS/GS/RC groups and it would grow the forum if it includes the RC F and GS F.