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98 Es 300 Runs Like An Old Truck.


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I have a terrible problem with my 98 es. It has 55,000 miles on it, and all of a sudden, it started to freak out.

First it shut off, and this starled me, but eventually, it started up again and it was fine. Then it did it again, and when it started up that second time, it felt like i was dricing an old truck.

The engine is shaking like hell, so in the cabin feels like theres a vibrating chasis feature i dont know about.

It sounds like a cheap cars engine, but worse, but the engine doesnt have any knock, or clicking.

When u hit the gas, it just bubbles. revs take forever to climb, and when u stop, it shuts off. when warmed up, it idles fine for bout 15 seconds, then the idle drops and it starts shaking again.(when parked).

The second i put it in drive or reverse, the chasis vibrator kicks in, and it shuts off because the rpm's drop so low.

I cleaned the egr, and it looks like that wasnt the problem. The auto idle seems to werk also.

I had a diagnostic check, and 6 codes came up.

cylinder 1 misfire, cylinder 3 misfire, cylinder 5 misfire, random/multiple misfire, igniter malfunction, and system too lean.

I changed the plugs, no difference. If i remove the plug wires from the 3 plugs in the back of thne engine, it still starts and runs the same way it is doing now (but it wouldnt accelerate).

I noticed 2 leaks in the exhaust pipe, could that b the problem|?


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This is a comon answer on our North american site of LOC

but try looking for cracks or holes on you intake pipe .It is teh black pipe from teh air filter to teh manifold that is ribbed. Usually causes the engine to run lean if there is a hole after the MAF . Another common problem is teh iacv /idle air control valve it gets carbon and wont stay running unless you hold teh gas slightly.

How is the fuel pump pressure ,air and fuel filter and gas

Also try cleaning the maf just incase it can cause the same problem when dirty

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