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Is200 manual conversion

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Initially I was going to sell my is200 after losing heart with it being an auto. But I've changed my mind, I've spent a few quid on it, i.e:

* Replaced all break calipers and break pads

* Coil overs

* Japspeed decat exhaust

* Aftermarket Steering wheel

* sun visor

* Limited edition grill

* Spoiler

* Oil and air filter changed 

and I've recently changed my wheels too mk4 supra ones. 

-- Also I have a full turbo kit ready to go on it but decided i want it manual converted before the turbo is put on.

What parts do i need for a manual conversion?.. thankyou in advance guys. 👍



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Obvious things like the gearbox itself and the shifter, clutch pedal and master cylinder. But other things like a new engine ECU (which is a combined engine and transmission ECU), different prop shaft (or at least the front half), some wiring to do, transmissions mounts will be different so you will need those and probably some welding to do. The rear diff uses a different ratio so new internal gears or swap the complete diff.

The radiator is different because the auto has the transmission cooler built-in but you can just block that off.

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