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Any ideas to solve a problem ???

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Hello everyone I'm new to your forum, and I'm from Vallromanes (Barcelona).
First of all, excuse my bad English, I have been following you for a long time and this time I would like to ask a problem I have with Android Auto since I have seen that you have a lot of experience and knowledge about it.
I recently had the same installed in my 2019 Lexus NX 300H that includes the connected navigator.
Since its installation I have lost the possibility of playing music through USB, I have deactivated all the Android Auto, I have canceled all its settings and I have set the Lexus connected as the preferred system, that is, the one prior to the installation of the android auto But there is no way to activate usb as an audio player through different USB sticks.
I will appreciate that if anyone has encountered the same problem, and has found the solution, tell me what to do.
Despite contacting Lexus, they have not even answered me, a regrettable situation since I have been a customer for years and currently have 2 Nx.
Best regards and thank you very much, Javier
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Hi Javier, welcome!

I have had the Android Auto upgrade too but I haven't tried playing my music from my USB stick yet. I will try it tomorrow and see if it works for me and let you know. Cheers!

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Hi Javier, I can confirm that I can play my USB stick music without any problem at all. The unit sees it when I insert it and it plays the music off it perfectly. Sorry! 😞

I didn't have to change any settings, Android Auto is still set as the preferred system.

Good luck sorting out the problem!



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Thank you very much Steve for your information
It is becoming more and more clear that some failure occurred when they made the update, if by mistake of them, or simply because something was wrongly recorded in the firmware.
Apparently I am not the only one to whom this is happening, I have already written to Lexus Spain complaining and although they confirmed the receipt of the claim, no one has contacted me, now the Director of my dealership will also intervene in this problem and
As the car is under warranty I am not willing to accept the solution.
My final deduction is that in general the dealers or their mechanics are not knowledgeable in these electronic things and their experience in it is very basic and this is the real problem.
Thank you very much for your help
Best Regards
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