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Hi all 

Still on the lookout for an ISF, it’ll be a daily driver so I want something with low  -ish miles (ideally ~50k), ideally MY10+. 

I’m not too bothered about the colour, I’d prefer to find a members car which has been looked after. 

There have been a few for sale in the last few weeks/months on AT, unfortunately, now my car has sold there aren’t any that fit my requirements…


If any of you kind folk have one coming up for sale in the very near future, I’d be very interested.



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An update on the car search;

I’ve had a look at a few ISF ‘alternatives’, tried a couple of S4’s which were ok, looking at a c63 tonight and a V8 M3 later in the week. 

Unfortunately time is against me, as this will be a daily driver and I’m now car-less. I’m currently borrowing a car for my commute!

Not a lot of choice in Northern Ireland, especially with the recent spike in prices, I would be willing to travel to mainland UK for an ISF, but it looks like there aren’t any available, so I’ll probably pick something else up locally in NI in the next week or two. 

I would love to be posting on here about my new ISF, getting tips etc from all the Lexus owners. I guess I’ll have to save it for a GSF, some time down the line.


I’m glad I joined the forum, Lexus or not, I’ll keep checking in to hear what’s happening.


Thanks all


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