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Gatso Cameras


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While every effort is made to keep this listing current, camera enforcement may take place at other locations and mobile cameras may be used to support fixed sites. Enforcement may also be carried out where road works are being undertaken - so this should not be assumed to be an exhaustive listing. Levels of camera enforcement activity vary from location to location.

Fixed sites: cameras are in operation continuously or from time to time.

Mobile Sites: - Locations or stretches of road at which mobile camera equipment is deployed from time to time.

Red light sites: - Traffic lights at which cameras operate continuously or from time to time.

Exceptional discretion sites:

Police authorities have the statutory discretion, in carrying out their law enforcement responsibilities, to operate safety cameras exceptionally at other sites, not identified in advance, including sites where there is local resident concern about speeding.

Please note the speed limits shown are the maximum speed for cars. Please see the Highway Code for speed limits for other vehicles. The speed limits shown on the web site may be subject to change such as temporary changes due to road works and Motorists are advised to obey the speed limits signs that are posted on the road they are travelling on.




Camborne - A30

Gatso sited in layby on the downward slopes. Roseworthy Dip is on the three lane section just after/before... (northbound)

Camborne - A30

Gatso sited in layby on the downward slopes. Roseworthy Dip is on the three lane section just after/before... (southbound)

** Please note that the Camborne A30 is a very dangerous piece of road, and there has been a few deaths here recently because of cars overtaking on the approach of th dip ** - Info Thanks to : "fluff34567"

Falmouth / Helston - A394

Known to trigger at 66 mph. Located on steep downhill towards Helston.

Fraddon - A30

The speed camera is sited just after very low bridge in a area called Gossmoor Fraddon.

Landrake - A38

westbound; as you leave Notter Bridge the A38 passes a garage on the left. As you pass this...

Landrake - A38

Gatso: Travelling eastbound, you come up a long incline, two lanes towards the village of Landrake, narrows to...

Launceston - A30

4 miles before Launceston and about 20 miles after Bodmin, you will come down a very large hill a junction to the left.

Liskeard - A38

3-5 miles east of Liskeard on dual carriageway you will see speed camera in central reservation.

Longdowns - A394

Speed cameras situated 50 yards or so past the petrol station heading towards Helston.

Manhay - A394 / Helston to Falmouth

The speed camera is situated just over a brow of a hill on the way to Helston.

Newquay - Cliff Road

At both of the two sets of traffic lights (both before and after the Porth roundabout) there are speed cameras.

Notter Bridge - A38

On the A38 westbound from a 60 mph you reach a 50 mph limit. As you reach the bottom of the hill...

Pool - near Camborne - A3047

Heading towards Camborne from the A30, Redruth turning or towards Redruth from Camborne the speed camera...

Redruth - A30

Police handheld speed camera seems to be permanently based at highways turnoffs on main A30 just after...

St. Blazey - A390

Following on from the original camera facing up the hill if heading out of St Blazey by the Esso garage...

St. Blazey / St. Blazey Gate - Rose Hill Road

Coming from Liskeard on the A390 into St. Blazey the speed camera is in the centre of the road.

St. Blazey / St. Blazey Gate - Doubletrees

From the direction of St. Austell on the A390 go through St. Blazey Gate, past a Esso garage...

St. Blazey / St. Blazey Gate - Doubletrees / St. Austell Road

From St. Blazey Gate past Rose Hill Nursing Home past a camera in the layby on the other side of the road.

Threemilestone - Threemilestone Bypass

On the way into Truro from Redruth a speed camera is located on the section of dual carriageway.

Truro - Trewyew Road

Situated outside Truro Football Club a speed camera is located very visible to see can be used in either direction.

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