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Is200se - Dvd & Screens?

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Hi to all :)

I'm thinking about getting a DVD player installed, so DVDs can be watched by the people in the passenger seats - the only thing is, I have no idea which system I need, and how much it'll cost. Anyone have any experience with this?

Thanks :driving:

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ive done this it cost me £500 for 2 6inch h/rest screens + dvd + box for sound through car audio, fitted it all myself, dvd is in the boot but some people put them in the glove box, hope this helps you, but steveaudiox is the best to see about this.

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Did someone call upon me ;)

Busy decorating again, all help appreciated if any one's free :hehe:

Over to the thread.

When you say passenger seat, do you mean front passenger ?

If so, you can go for a single 6.5" Headrest monitor, fitted into your sun visor with built in IR headphone transmitter together with a very small single disc multi region DVD player with Ignition memory which can be fitted into the glove box for ease of access. Audio will be transmitted via a single pair of IR headphones with auto power off Battery saving function.

If you are refering to rear seat passengers, then like gordon say's you can go for 2 6.5" Headrest monitors, DVD would be same as above together with IR headphones.

Alternativly you can go for a 6 disc DVD boot mount changer, infact, I have a package or sale at a decent price, can fit for you also.

Audio via the stock headunit can be achieved easily and cheaply using a wireless FM modulator (offers adiquate quality for DVD films, but not good enough if you were to use the DVD player for MP3, DVD music disc etc..

If you would like a demo of a package I am based in Middlesex, guess we could meet up..

Hope it helps..

Back over to the decorating now :unsure:

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Sorry for not being clearer - yes, I was referring to the rear passenger seats. Out of interest (I haven't actually had the car delivered yet - probably wednesday/thursday next week), how much would it cost for your package to be bought and fitted? Do you have any details on it? Cheers :)

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