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M5 - J8/j9 Southbound


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Coming back from Bham.....

****** it down big time... I'm doing 65/70 overtaking some others in the slow lanes doing 55-65... A Bima 3 series, just waits up my ****, he werent getting too ****** off, but he still wanted me to move... so i over a strecth of cars and then slowed back down to 65 agian once the road was clear....

5 mins later a string of hazard lights go on.... everything comes to holt.... then a single file is formed... I cant see any lane closing signs... however theres a fair few police cars coming up the other side of the motorway and i can see a set of flashing lights in the distance. As we get closer theres a Land rover in hard shoulder... and what looked a 330Ci sitting in the middle lane facing the barriers, front ripped off, side wings gone, and wipers facing out :o :o :o :o A complete write off, but I think the driver might have been ok.

Its was great to see people take the initiative to form single file safely without any guidance police... For the rest of the jounery I saw another 5 polices make it up the other and 1 fire engine.

People please drive with caution!!!!

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