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  1. Hi, If anyone is part exchanging their CT and would rather pass it along to another forum member, please let me know. Must have FLSH/Battery Heath Checks. Thanks, Lenny
  2. Just google picture'd 030, 031, 068, 069 the 030 and 068 are the correct way around, I guess the even numbers are a clue.
  3. Retail and autocentres are very separate business arms for the plc with distinct reporting lines. Anyway I would have gone down the credit card claim route if there was such an issue (downside is it takes 8 weeks). Lexus fit an OE replacement for £95, but it's a 3 year warranty and only 1 year labour. Yuasa seems to be legendary Japanese brand, more power and a 5 year warranty. £100 including fitting after gold member discount seems like a good deal, I would definitely supervise while they carried out the works.
  4. Linas, this is extremely odd and having followed your other battery posts, I think it's fair to say that you are being a bit unreasonable here. Halfords retail and autocentres are separate businesses, the auto centre arm was brought from Lex autocentres. You contract is with halfords retail, you lost the receipt two years later and expected a replacement.. how can they be sure the battery was from the back of a lorry? Agreed with Bob, some branches have excellent service and competent staff while other have dossing incompetents.
  5. He said avoid halfords own make, but Yuasa are legendary, let halfords do the speccing and fitting and leave the onus on them.
  6. The car is still running on OEM 12 years later. I doubt a Yuasa is going to go bad after 5 years. As long as the Yuasa fits, there's no point mulling over the finer details, £20 a year for guaranteed battery performance is a low risk outlay. A £600 set of tyres (could) last as a little as 10k etc.
  7. +1 for Rock. Factor in and extra 32pc for import duty and VAT, still works out cheaper in most cases.
  8. JLR used to rent fields from farmers and leave cars stocked in these fields..
  9. As your car is out of warranty, I would recommend Tiburon Auto in Birmingham. Ross is a petrol head/geek and up for a technical challenges. Fault diagnosis is a maximum of £60. For servicing I would recommend providing the parts yourself part from diff oil and using his labour and stamps. He is very well known in the Korean car community, but is knowledgeable about most things automotive.
  10. On budget go for the phev. Wanting luxury go for the RX. That's coming coming from someone who is considering both for a next car. The phev would be good if your daily commute is less than 25-30 miles in which case you could go all electric.
  11. I think I will go with the Halfords one it fits, Halfords is around the corner from me and 5Y warranty appear appealing. If seems that The Yuasa is a better battery vs the Bosch, 75Ah vs 70Ah and 640Ah vs 630Ah and 5years v 4 years. The breakdown man said it's charging fine, but will need replacing, my mechanic said its just a phase for winter, but I'm a little nervous after Texas's comments.
  12. Lexi Lou II had minor hesitation starting last Wednesday and Thursday, hasn't been driven since Thursday evening and would not start this morning. What for recovery chap to charge her up. Is a new battery needed or is this just a phase (never had an issue in 2 years of my ownership). I'll let me know if its still on the original battery. Is this halfords one suitable or is there a better offer? Guessing is £115 fitted before LOC Gold discount, so just under £100 guaranteed for 5 years. Thanks
  13. Google money saving expert car insurance, there is a technique to cover most of the market.. I'd probably stick to John Lewis. I think insurance costs have gone up this month Vs last month. I was quoted £600 a month ago, £800 for the same quote today, luckily my previous quote is locked in and complete today.
  14. Looks lovely. Lexus/Toyota engine build quality is generally legendary, so probably nothing to worry about. Might be worth doing a carbon clean on it first thing? My concerns would be selling it on and the hassle of explaining the history.
  15. This is not too far from me, it will go quick as Birmingham Auto Gas around the corner from the garage sell very cheap LPG (20-30pc cheaper than the garages). To help others what sort of mileage did you get for litres filled? How are you finding the rx450h?
  16. It really depends on your future intentions for the car and/ or if you have a great mechanic (known on the internet). As a minimum I would go for the essential care monthly package for cars over 5 years old. This works out to £35 a month is for the CT on 8 monthly schedules, but excludes spark plus, air and cabin filters, diff oil and coolant change, you can get these done elsewhere or pay the extra at Lexus. For 40k/4years I have been offered amazingly discounted service plans (£1500 worth for £900), shop around and negotiate with various dealers, this year they have only offered 30Pc. I would highly advise against Kwik fit and halfords etc, they don't perform and manufacturer spec service or use OEM parts, fully synthetic oil is not included, these places also offer dealer spec services, however they are more expensive or the same price as a dealer. When I see a fast fit stamp in a service book, to me says the person didn't really care about their car. I'm moving away from dealer servicing because I've found mechanic who I trust but more importantly a quick Google shown his stamps well respected and known amongst car enthusiasts, services from him are expensive, the only way I've managed to make it more economically viable then main dealer is by supplying most of the parts myself (filters etc from Rockauto, oil from ECP). However with a hybrid I would probably negotiate with Lexus.
  17. Very nice, if the engine is great.. sort the brakes, tyres and coilovers, it's a shame when people let market value of their decide if it has great or knackered suspension.
  18. Diff oil should be changed every 2 years or 20k and is included in the major service. I'm going indie for servicing from this year on labour only basis, but my mechanic will supply gulf diff oil for £12, can't beat that bulk purchase.
  19. I guess they would be amazing if the rears are anything to go by. Checkout their reviews on ot net over 3million miles of great reviews I remember correctly. The only reason I have Avon's on the front is because that was the first pair I replaced and I didn't buy into the benefits of premium over mid range.
  20. I currently have Goodyear F1s on the back and Avon's on the front. The F1s are amazing, but both are a summer tyre. Just take easier in winter... If you genuinely live or work on a route where you need proper winter tyres, buy a set of 16s and proper winter tyres.. around £500-600 when I looked last week, decided I would just take it easier in winter.
  21. Advisory notice item(s) Nearside Front Shock absorber has a light misting of oil (2.7.3) Maybe replace the fronts with Bilsteins
  22. That's the main point Brains. All my sensors were tested and shown to be within optimal working range. Do you think it's a case of when rather than if for for the upstream sensors to need replacement? The same for the water pump? I'm currently just under 100k. If that's the case I'll buy from Rock and keep in stock.
  23. Hello, Welcome to my build thread for my second Lexus, it's about saying NO to a car payment and the day to day running and maintaining of my standard 2006 IS250 SEL (Brechin Slate/Breakwater Blue). I will update this post in chronological order. March 2016 Picked up from Nottingham, 83k on the clock, full Lexus Service to Jan-14 (63k), i.e it was overdue a minor service by 10k and 14 months, risk and gamble I took, reflected in the service. A 3-year service plan was ordered from Lexus Birmingham at a significant discount for 100k (10 years), 110k and 120k services. 100k service was carried out as a priority, including the coolant flush, engine flush, fuel flush, diff oil, brake fluid. I will later dig out the advisory notes from the service. October 2016 Occasional P0420 errors (Catalyst efficiency) starting showing, didn't think anything of it, as this was showing when MPG was really high, 38+ on long motorway runs. November 2016 Can't remember was the previous brand of front tyres were, however they got to the point where they needed reinflating every other day. I had these replaced with Avons. February 2017 Just scrapped through the MOT on emissions due to a split in the centre exhaust. Checking the MOT history, this was also a problem the year before (just before I bought it). The exhaust was patched up for £20. P0420 errors disappeared and exhaust was silent. April 2017 Minor Service at Lexus Birmingham and Fuel Gasket repair recall work performed. Exhaust repair flopped, and was repaired at Independent for £30. P0171 and P0174 started developing, Lexus said it was due to the holes in the exhaust. September 2017 Really fed up with the poor handling performance/safety, explored proper wheel alignment, uprated shocks, springs, bushes, arbs. Hand the car professionally checked over by a local racing driver and custom car builder. He confirmed everything was fine except the excuse of tyres on the back (Landsails - PLEASE AVOID -no idea what these were made off, 15k/30months later and still thread was like new). These were replaced with Goodyear Eagle (highest rating vs total number of mileages driven and best value), handling has been amazing since (except cold days). October 2017 Front Brake overhaul - Frenchtech Slide Pin Kit, Brembo Pads, MTEC grooved and dimpled discs. Stopping power was amazing. December 2017 Karbon Klean performed their top of the range package (half price x-mas offer at £49.99). I hoped this resolve the Lean Code issues, no luck, and the not much seemed to be cleaned (as I used BP fuel and Acrhoil AR6900PMax almost every fill). January 2018 Annual mileage due to go from 8k to 16k a year for work. So a few issues need long-term resolution mainly the Exhaust patches and Lean Error Codes. Exhaust - shopped around for SS OEM sounding replacements, didn't really want to go with a mild steel replacement that only came with a 1 or 2 warranty, and I certainly didn't want to get an OEM system for £3-4k again with no significant warranty. Price ranges in the Midlands were between £650-£1500. In the end I went LongLife Birmingham as they promised they go a lifetime warranty on a partial SS repair £150. Committed to keeping the car - "LX5* ***" number plate fitted. I was ready to purchase O2 sensors for P0171 and P0174 errors, the sensors were tested at Tiburon Auto/LongLife and confirmed to be working without issues (£400+ in parts saved), February 2018 P0171 and P0174 errors fixed at Tiburon, turned out to be a loose breather pipe (bargain price of £30 for 30mins diagnostics and repair) New wipers fitted (Bosch Super Flats, the passenger had gotten damaged due to ice and I didn't like the mismatched look). MOT passed with NO Advisories and flying colours on the emissions test.
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