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Is250 Couple Of Questions

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Posted this elsewhere but it got buried in 19+ pages on the IS250:

Couple of questions on the IS250. Anybody with reversing sensore had problems with them, or is it the dealer fit ones with the problems ( I've heard they are not fitting them anymore until new ones come in something to do with the wiring ).

Anybody either plump for one of these below, or know the price (it's not Bluetooth but hardwired )? Are these dealer fit?


Clip your phone * into the cradle and you can start making and receiving

calls straightaway. A microphone enhances pick-up and there’s an

external antenna for improved reception. The system integrates with

your car’s audio to relay the caller’s voice through the front speakers while

automatically muting the radio or CD.

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if it's the accessories (rather than factory fit) version of the mobile kit then I was told it was around £495incl Vat for the IS, but it includes a cradle, I believe in the arm rest, an antenna etc.

I think it might still be a Bluetooth tech (not sure), and I also think the cradle only allows access to the antenna and for charging. I believe you get a small remote module, located on the dash to control the phone functions rather than the MF steering wheel controls....

With all of that it's probably best to get a Bluetooth headset...cheaper and non invasive...

Not sure about the sensors...

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