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New Model Afs Headlight Adjustment

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The new model has the AFS (Adaptive Front Lighting System). On my car, it works when turning corners fine but the lights self-level upon start-up and are set too low, hence they do not light up the road ahead sufficiently. You can turn AFS off but that just seems to stop the lights turning. It also seems as if the right light is set to point too far to the left, leaving left lane illumination quite poor. It is very similiar to putting the mk2 GS manual level setting on it's lowest level (as if you were towing). I have read the owners manual but can find no way to adjust. Can the dealer adjust this? Any tips?

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The light levels do not seem to be adjustable by the driver, so I took it to Lexus Milton Keynes today, they checked it over and found that the light levels were set up correctly. This is interesting to me as the HID lights should be better than the mk2 and do not seem to be. There is a much more defined line between light and dark, which means that medium / longer distance illumination is poorer. I wonder if using a more pwerful HID bulb would help. Has anyone done this? CAn they be fitted to a car with AFS?

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