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well it` s been almost 8 months since i sold my lexus, but my dad still has his LS400 so hopefully that makes me an honorary member :)

His Battery went dead the other week and since its been re charged all he gets up onhis sat nav screen is the screen which says " input your security code "

he first thought it was his radio code but thats working fine. no matter what number we try this screen remains. its the sat nav security code which to our knowledge has never been set by anyone. does anyone have any ideas how to get past this screen.

we have entered the codes and pressed enter but the screen remains.

nothing in the manual about this other than Enter your code basic stuff.

the radio heaters and aircon all wor but cannotget sat nav or touch screen up now other than this screen.

Its a 2000 model LS400 with cd touch screen sat nav by the way

any help much appreciated :winky:


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I had a GS 300 W Reg once, that would have had the same CD sat nav.The handbook has a section about creating a security code for the display - there is a factory setting -I can't remember what it was but it was definately 4 figures so try 0000 or 1111.Iam sure the handbook will explain. I did change mine and had to remember to tell the dealers I PX ed it with. If somebody has changed it in the past I don't know how you get the code read.

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It sounds as though a previous owner has inputted a security code as previously mentioned.

From the factory the radio codes are usually the last numbers of the VIN, so I would try this first on the sat nav.

If this fails you may have to trace previous owners or get the present code read, but this is an Aotusound, Lexus or other specialists' job.

Good luck

Chris Vince

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