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  1. I did see that but the clip on the back pushes against the battery itself and does not clip in?
  2. Dear friends, How are the contents of the boot arranged please? So the toolkit and warning triangle? If anyone has a picture showing the storage arrangement that would be great! Many thanks
  3. Just a question re the battery. I fitted an original Lexus battery. On the left hand side there is a plug that has a clip on the back. Looks like it needs to be fitted somewhere but there is no obvious place? Any ideas please? Many thanks
  4. No the wheels have not been refurbished 🙂 silver is fantastic!
  5. Dear all, Here are the first few pictures of my IS. Hope you like 🙂
  6. Does anyone have the above please for an IS 250 2008 please? SE-L model. many thanks
  7. Also does anyone know a reliable garage in London apart from the main dealer that could carry out a diff oil and brake fluid change please? many thanks 😎
  8. Dear friends, Im going to carry out the oil change, plus filter using original parts on my Lexus. It will be the first time im doing it on this car. Anything i need to look out for? What torque value does the filter housing need to be? The car im assuming needs to be jacked up? Many thanks!
  9. I paid top money for mine. Silver Is250 late 2008 with 25k and FLSH. i actually prefer the pre facelift for some reason. Something a bit old school about it in a good way. id pay top money again because it’s a fantastic car to own and drive.
  10. thanks J what brand/model do you recommend for the fog and high beam please? thanks