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  1. Dear friends Im looking for an unmolested, original LS400 please, preferably in silver. Prefer the mk1 and 2 up to 1997 I believe. Under 60k mileage would be ideal. If you are thinking of selling or know anyone who is then please message me. Many thanks Zak
  2. Worst thing about it he thought it was in immaculate condition!
  3. 24k is optimistic! The whole car needs painting... Definitely not worth the hassle
  4. In the end guys I bought a C63 507 saloon. Only 1/1 in the country in this colour combination. The owner bought it brand new as a birthday present to himself! Just couldn’t say no... I know it’s a Lexus forum but here are some pics nonetheless
  5. This definitely did not have it though 😞
  6. This one had the basic Hifi with no dab
  7. Dear all I am looking for a low mileage, well looked after ISF with a full Lexus service history and no mods. Must be 2013 model year. If you are looking to sell please PM me. Many thanks
  8. Cheers! pretty much my findings too when I saw it. front and rear bumpers refitted badly. paintwork in generally poor condition. wheels refurbed to a poor standard...
  9. Love the preamble guys but getting back on track... Anyone know anything about this particular car? I went to see it and the paint was in very poor condition. Front and rear bumpers removed at some point and then not regifted correctly. Wheels refurbished but to a different shade than oem.
  10. I agree. imo the design is overly fussy. Too many angles. Also not a fan of the fake exhaust tone that comes trough the speakers...
  11. I’m in the same boat. Need 4 doors and I don’t like the look of the rcf.
  12. Hi guys Anyone know anything about this ISF please? Many thanks
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